Hurricane Matthew

For those who may not know, we have links to a ton of weather resources here: Hurricane Links. The links aren’t storm-specific, so they won’t get outdated. They’re to official and unofficial information sources where you can easily locate the information you need about whatever storm may be of interest. We collected those links several years ago, so it’s possible that some no longer work.

Our favorite is Weather Underground. If you go there, you’ll see a map of the world with the current storms shown. Click on the one that concerns you. You’ll see a three-day projection, a five-day projection, and two separate maps showing computer models of the storm’s track.

The official tracking site operated by National Hurricane Center is right here. You’ve probably been there before. You’ll have to click on “Matthew” to see the latest track. The projected path changes slightly every few hours, and the last day or so it’s been looking worse for Florida and states along the Eastern coast.

If you’re in or near the storm’s predicted path, you should already know what to do, but don’t overlook some necessary things before you lose electric power: charge your cell phone, get cash from the bank while their ATM machines are still working, and gas up your car while the gas pumps are still functioning.

Your Curmudgeon’s secret underground headquarters are in Florida, so it’s possible that we may lose power for a few days, maybe longer. If that should happen, we’ll be back — whenever power is restored.

Our biggest concern, aside from the risk of being transported to the Land of Oz, is that the dogs won’t be able to go outside while the wind is raging. You know what that means. Even if the eye of the storm stays offshore, as most (but not all) computer models currently predict, it could be close, and the winds on land can be 50 to 60 mph — or more — for several long hours. Isn’t nature grand?

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17 responses to “Hurricane Matthew

  1. Holding The Line In Florida

    Hunker down Oh Sensuous One! Make sure the doggies are secure and you have plenty of popcorn and beer to ride out the storm! Nothing like popcorn and beer to get you through a Cat 4! It could get ugly. We up here in the Arc of FL watch with relief that we dodged another one.

  2. Fingers crossed you’re safe, and huge sympathy for the people of Haiti right now.

    and the winds on land can be 50 to 60 mph — or more — for several long hours. Isn’t nature grand?

    It’s all part of the master plan that God the Designer devised in His its wisdom, you know — so no grumbling.

  3. Hmmm, I always pictured you as a California guy!

  4. We’re much more advanced here in Houston. We don’t need no stinking storm to lose power!

  5. It’s supposed to be approaching Florida Thursday morning, and for the next 24 hours (or longer) it’ll sweep North along the Florida coast. Then on to Georgia and the Carolinas.

  6. michaelfugate

    Buena Suerte, Viel Glück, Bonne Chance, etc.

  7. Who does Pat Robertson blame this one on?

  8. We’re up in Maryland near Annapolis. We’re keeping an eye on it. We’ve got batteries for everything, and so long as Verizon keeps the fiber hot, we’ll have Internet for several hours should we lose power. Plus, the neighbor and I have an agreement: he let’s me plug into his generator, and I buy the fuel.

  9. Also, found this on Reddit: a barometer on a buoy.

  10. Correction: That was *wind speed*. Here is the barometer.

  11. DavidK – I don’t know who Pat Robertson blames, but I think the Curmudgeon may have called God’s wrath in his direction with the unforgivable redundancy of “…ATM machine.” Nevertheless, there is forgiveness through penance, so cowering through a peripheral gale while surviving on snack food and beer should suffice. Be safe.

  12. Our Curmudgeon appears to channel General William Tecumseh Sherman:

    Then on to Georgia and the Carolinas…

    Time to hunker down!

  13. Stay safe, SC!

  14. I live in New York City (well, Staten Island, anyway). Since Hurricane Sandy we’ve been, ahem, a bit nervous about hurricanes (they’re still working on subway repairs in lower Manhattan). So we’re crossing our fingers that Matthew curves out to sea instead of barreling right up the coast, especially since another storm system is heading our way, this one from the northwest–exactly the scenario which turned Sandy into a “superstorm” for us.

    Of course, if that happens, our fundie fiends, I mean friends, will say we’ve got it coming–sinful New York, with all those God-denying evolutionists and pre-verts and (whisper it carefully) Jews.

  15. Maybe the Designer wants to turn FL & NY from blue states to red.

  16. Warren Johnson

    Egad! “Your Curmudgeon’s secret underground headquarters are in Florida…”

    In Florida, like Louisiana, “underground” means “undermold”, and after a hurricane, “underwater”. Make sure the lifeboat is securely tied to a concrete piling. Good luck pardner.

  17. michaelfugate

    >210kph winds after it clears the Bahamas – serious stuff. 3 – 4.5m storm surge in the Bahamas. 350,000 need assistance in Haiti.
    Stay safe.