Carl Baugh Is Trying to Grow Dinosaurs

A few years ago we wrote AIG on the Paluxy River Footprints, in which we discussed a new addition to the “Do Not Use” list — Arguments to Avoid, which is maintained by Answers in Genesis (AIG), the creationist ministry of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo). It’s the old creationist canard that fossilized footprints of humans and dinosaurs show up together in the same rock stratum at the Paluxy River near Glen Rose, Texas. The claim is so absurd that even ol’ Hambo tells his fans to avoid it.

Glen Rose is the home of Carl Baugh, a young Earth creationist who founded the Creation Evidence Museum in 1964. Wikipedia’s write-up on Baugh says:

Baugh has claimed several college degrees, at one point professing to earning three doctorates, when no evidence exists that he even graduated from high school. All three “doctorates” are from unaccredited “schools.”

The presence of human footprints among those of the dinosaurs is well debunked at the TalkOrigins site (see The Texas Dinosaur/”Man Track” Controversy).

To our great surprise, Carl Baugh is in the news today. In London’s Daily Express we read REAL JURASSIC PARK: This man is attempting to GROW his own dinosaurs… and here’s how. They have a comments feature. Here are some excerpts from the news story, with bold font added by us:

Baptist Minister Carl Baugh, who holds a PhD in philosophy [Hee hee!], is attempting to grow dinosaurs to disprove Darwin’s theory of evolution. Mr Baugh owns and runs the Creation Evidence Museum (CEM) at Glen Rose, near to Dallas, Texas, and has established a ‘hyperbaric biosphere’ in the gardens of the museum.

Wow — a “hyperbaric biosphere”! This is genuine science! We want to know more. The Daily Express tells us:

The biosphere, which is the size of two double decker busses, mimics the conditions of the atmosphere from the dinosaur’s time. In the 66 million years since the dinosaurs’ extinction, the atmosphere has changed considerably and many believe the giant reptiles would not be able to survive in today’s current conditions.

Are you intrigued, dear reader? Let’s read on:

While modern science suggests that humans and dinosaurs never shared the planet, Mr Baugh believes that we did once roam together, but the dinosaurs went extinct due to the Biblical flood, and Noah couldn’t fit them on his arc [sic]. He will attempt to ‘grow’ the dinosaurs by placing “plants, animals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects, etc” in the biosphere with the “pre-flood” conditions – which is a lot more oxygen and more atmospheric pressure.

This is an exciting experiment! We continue:

The hope is that the beings adapt quickly, which will essentially give him animals that roamed at the time of the dinosaurs as the biosphere conditions will hopefully make the animals larger, and Mr Baugh believes that they will be friendlier and smarter, according to Roadside America [whoever they are].

Okay, that’s enough. When dinosaurs don’t appear after a few months, we eagerly await Baugh’s announcement of what he concludes from the experiment.

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18 responses to “Carl Baugh Is Trying to Grow Dinosaurs

  1. Christine Janis

    But what is going to turn into a dinosaur? A lizard? A fish? An insect?

  2. The Daily Express is being (unsurprisingly) a bit slow on the uptake here. I was onto this story in 2010. I can’t immediately find out how long Baugh had been trying to grow his dinosaurs before then.

  3. So, he needs a special biosphere to raise birds?

  4. What a waste of a hyperbaric biosphere! I’m a little confused as to how the dinosaurs are supposed to arise from his collections and I suspect Carl Baugh is as equally confused. And if dinosaurs existed at the same time as humans during the time of the flood then we somehow managed to breath a totally different atmosphere than we do now? The only thing consistent about this story is the number of inconsistencies. Would make for a great creationist comic book, but it’s too silly to be graphic novel.

  5. michaelfugate

    Wow! – Baugh’s “dissertation”:*/

  6. Charles Deetz ;)

    HEY! I know one of the authors of Roadside America. Its a great resource to the banal roadside attractions across our great land. Here’s their write-up the CEM. They were there when the biospheres were being built.

  7. A couple of turkeys (real ones, not the author of that nonsense), and he’s good to go: dinosaurs on the run! I wonder if they taste better when grown in the hyperbaric biosphere.

  8. michaelfugate, I think you borked that link, as it goes to the Wayback Machine’s calendar- do you have a deep link?

    Does the dissertation start with “Hello, I’m Carl Baugh”?

  9. michaelfugate

    No the link is at the top of the calendar….
    But he was “President” of the “University” where he received his “degree”.

  10. We hear that after Olivia fled from him in terror, Megalonyx has been trying to grow his own woman, using a rib left over from a dinner he once consumed. He’s using the biosphere of his own dwelling, which is known to be toxic.

  11. The atmosphere of the Mesozoic wasn’t that different than it is now. Our mammalian forebears were quite successful in it.
    As for growing your own dinosaurs, ah success:–NZ

  12. I somehow rejoice at the prospect of Glen Rose, TX turning into Jurassic Park. With raptors. Oh Lord let there be raptors! I promise I’ll believe in you!

  13. If Baugh would team up with experienced theme-park-constructor Ham, we could finally have “Fundamentalistic Park”. The only theme park in the world to have evangelism, ziplines AND living dinosaurs!

  14. Good point Draken. It is easier to tell a tall tale than to live one.

  15. “a lot more oxygen” in the artificial biosphere. I hope Carl doesn’t smoke ! Jeez.. Come to think of it , he could very well be smoking something.

  16. Of course, if this actually worked, it would demonstrate, not creation, but macroevolution by natural selection, just a few million times more rapid than what the fossil record tells us

  17. Having been away for a few days (take the spa waters at Bath, as one does this time of year), I missed our Curmudgeon’s latest scurrilous confabulation, viz.:

    Megalonyx has been trying to grow his own woman, using a rib left over from a dinner he once consumed. He’s using the biosphere of his own dwelling, which is known to be toxic.

    The source for this fiction, as ever, is his ‘Olivia’, who is inflatable–and merits no credence whatsoever.

    The real Olivia, however, has provided the horrifying true tale out of which this present nonsense has been fabricated. It involves our Curmudgeon’s use of a hypobaric ‘chamber’ in a grotesque attempt to ‘grow a bone’ of his own–but the details are too gruesome to relate.

  18. Has anyone else noticed that what our Mr. Baugh is trying to do is foster evolution?

    Recreating dinosaurs from living reptiles and birds and extinct plants from modern ones by putting the modern species in a pseudo-prehistoric environment is nothing less than an effort to take advantage of natural selection. And if such a project were to succeed, it would make creationists’ micro-macro distinction even more ridiculous than it already is.