Pre-Thanksgiving Free Fire Zone

Mars is red,
Uranus is blue,
This Free Fire Zone
Was created for you.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the US. People are traveling and busy with family. Traffic to this humble blog will be less than usual, and news about The Controversy between evolution and creationism will be scarce. Once again we need to entertain ourselves. Herewith we present a few random goodies, which may encourage you to add some of your own:

1: This was our original Thanksgiving post from 2008, which we think it’s still worth reading: Of Plymouth Plantation: “Every Man for His Own Particular”.

2: We want to remind you that Kitzmas is coming. Next month we celebrate the eleventh anniversary of the decision on 20 December 2005 by Judge John E. Jones III in the case of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District.

3: This article from PhysOrg should thrill the creationists. Now they have a source of water for the Flood: New study finds water deeper in Earth than scientists previously believed.

4: Our last news item is the most exciting. We found a use for the Discoveroids’ “theory” about an intelligent designer. See Intelligent Design Plumbing.

That’s the news — at least so far. We now declare an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. But before we throw open the comments, we’ll conclude with our famous guarantee of quality:

Self-Proving Truth Certificate

Everything written by the Curmudgeon in this blog is true. The presence of this Certificate is your proof. Our logic is undeniable.

Okay, the comments are open. You know the rules. Have at it!

Copyright © 2016. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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15 responses to “Pre-Thanksgiving Free Fire Zone

  1. I think since I last posted there has been some exciting new developments regarding Kent Hovind.

    It appears within the last week or so Kent Hovind and his people have been scrubbing the Internet to remove promotions of Kent’s long anticipated legal “Surprise”, the “Kent Hovind Innocence DVD Series” (only $50).

    If you watched that and did what was asked at the end of the dvd series, Kent was claiming that there might be an official government investigation of his case, the impeachment of Judge Rodgers, the overturning of his 2006 convictions, and the awarding of up to $30,000,000.00 in damages to Kent.

    That dvd series was the brainchild of Kent’s sovcit fellow Brady Byrum.

    Now, with all the disappearances (Kent has even removed the product from his flagship website), we are left to wonder what has become of that scheme. Ernie Land, Kent’s handler of sorts, has recently indicated they now have some super-secret marketing scheme which he will not reveal.

    Kent is also, allegedly, hoping to get some publicity by claiming he has the ear of the Attorney General designate, Jeff Sessions. Kent is now from Alabama like Jeff.


  2. Intelligent Design Plumbing indeed!

    Well, in the UK we revel in Stopcocks Women Plumbers

  3. Thanks for the update, Robert Baty.

  4. So did Hovind really get remarried in September?

  5. Gobble, gobble!

  6. Yes, Troy, Kent wed Mary Tocco.

    I have some articles on that. Here’s the one about the supposed common-law wedding ceremony (common law marriages being legal in Alabama until the end of this year):

  7. This being a ffz and all, I wonder if anyone else has noticed any problems with Panda’s Thumb?

  8. They haven’t posted anything for two weeks.

  9. “They haven’t posted anything for two weeks.”

    Post-election shock, perhaps?

  10. Happy Thanksgiving all!! The celebration by Native Americans for their crappy immigration policies!!!

  11. I’m having problems downloading Intelligent Design Plumbing, but it should be obvious that the plumbing of the human body, from the vagus nerve through the contorted aorta to the sewer running through the playground, was designed by Someone with a wicked sense of humour. Wicked as in sadistic and malevolent

  12. HAPPY THANKSGIVING Curmudgeon and curmudgeon fans. I soooooo
    enjoy our curmudgeon’s coverage of
    creationist antics and his stand on
    The Enlightenment and all it has done for us. I noticed today an interesting link
    that touches on a frequent curmudgeonly observation. Pence has ties with Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater. Prince is the nephew?
    of DeVosEducation Department nominee. And Prince is linked to multiple ” Family” organizations, which
    Pence supports aggressively. Just thought I’d share more good news.
    Congratulations Focus on the Family!
    Lots of tax payer dollars for charter schools !!!!

  13. @Paul, I’ve suggested before that, if we are designed, the idea was first proposed by a Committee, after long deliberations hearing all affected parties. Then it was put into public tender and a project manager and several subcontractors were employed.

    The result shows. Four frickin’ billion years and still not quite according to the speficifations which, as inspection of the genetic material reveals, have been changed several times over the course.

    And don’t get them started on the budget overruns.

  14. This may be worth your attention. It’s from PhysOrg: NASA on the hunt for space poop geniuses. One excerpt should be enough:

    When you’ve got to go, but you’re out there in space, zipped up in a spacesuit, with no toilet in sight and a crew of other astronauts around, what do you do?

    NASA has launched a contest for inventors to solve this uncomfortable issue, and promises to award $30,000 to the best “space poop” solutions. Inventors have until December 20 to submit designs for a personalized waste-wicking system that will handle everything, hands-free, for a period of up to six days.