Rev. David Rives — The Diversity of Rocks

This is guaranteed to shake you out of your godless complacency. We found it with the aid of our the Drool-o-tron™, which called to us with its sirens and flashing lights. The blinking letters of its wall display said WorldNetDaily (WND). The Drool-o-tron™ had found the latest video by the brilliant and articulate leader of David Rives Ministries.

Our computer was locked onto this headline at WND: Hey atheists: Matter, energy can’t create themselves. What a headline! The actual title of the rev’s video is “Geological Diversity — Lots of Rocks.”

The rev begins by asking why there is such a variety of minerals and rocks. He compared it to his wardrobe — he likes diversity. So does the creator of the universe. Like the rev, God loves variety! We can appreciate the diversity of creation, even though we can’t understand the mind of God.

Then, right near the end, the rev says that from an atheist’s perspective, there’s a problem. Matter and energy can’t create themselves! The only answer is that all those different kinds of rocks were designed! So just look around, and then you’ll understand.

But there’s another problem here. For all his talk of diversity, the rev is still wearing the same gray bible-boy suit he’s been wearing for the last few videos, and again he’s not wearing a necktie. That doesn’t matter. He’s the cutest rev you’ve ever seen! This video is three minutes long before the commercial at the end. Go ahead, click over to WND and watch it.

As we always do with the rev’s videos, we dedicate the comments section for your use as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. You know the rules. Okay, the comments are open. Go for it!

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18 responses to “Rev. David Rives — The Diversity of Rocks

  1. Couldn’t get the video to play for some reason, but rocks are my thing, so I gotta say something. The drooling rev apparently doesn’t know that energy is eternal (= basic physics), that matter and energy are equivalent (E = mc-squared), and that they convert to each other all the time (e.g., nuclear fusion in stars & quantum vacuums).

    I don’t know what he said about rocks, but they definitely weren’t magically designed. Many drooling creationists assert that most of the rock record wasn’t designed, but formed quickly during a single global flood. That would include all of the volcanic interbeds and successions in the Phanerozoic sedimentary rock record. Neptunism was shown to be wrong in the early 1800s – the idea that all rocks, including granite and basalt and other volcanics, were formed in water. He needs some catching up to do, even to the level of his creationist colleagues.

  2. I would have guessed that Rives doesn’t enjoy diversity in anything, but it looks like I was off by one.

  3. Design is very limited in what it can produce.
    There are many examples of intelligent designs which have not come to fruition. Something was lacking.
    So, without telling us something additional, intelligent design doesn’t provide an explanation.

  4. Hey, Rev. Luke 9:3, you screaming hypocrite.

  5. Since this is an IFFZ, I’ll repeat an article of some interest that was off-topic on the previous post.

    It relates to Trump claiming that climate change is a Chinese hoax. If so, they must have started the hoax back in 1978. Read this article in the February 1978 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. It’s titled Is Mankind Warming the Earth, and starts on pg. 10.

    (I apologize for the clumsy link. I’ve had little luck with embedding links in the past.)

    This is the earliest reference to CO2 build-up in the atmosphere leading to global warming that I’m aware of, but then, I haven’t made an exhaustive search. I was a subscriber to The Bulletin back then, and remember reading the article when I got my copy in the mail. As I recall, it took quite a while before the idea became mainstream, but I made sure all of my junior high science students from that point on knew about it. I thank the (lack of) powers that be that we didn’t have a set, rigid science curriculum back then. But then, the issue had not been politicized yet, so there was no controversy.

    I only wish that more science teachers had been getting the word out, so demagogues like Trump wouldn’t have such an easy time spreading their bulls**t.

    Holding the Line in Florida — if you’re reading this, carry on the fight, Brother!

  6. RSG – as a crop science student in about 1967 I learned about the properties of CO2 gas and its increasing concentration from human activity and I remember our lecturer saying that global warming would probably emerge from the background variation around the end of the century. I don’t have the papers to hand, but check out RealClimate.

  7. A publication called the Westfield Republican of Westfield, New York, has this article: Westfield Recreation Department schedule describing various activities. Among them are:

    GET ON THE BUS! You are sure to have a great time on this tour. We will be traveling to The Brand New Ark Encounter plus the creation Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 15 thru the 18, 2017. …

    Just above that appears this item:

    NEW ADULT CORN HOLE LEAGUE. If you’re interested in playing in a new Corn Hole league, please let us know. …

  8. I am confident that freshly-appointed Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions will put a stop to all this outrageous cornholing…

  9. And for the IFFZ: a balanced article from the BBC

    What does UK science do about Brexit?

    This pretty much sums up where we are:

    One chink of hope for many in the scientific community is that the government’s much heralded industrial strategy might come to their rescue. No one knows quite what the strategy is – so at the moment it is whatever anyone wants it to be.

  10. Holding The Line In Florida

    @retiredsciguy. In the immortal lyrics of that Temptations classic, Ball of Confusion, “Rap on Brother rap on!” I am sure you remember it. It is so worth listening to again! The more things change…. I live about a mile from the coast with an elevation of 8 ft. Some areas nearer the beach are about 3ft. I tell the kids that although I will be dead, they will be alive to see us underwater or a barrier island. If they want to become rich, have mommy and daddy buy land about 20 miles to the north. That will become the new beach!

  11. So god made granite for counter tops. What prescience! And how about the millions of people worldwide who have no counters to top, no kitchens?

    And if the rev and this god so love diversity, why only one god? And why did this god wipe out diversity with a flood? The rev is such a deep thinker. Thanks SC!

  12. Global warming isn’t a Chinese hoax, it’s a Swedish hoax invented by Arrhenius in the late 19th century. Wikipedia; “in 1896 he was the first scientist to attempt to calculate how changes in the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could alter the surface temperature through the greenhouse effect.”

  13. This is a tough one: a visit to The Ark Encounter, or the Adult Corn Hole League?

    …Can I have death by bunga-bunga for 100, Alex?

  14. And–I hate to be the one to break to our Curmudgeon–if you think the creationists aren’t celebrating Trump’s win, just check out Klinghoffer’s Twitter feed @d_klinghoffer

    Another reason–though none were needed–to eschew ‘social media’…

  15. “In crossing a heath, suppose I pitched my foot against a stone and were asked how the stone came to be there, I might possibly answer that for anything I knew to the contrary it had lain there forever; nor would it, perhaps, be very easy to show the absurdity of this answer.”
    William Paley, Natural Theology

  16. Total matter + energy in the Universe is equal to zero, or some number very close to that value. The inflationary epoch of the early Universe guarantees it.

  17. I really love how this dimwitted fool believes the buyBull is the word of gawd which clearly states …No one may know the mind of gawd! Yet he knows gawd likes diversity!! I Am Amazed!!! At his ability!