Strange School Board Race in California

We usually ignore school board elections. There are thousands of them, and it’s not worth the bother. But we found some news about a particularly amusing one in the San Diego Reader, an alternative press paper in San Diego County, California. Their headline is Grossmont school-board candidate claims misrepresentation. They have a comments section, but there aren’t any comments yet. Here are some excerpts from the news story, with bold font added by us:

The war of words between two candidates for Grossmont Union High School District trustee spot has spilled over into court.>

The Grossmont Union High School District has 24,000 students, so it’s an important election. What’s the court battle all about? We’re told:

On August 23, candidate Kevin Conover, who teaches Bible studies and creationism to students through his nonprofit Educate for Life, filed a writ of mandate against his opponent in the race, Elva Salinas, for stating on her ballot statement that she is the only candidate with “actual classroom experience” in the race.

Conover is claiming that contrary to what the ballot says, he does have classroom experience. On with the story:

Quite the contrary [to the claim of Elva Salinas], says Conover in the court filing; he has ten years of classroom experience teaching Bible classes and intelligent design courses to students through his nonprofit. According to the complaint, the Association of Christian Schools International certified Conover as a secondary teacher and “Bible specialist” in 2010.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Hey — he’s qualified! Let’s read on:

Conover’s website says his nonprofit offers home school, online, and seminar classes that defend and explain the Bible. [C]lasses cover topics such as world religions, the reliability of the Bible, how to approach tough cultural issues biblically, creation vs. evolution, church history, and the Bible itself.”

It keeps getting better! We continue:

Among the classes that Conover teaches are, “Created or Evolved,” “Religion: Who’s Right,” and “The Bible Applied,” a class that asks if “America is a Christian nation? It sure doesn’t act like one. In fact, there seems to be an outright hostility towards traditional Christian values! Is this the way it has to be? This class answers the question of whether we can (and should) apply biblical teachings to controversial issues faced by modern day society.”

This man is a school board candidate? Incredible! Here’s more:

Conover is requesting a judge to order Vu [the San Diego County Registrar of Voters] to delete the sentence [from the ballot]. If not, he says the voters will be misled.

We hope the matter gets cleared up. The voters deserve to know about Conover’s impressive qualifications.

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8 responses to “Strange School Board Race in California

  1. I bet he teaches the strengths of evolution and the weaknesses of intelligent design. Because both have strengths and weaknesses, right?

  2. Well, we can only hope he loses, but strange things can happen. On the other hand, if he does lose, he might find a warmer welcome in one of the Texas school board races.

  3. michaelfugate

    Hey his name is KevinC…. coincidence?

  4. Can’t be our KevinC. He’s influenced by the evidence, not by any religious arguments.

  5. I suppose it all depends on what counts as a “classroom.” In this case it’s apparently a cross (an old, rugged–and huge–one) with a teacher at one end and students on the other.

  6. I think he just made Ms. Salinas’ case that she is the only one with actual classroom experience.

  7. Elva Salinas should claim she is the only one on the ballot with public school classroom experience. No argument there. Kevin C. is essentially a Sunday School teacher.

    From the info quoted above from his website, it sure sounds as though Kevin Conover could be our KevinC, the dogmatic defender of design.

  8. Holding The Line In Florida

    It sure could be our boy. Has anyone noticed no comment from our enlightened friend denying it? Surely he would! His elucidation on why he is being discriminated against sounds very familiar. But then again all IDiots sound the same.