The Curmudgeon’s Presidential Debate Salon

If you’re in the mood to watch the second Presidential debate, it starts in about half an hour. You can watch it online and post your comments, if any, right here. We’ll provide a few different online choices. They should all be showing the same thing, but one never knows.

This is the Fox online show. And this is the debate on NCB. Here it is on CBS. If none of those are working, try ABC. That’s the best we can do.

This one ought to be entertaining, but because feelings are running high, we urge you, dear reader, to keep your comments civil. Let’s try to behave better than the candidates. Okay, the curtain is about to rise. Let the fun begin.

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11 responses to “The Curmudgeon’s Presidential Debate Salon

  1. I can’t seem to find anything about Donald Trump’s position on evolution, if he has one. As for Hillary Clinton, there’s this (you’ll have to scroll down a bit to the header Hillary Clinton on Science & Evolution).

  2. Eric Lipps says: “I can’t seem to find anything about Donald Trump’s position on evolution, if he has one.”

    If the candidates were identical on all other issues, I would make my decision based on what they think about evolution. But that’s not the situation we’re dealing with.

  3. Charles Deetz ;)


  4. I’m not certain which is the better characterisation of American politics anymore: the work of an Unintelligent Maligner, or a complicated process of Unnatural Election

  5. Dave Luckett

    I speak timidly, as an outsider. But surely it is now irrelevant what either candidate said in the second debate. Trump could appear as a combination of Kennedy, Lincoln and both Roosevelts and it wouldn’t make a difference now. He must be gone for all money, and the only real consideration for the Republicans is how to limit the damage.

    But I speak under instruction. Perhaps someone disagrees, and is willing to instruct?

  6. “because feelings are running high”
    Not with me. The choice between right wing and populist right wing cannot stir up any enthousiasm.

  7. There is only one Presidential candidate who doesn’t “behave”. I’m disappointed in the Curmudgeon for making a needlessly false equivalency between the two.

  8. Mike Pence’s position on evolution is known, and is examined here.

    Another reason to hope for a Trump loss.

  9. Pence is a true believer. You can tell he is repeating all the talking points from the creationist sites–mostly of the “It’s just a theory” kind. Mrs. Clinton belongs to a liberal denomination that is on record as accepting evolution. With Trump, he could have spent the last sixty years accepting the theory, but if somebody on the team told him it doesn’t appeal to his target demographic, I am sure he would be quite willing to change his tune. “I’ve traveled all over the world…I own half the world..if there was a crocoduck out there, I would have seen it.”

  10. Pence is definitely a creationist, and definitely a theocrat as well. His idea of public service is that it’s an opportunity to impose his religious views on the rest of society — Sharia Law, Christian style.

    But all that pales when we consider Trump. He has demonstrated time and again that he does not heed his advisors, and does what he impulsively chooses to do. If he were to achieve office, Congress and the courts could act as a check in many matters, but not on his power as commander in chief. If he decrees the missiles shall fly, the generals and admirals are obligated to follow his orders. He must not become our president.

    And this is coming from a life-long Republican. Hell, my mother was a Republican election judge — in Chicago, no less. But then, Trump is not a Republican, regardless of what he claims. He is the dictionary-definition of a demagogue — one who rises to power in a democracy by appealing to the fears and prejudices of the masses.

  11. As said above, Pence is not only a creationist, but a theocrat. Trump is most assuredly not religious in any sense, but he does believe junk science and conspiracy theories. I could see him supporting “Educational Freedom” laws that would allow “both sides” of the creation/evolution debate to be taught in public schools.

    Also his ignorance on foreign policy scares the hell out of me.