Jack Chick’s Last Comic?


As we reported a month ago, Jack Chick, about whose work we’ve often posted, died at the age of 92.

Even compared to ol’ Hambo, Chick was the purveyor of the most mindless, theologically primitive version of raw, young-Earth creationism that can be found anywhere. If you haven’t yet seen any of Chick’s comics, you can read them online using the links in this post: Creationist Comic Books. They’re classics — especially Big Daddy?

Although he’s gone, it seems that Chick had completed at least one comic that wasn’t released at the time of his death. It now appears at the Chick website. The title is Look Out!, and it’s the source of the pic above this post.

The comic is all about the devil, and his ceaseless efforts to have you tossed into the Lake of Fire. You don’t want to miss this one, dear reader — especially because it may be the last we’ll ever hear from Chick. So use the link we provided, click over there, and heed the message — before it’s too late!

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10 responses to “Jack Chick’s Last Comic?

  1. Derek Freyberg

    Can I say “Thank God”?
    The drawings are awful, and the text and theme is worse.

  2. I love the xtian BS about “evilution makes us no better than animals”
    Guess what you slobbering dimwits how is that an insult? Name an animal that enslaves the ones they don’t like? Name one animal that performs honor killing? Name an animal that kills for no reason? Ya just animals but then we are not just animals cuz WE do all those things!!!

  3. There are rumours Chick prepared some tracts ahead for later publication. Sorry Derek, it that’s true.

  4. Don’t ants enslave aphids?
    Lion males will kill all the cubs from the previous leader of the pride – that is pretty close to honor killing.

  5. Ants-aphids don’t count unless you think keeping chickens or cows is the same as slavery. Lion cubs…MMMMM..think on that.

  6. Chick says all you have to do to be saved is to accept Jesus. Yet, he believes Catholics, who certainly accept Jesus, are not saved. (No doubt he feels the same about Mormons) There is a nuance here that escapes me.

  7. No, Jack Chick was the one who had the nuance escape him, not you.

  8. Ok, how about the non-queen members of a naked mole rat colony?

  9. There are animals that kill somewhat randomly. A house cat toys with and kills small mammals and birds. You can argue it is learning to kill for food. Still.

    No argument humans are the worse.