Oh No — Kathy Martin Was Defeated!

Kathy Martin of Kansas

Kathy Martin of Kansas

We had such grand hopes only a few weeks ago when we wrote Kathy Martin of Kansas — She’s Back! The next few indented paragraphs provide background information, which most of you can skip:

If you don’t remember Kathy Martin, then you don’t remember the Kansas evolution hearings of 2005, about which we wrote Kansas Flashback: The Crazy Days. The Kansas State Board of Education, led by Kathy Martin and Connie Morris, actually decided to re-define the meaning of science in Kansas so that it would also include supernatural phenomena — thus allowing creationism to be taught in science class.

The last time we wrote about Kathy was a couple of years ago: Kansas: Kathy Martin Out, Evolution In, when she failed to win a seat for the Kansas House of Representatives 64th District. We thought we had seen the last of her, so we reluctantly dropped her name from our news sweeps, as we’ve done over the years regarding a whole Gallery of Creationist Hotties.

But then we learned that Kathy was once again trying to win a seat in the Kansas legislature. She and incumbent Susie Swanson (who had defeated Kathy in the last election) were running against each other in the Kansas House of Representatives District 64 Republican primary, scheduled for 02 August 2016 — which was yesterday.

Because of the recent failure of creationist Mary Lou Bruner to win a seat on the Texas State Board of Education — see Mary Lou — The Election Countdown Ends Here — we were hoping for a hard-core creationist to win public office, because this blog needs the entertainment that such people provide.

This morning we eagerly we searched for the primary election results. At the website of the Kansas Secretary of State, we found the 2016 Primary Results. The final results aren’t posted yet, but Kathy is losing, 45% to 55%.

So we searched around for news articles and found this at the website of radio station KCUR (89.3 on your dial in Kansas City): Big Swing To Center With ‘Senate Surprise’ In Kansas GOP Primaries. Here is the only part that interests us, with bold font added by us:

In the House, Rep. Susie Swanson, a moderate Republican from Clay Center, defeated conservative challenger and former state school board member Kathy Martin on Tuesday.

Once again, dear reader, your Curmudgeon’s hopes have been shattered. Somehow, we shall carry on.

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6 responses to “Oh No — Kathy Martin Was Defeated!

  1. Kansas has a known creationist in the legislature, Steve Abrams, former head of the Kansas SBOE and chairman of the infamous Kansas Kangaroo Kourt in 2005.

    As a pol he’s been relatively harmless, supporting Tea Party issues, basically nibbling at the fringe. His influence over major issues in Kansas seems to be around zero.

    I suspect Martin would have been the same. Just a parasite on the political body.

  2. michaelfugate

    Once you have thrown everything overboard, including your brain, it is near impossible to run a government.

  3. And under Gov. Brownback, Kansas government has literally thrown everything overboard. They’re in deep, deep trouble.

  4. Never fear, Curmudgeon, I’m sure there are a sufficient number of creationists left in this country to keep you occupied and all of us entertained for a long time.

  5. I’m not entertained. I think of what could happen if these people ever captured, say, the presidency (and its power to nominate Supreme Court justices) and shudder. And don’t think “it can’t happen here.”

  6. Entertainment value down. Science and rational thinking up. On balance a agreeable outcome.