Ken Ham Tells Us How To Vote

The US Presidential election is little more than a month away, and some of you may be confused about which candidate you should support. Fortunately, help is on the way from the wisest man on the planet.

Yes, we’re talking about Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. He’s famed not only for his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG), but also for the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum, and for building an exact replica of Noah’s Ark.

Hambo’s article is Voting and the Ark. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

How should Christians approach voting in this strategic election? As I thought about the upcoming election, it dawned on me that the reasons we built the life-size Ark in Northern Kentucky are based on the same principles we should apply when we vote.

Uh, we need a bit more information than that. Hambo says:

Christians are to affect the world for good as we apply Christian principles, teach God’s Word, and preach the gospel. We need to remember that, as Christians, we are really citizens of the kingdom of heaven, not the earthly kingdom in which we temporarily live. However, as citizens of a different kingdom, we still should do whatever is possible to affect our present earthly kingdom so that the truth of God’s Word and the saving gospel can impact as many souls as possible.

Yes, of course. Heaven is far more important than national security, the economy, immigration, or any other issue. After some bible references, we’re told:

Noah was righteous before God. His example is a reminder to us today that we all need to judge our hearts and behavior against the absolute authority of the Word of God. When voting, we need to judge candidates against God’s Word.

Right — not the Constitution or any other Earthly standard. Here’s more advice:

We should not vote for someone solely because they are an Independent, Democrat, or Republican. Christians should judge what candidates believe, say, and do against the absolute authority of the Word of God and vote accordingly.

After more bible references, Hambo continues:

God ultimately will determine who becomes the next president of the US. At the same time, Christians need to be responsible citizens and use the legal means at our disposal to put those in power whose beliefs most closely align with the principles in God’s Word.

Right — what we really need is a President who is just like ol’ Hambo! After several paragraphs praising the ark “replica” he built, Hambo closes with this:

Yes, the Bible does come to life at the Ark Encounter, and we are reaching guests with biblical answers and the gospel message. But we need you to join this effort and be salt and light, including casting your vote for those who will allow Christians to have as much religious freedom as possible so we can present biblical truths. Let’s be like Noah and proclaim the truth of God’s Word to this spiritually needy nation.

That was very inspirational, but he didn’t tell us the candidate who is his favorite, nor did he even mention any of their names. We’ll have to watch and see which candidate visits Hambo’s ark. Maybe one of them will. Then we’ll know how to vote. Oh yeah!

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19 responses to “Ken Ham Tells Us How To Vote

  1. Is Answers in Genesis a tax-exempt religious organization? If so, they are prohibited from promoting a political candidate or view, or they lose their tax-exempt status, right?

  2. Yes vote as gawd would state…Let’s see one candidate is a big assed LIAR, and divorced a few time AGAINST JESUS’ teachings.
    The other DID NOT divorce her husband when shown an embarrassing action, staying with her husband AS JESUS COMMANDED! Now which one should xtians vote for????? Well its obvious they should vote for the lying, cheating, criminal orangutan (er orange dude), cuz ????? WELL JUST CUZ!!!!! Most of our preachers are rich cheating lying aholes so there!!!!

  3. Holding The Line In Florida

    Reminds me of an old story from the American Civil War. Jubil Early saw a chaplain heading towards the rear as the boys were going into line. When asked why he was going to the rear instead of towards danger, the chaplain responded he was going towards a safe area. Old Jubilee was not impressed. He told the chaplain, “After all these years of trying to get to heaven you are missing your chance to get there! I am surprised sir!” If old Hambone is so concerned about the heavenly rewards why doesn’t he just leave us sinners alone in our squalor and just go on to his Kingdom! Oh wait, he has to save us from eternal damnation! Tough job but someone has to do it!

  4. Ham tells us: “God ultimately will determine who becomes the next president of the US.”

    Wait. Just how many electoral college votes does God have? And which state is God from?

  5. So Ham tell us his god ultimately determined that Obama would be POTUS?

  6. Derek Freyberg

    Along the lines of Stalin’s asking “How many divisions does the Pope have?”

    But, going back to the Curmudgeon’s original post, it’s pretty easy to imagine which candidate might visit the Ark Fark – the one who’d be looking to see what other techniques he might employ to fleece the populace.

  7. The Hamster claims:
    “God ultimately will determine who becomes the next president of the US.”
    Then Christians do not need to actually vote at all? Sounds like a good plan.

  8. @michaelfugate – I was thinking the same thing.

    Ham must be for Hillary, after all she is a lifelong practicing Methodist and even carries a bible with her when she travels. She actually reads it too.

    What the Donald’s beliefs are depends on who he is talking to, but I suspect he has seldom set foot in a church before this campaign.

    Who knew Ham was such a democrat?

  9. On his Facebook page on 28 Sept (under some comments by Ham dated 27 Sept) Ham or one of his Facebook henchmen wrote: “There is no neutral position – not voting is voting.” I see he did not repeat that somewhat arrogant and daft comment, perhaps because YEC Christians wouldn’t have it – presumably because they like neither Trump nor Clinton.

  10. Charles Deetz ;)

    I think its more disturbing that Hambo and other fundamentalists feel they are doing god’s work in government. Their vote is somehow god’s vote.

  11. Weren’t there failed candidates for the nomination who told us that God told them to run for the nomination? One is reminded of the famous Oracle of Delphi, which told Croesus that if he attacked Persian Empire, an empire would fall.

  12. Well, there’s always Romans 13:1, where Paul tells his readers that the powers that be have been instituted by God, and are owed obedience for that reason. Of course in the world Paul inhabited, vox populi, vox Deus was considered quaint and unworkable. Athens and some of the old Greek city-states might have practiced democracy (of a limited kind) for a while, but to the mind of a first-century Roman citizen like Paul, a benign tyranny was far preferable. After all, was it not the Jerusalem mob that bayed for Jesus’s crucifixion, and Pilate who tried to save him? (Yes, I am aware of the transparent mendacity of that reading, and probably so was Paul. But Paul was positioning the Christians as harmless to the Empire, not like those Hebrews, always revolting. Mob rule, tut tut.)

    But Ken Ham, now. He probably regrets living in a democracy, where the people come to wrong decisions, but if they consult the Only Correct Textbook on Government, they will discover that the proper system is a single ruler under God, made and unmade by God, as selected according to God’s direction and anointed by a holy man of God… such as, oh, I don’t know… modesty forbids…

    As my father used to say, “Bury the silverware the day we let that start.”

  13. Ham calls for his followers to vote “for those who will allow Christians to have as much religious freedom as possible so we can present biblical truths.”

    Interesting that he expresses no interest whatsoever in religious freedom for anybody but Christians.

  14. Is that to be “real Christians”? The kind that can pass the test for being hired by the Kentucky “Ark”?

  15. When you look at the forms of government in the Bible (kingdom and “judges” (ad hoc chieftains)) one sees nothing about voting at all. So by “God’s word” Hambo and his faithful company shouldn’t be voting. This would be a good thing as it would eliminate a large amount of low information voters.
    I’m a bit surprised that Noah was considered so “righteous”. The whole getting plastered and having your son seeing you naked makes me wonder. My parents aren’t perfect, but they never did anything like that.

  16. There is plenty of coverage in the European press about the US Election, of course–but that coverage doesn’t extend to the VP candidates at all: is it the same in the USA?

    IIRC Mike Pence is a full-fat Creationist–or did I get that wrong?

  17. Mike Pence is a full fledged thumper and a creationist also a bit of an unknown before being picked. I think John Kasich (Ohio governor) was Trump’s first choice but he didn’t want it. It makes sense to pander to the religious right since Trump doesn’t have much credibility with that demographic. One reason Pence may have taken the “honor” or being Trump’s running mate is that his prospect of re-election weren’t very good.

    Tim Kaine also rather unknown nationwide is a strict Catholic, but says he is personally pro-life but pro-choice policy wise. He did a stint in the peace corp in central America. He has experience at all levels of government, starting out as Mayor and currently in the Senate. Definitely a shrewd choice for Hillary, he’ll likely keep swing state Virginia in Hillary’s column. If the election is close that might be a clincher. In addition the Senate is likely to be a close 50-50 split. Since the replacement is appointed by the Virginia governor and he is a Democrat, Tim Kaine’s replacement would likely be a Democrat. Having a Senate majority would be essential for Hillary for judicial appointments (consider Obama appointee Merrick Garland now in Limbo because of Republican stonewalling)

  18. Hambone tells us “God ultimately will determine who becomes the next president of the US.” So I guess the FBI should stop investigating the Russian operatives for attempting to hack our election system and go after Hambo’s god guy.

  19. Troy: “It makes sense to pander to the religious right since Trump doesn’t have much credibility with that demographic.”

    From all I read, he successfully conned about half of them even before he chose Pence. With the caveat that I did not conduct a rigorous study, I noticed a curious but expected trend. Those who were more concerned with morals and values despised Trump. While the radical paranoid authoritarians who raved about or peddled evolution-denial tended to support him and forgive his lack of a moral compass – Rush, Coulter, even Rick “I don’t know how old the earth is” Perry.