Post Number 6,000 — Free Fire Zone

This is our humble blog’s 6,000th post. We know that no one cares, especially our regular readers who have been through these things before, but we’re announcing it anyway. It’s what we do every 500 posts.

Here is the list of our prior numerical milestones: This was Number 5,500, and before that Number 5000, and before that Number 4,500, and before that Number 4,000, and before that Number 3,500, and before that Number 3,000, and before that Number 2,500, and before that Number 2,000, and before that Number 1,500, and before that Number 1,000, and before that Number 500 (approximately), and before that, this was Post Number One — Clarke’s First Law and Intelligent Design.

If you’re not already bored, we’ll give you some statistics. The cumulative total of page-views for our humble blog is about a couple of days away from 4.2 million. It was 3.8 million at post 5500. Traffic has been a bit lower than usual for the past few months. That may be partly due to Google, which has been strangely slow to index our new posts. Sometimes it takes a day or two, and we have no idea why. But reduced traffic is understandable in the second half of the year, because there are no legislative battles going on. State legislatures get started up after the first of the year. Also, there appears to be no creationist courtroom activity — but that could change at any moment.

“Page-views” is a statistic of interest to advertisers, of whom we have none. We pay WordPress to keep the place ad-free. Because your Curmudgeon receives nothing from advertisers, we don’t worry about statistics. Besides, page-view numbers don’t tell the whole story. They don’t include RSS subscribers and others who read us in various ways without actually visiting here, but we think they add another 20% to our readership.

The cumulative total of comments here is over 83,000. That’s roughly 2% of the page-views, better than most blogs experience. It’s rather remarkable, because unlike many who blog about creationism, we don’t welcome creationists who show up to start food fights. Maybe that’s why this humble blog has so many high quality comments. We’re always delighted to hear from you, because it’s your input that keeps us doing what we do.

None of this information is newsworthy (indeed, it’s shamelessly self-indulgent), so feel free to use the comments section as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. Talk about whatever you think is interesting — science, politics, philosophy, etc. You know the rules, and you know about our profanity filters. But before we throw open the comments, we’ll conclude with a warning, followed by our famous guarantee of quality:


Creationists who read this blog may experience some or all of these symptoms: headache, fainting, dizziness, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, high blood pressure, mood swings, paranoia, delusions of persecution or martyrdom, chronic fatigue, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, slowed thinking or impaired concentration, speech impairment, sexual dysfunction, memory loss, hypertension, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and panic attacks due to lake of fire phobia.

If you experience any of these symptoms while reading this blog, and such symptoms last for more than four hours, it is strongly recommended that you discontinue reading and promptly seek professional assistance.

And now the quality guarantee:

Self-Proving Truth Certificate

Everything written by the Curmudgeon in this blog is true. The presence of this Certificate is your proof. Our logic is undeniable.

Copyright © 2016. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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29 responses to “Post Number 6,000 — Free Fire Zone

  1. I’d offer congratulations–but on reflection, that wouldn’t be appropriate as that would seem to give you some sort of personal credit. In fact–according to my intuition–the credit is actually due to some unspecified but highly intelligent Designer who so painstakingly created all the necessary conditions for this blog to exist. Just consider: what are the chances that the world would just happen to have a perpetual supply of bone-headed creationists constantly spewing their ‘wisdom’ and enough editors of local newspapers (not to mention the redoubtable WND) willing to publish their babblings on the letters page? Could blind and undirected chance alone have put the blind and directionless Discoveroids on the same planet as our voracious Curmudgeon? And is not the Rev. Rives precisely fashioned to be fodder for our SC?

    Makes you think, huh?

  2. Congratulations!!

  3. 6000. Close to the age of the earth. Prefer you use the 4.5 billion number, however, so there are many more posts to go.

  4. No Mega, it makes me laugh. Which was no doubt your well designed purpose.

  5. The Sensuous Curmudgeon is a mere puppet of the Supreme Blogger in the Sky? Heresy, I say!

  6. @KevinC
    I am always happy to see you here. But, rather than offering “Congratulations!!”, should you not be expressing your regret that SC persists in his daily mocking of those who celebrate our ineffable designer’s manifest works? And also expressing your righteous indignation at the pretentious, dare one say even scientismic, commenters who dare to value mundane observation over divine truth!

  7. The elusive longshadow protests:

    The Sensuous Curmudgeon is a mere puppet of the Supreme Blogger in the Sky?

    No–he is a privileged Curmudgeon!

  8. Mega observes:

    No–he is a privileged Curmudgeon!

    Long may his informations be both complex and specified!

  9. I laugh every time I see that Truth Certificate!

  10. I’m glad this blog exists but regret that it is necessary.

  11. RigorousBastard

    “Page-views” is a statistic of interest to advertisers, of whom we have none.

    Considering the advert hell that is many other web sites, your followers are all extremely grateful for that.

  12. Great blog! An endless supply of well-researched arguments and rebuttles against stupid creationist claims. I also like that the tone is not specific anti-religious.
    Thank you – and keep up the good work.
    In your Warning list of creationist symptoms you forgot to mention cognitive dissonance. A very unconfortable condition.

  13. First, congrats, SC! I think I only discovered your blog in 2011, but, still, the past five years have been fun. And informative.
    Second, I just received yesterday a copy of Lauri Lebo’s “The Devil in Dover”. I cursed her name last night when it forced me to stay up WAAAAAY too late reading. She. Can. WRITE! If anyone here has never read it, I *HIGHLY* recommend it. It’s fast-paced and informative. It’s what the Nova special on the Kitzmiller trial wants to be when it grows up.

  14. Congrats on the landmark! And I’m sure Ken Ham would echo the sentiments of us all in congratulating his ark-enemy.

  15. Derek Freyberg

    Lauri Lebo’s book is great; but for entertainment of a slightly different kind, do look at some of the transcripts and the judgment, which should still be online at the NCSE website.

  16. Holding The Line In Florida

    Long may ye blog oh Mighty One! A day doesn’t pass by without a glance or two or three in this direction. You have become like an old friend. Thanks!

  17. davidambrose66

    Congratulations SC. May you continue for at least another 6,000 posts.

  18. @Derek: I downloaded all of the transcripts and Judge Jones opinion years ago. I’ve read the entire opinion, and some of the transcripts. Neither of them capture the nuance of the story, though, as did Lauri’s book. (Yes, I again stayed up WAAAAY too late last night and finished it.) She has a wonderful way of writing and story-telling that neither Jones’ opinion nor the transcripts (as much fun as Rothschild’s cross of Behe was) had the ability to provide. I was glad I’d seen the Nova special on the trial, so I could visualize the people (Bonsell, Buckingham, Kitzmiller, the Rehms, Rothschild, etc) as I read. That helped. But the book went into so much more depth and did it soooo well that, yeah, it. Was. Good.

  19. @jimroberts
    I always offer congratulations when it’s due. Thank you for your concern and I’m sorry to disappoint but regret and indignation are not what TSC elicits. GreenPoisonFrog said it best when (s)he wrote this blog was necessary. What I would like to see here are the stats on daily unique visitors to this blog vs ENV or UD. Page views are good but unique visitors is a better metric.

    As for mocking, blasphemy and valuing “mundane observation over divine truth”, the consequences of those will manifest themselves at the end of your lives. I know 3 hospice nurses (two of whom are my sisters) who acknowledge for the most part those with faith die peacefully while the Curmudgeonite-types spend every last dime they have trying to stay alive for one more day.

  20. “for the most part those with faith die peacefully while the Curmudgeonite-types spend every last dime they have trying to stay alive for one more day.”
    Against your second-hand anecdotes I can offer my first-hand and second-hand anecdotes, that both believers and non-believers who have, by the general standards of their community, lived a reasonably long and successful life, die peacefully, even gladly.
    For a good Christian view of peaceful and troubled death, I strongly recommend the book “The Life and Death of Mr Badman” by John Bunyan (best known as the author of the the “Pilgrim’s Progress”, another excellent book). Towards the end of the book, Bunyan’s mouthpiece for righteous opinion, Mr Wiseman, finds it necessary to confront the common experience that the irreligious generally die peacefully, while the religious are often much troubled by the approach of death.

  21. Damn! s/righteous opinion, finds it necessary/righteous opinion, Mr Wiseman, finds it necessary/

    [*Voice from above*] Is it fixed to your satisfaction?

  22. Dang that clipboard!

  23. @*Voice from above* Thank you. Sto lat!

  24. My observations and experience with end-of-lifers is diametric to Kevin C’s claims. I have only seen one person devout in their faith say no to life-prolonging [and certainly not life enhancing] surgery, opting to peacefully pass on after a few days in the hospital. I have seen many of my devoutly Christian relatives and friends go to great pains, and exorbitant expense, to live another few months, often with significantly degraded quality of life. I even know one 98 year old who disdains her peers for choosing to decline interventions that may or may not be of benefit. She proudly proclaims “If that were me, I’d tell my kids to take me to Mayo!” To paraphrase Joe Louis: “Every Christian wants to go to heaven, but none want to die to get there.”

  25. Lately I have been bored again with anti-creationist boards – too much same-old-same-old. But I still lurk on occasion.Surprising and disappointing is how little coverage of the candidates’ positions on evolution and science in general. Not just on these boards, but in the news in general. For the record I dislike both Trump and Clinton, as well as the ~15 others in the primaries. I have no doubt that Trump would pander to any anti-science activist for votes, and that Clinton would not, but only because it’s not necessary. If anything, she’s at least as likely as he is to be privately a young- or flat-earther – or even a birther. But we’ll never know, especially because it’s impossible to believe anything they say. If I missed anything interesting, please let me know.

  26. @FrankJ

    If anything, she’s at least as likely as he is to be privately a young- or flat-earther – or even a birther.

    And the evidence you have for this statement is . . .?

  27. @reathog: No evidence, just personal speculation. Not even a hypothesis until we can read minds. Which is why I never assume that any evolution-denier “believes this or misunderstands that.” But to be fair, I doubt that either is personally a birther or young- or flat-earther.

  28. @Frank J

    No evidence, just personal speculation.

    In other words, you just produced it out of the seventh planet? But you think it’s okay to toss what’s essentially a falsehood out into the intertubes because — what? — you’re entitled? If Ken Ham did that we’d rightly ridicule him. Produce an iota of evidence for your smear and, yup, I’ll go check it out; otherwise . . .

  29. Keep up the good work. This is one of my top 5 blogs to read. And I try and read every post.