Proof That We Live in God’s Matrix?

[30-second sound clip] You are about to leave reality and travel into another dimension — a dimension that exists beyond the laws of nature, unknowable by evidence and reason — a wondrous land of Oogity Boogity! There’s a signpost up ahead: Next stop — The Drool Zone.

We have previously said that too much exposure to quantum mechanics can sometimes do strange things to the mind. It now appears that the same can be said for string theory. In the Daily Express, a national tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom, we find this headline: Renowned physicist finds PROOF of God: Universe was created by DESIGN in huge ‘matrix’. It has over 50 comments already. Here are some excerpts from the news story, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

Michio Kaku, who is highly regarded in the scientific community thanks to his work in helping to popularise the String Theory, has developed a new theory which he says points to the existence of God or an intelligent designer for the universe.

Here’s Wikipedia’s write-up on Michio Kaku. He seems real enough, although “points to the existence of God or an intelligent designer” is a long way from the tabloid’s headline which proclaims “proof.” Okay, back to the news story:

The American scientist, who is a professor in theoretical physics at the City College of New York, came to his conclusion by studying “primitive semi – radius tachyons“. These tachyons are theoretical particles that have the ability to “unstick” matter in the universe or vacuum space between particles, essentially leaving everything free from the influence of the universe. This led Mr Kaku to the conclusion that the universe was created through design, and not random chaos and that we could be living in a type of “matrix”.

Huh? We need to read a bit more:

He said of his research: “I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence. Believe me, everything that we call chance today won’t make sense anymore. To me it is clear that we exist in a plan which is governed by rules that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and not by chance.

It may be clear to Kaku, but it’s not yet clear to us. Then we’re told:

With all of the calculations that would need to go into creating a successful universe, Mr Kaku says that God is a mathematician – which could imply that we are living in a simulation, which many experts are considering the notion of.

This is the rest of it:

He said in a YouTube video: “The final solution resolution could be that God is a mathematician. The mind of God, we believe, is cosmic music, the music of strings resonating through 11-dimensional hyperspace.

We looked for that YouTube video but couldn’t find it, so this is where we’ll leave the story, dear reader. No doubt the Discoveroids will attempt to do something with this — whatever it is. All we can say is that it’s probably best to stay away from string theory. As we understand it (which isn’t very well), it’s all math and no verifiable evidence — and it leads to the The Drool Zone.

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16 responses to “Proof That We Live in God’s Matrix?

  1. Hmm, I believe Johannes Kepler beat him to it by a about four hundred years.
    Kepler and Music

  2. Kaku’s pretty highly regarded, so I wonder what he was actually saying. He’d be far from the only physicist to be currently speculating about the “matrix” hypothesis.

    I’m surprised you haven’t come across him. His popular-science books are held in great esteem, and at least for a while it seemed every physics/astronomy documentary — Nova and the like — featured him heavily.

  3. I am always struck by conclusions of “design.” All are belied by the simple fact that if things weren’t as they are, we wouldn’t be here to be discussing them. How do we know that this isn’t “Creation 134, 987, 221,” the first that actually worked, the rest having burbled back into nothingness because they were flawed? Attributing to “design” things that have to be the way they are in order for us to exist are, first often wrong, but even if they are right, they simple link our existence to necessary conditions and don’t imply anything else.

  4. The Daily Express is a ‘newspaper’ to the same degree that your National Enquirer is a newspaper.

    Until one finds the original source, with Dr. Kaku’s original words, I suggest one exercise great caution in evaluating these reported claims.

  5. @mnb0
    The contribution there by Ron Maimon represents, I think, what the general appraisal is of Michio. You might also look at the contribution from Nathan Ketsdever.

  6. I’m also surprised that curmudgeon hadn’t haven’t heard of Michio Kaku before. He’s another popularist theoretical physicist that is big on the Discovery and Science Channel that tries to have some fun with the what ifs’ of science. The Matrix theory and mathematics of god is not new and I think Kaku just likes to stir things up a little to get people to think rather than tell them what to think.

  7. “For with what eyes of the mind was your Plato able to see that workhouse of such stupendous toil, in which he makes the world to be modelled and built by God? What materials, what bars, what machines, what servants, were employed in so vast a work? How could the air, fire, water, and earth, pay obedience and submit to the will of the architect?”
    Cicero, On the Nature of the Gods I.9
    Design is not enough to produce a result.

  8. Erik John Bertel says: “I’m also surprised that curmudgeon hadn’t haven’t heard of Michio Kaku before.”

    I’ve heard of him. I just never paid much attention.

  9. Way beyond my pay grade as a retired Junior High science teacher, but if I were forced to express an opinion, I’d have to agree with Steve Ruis, above.

    It all goes back to “Who designed The Designer?”

  10. michaelfugate

    And labeling something “God” doesn’t mean much. It’s a long way from this form of theism and any current religion – especially a revelatory one like Christianity.

  11. The problem with invoking an omnipotent designer to explain something is that that doesn’t explain anything.
    An omnipotent designer “explains” everything equally well, and that means that it doesn’t explain anything particular. It “explains” that the sky is blue, as well as that the sky is lavender and chartreuse paisley, as well as that there is no sky at all.

  12. Michio Kaku first appeared on my radar screen when he opposed the Cassini probe back in 1997 just before it launched to the Saturn system. The probe contains about 72 lbs of plutonium 238 used as a heat source to run the electrical system. (Cassini has mostly been mentioned here in the Coppedge case.)
    The odds of a launch accident (or a collision with Earth during multiple gravity assists in the inner solar system) were triflingly small and I always thought he was alarmist and self-promoting to make media hay out of this absurd issue. Even if there was a collision with the earth the RTGs were designed to stay intact. He delved into crackpot territory when he suggested Cassini use solar panels. The solar panel size required at Saturn’s distance would be about the size of a tennis court. Just beyond absurd.

  13. If the Philae probe had used plutonium rather than attempting to use solar panels, we would know a lot more about Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and have got better value for money.

  14. SMBC has a pertinent comic this morning…

    If it’s changed, go backward to the comic on Pi.