Merry Kitzmas to One and All!

Let your hearts be glad! Go forth and tell the world that we bring tidings of great joy! Today we celebrate the eleventh anniversary of the decision on 20 December 2005 by Judge John E. Jones III in the case of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District.

This is the day when we eat, drink, and make merry — because we have much to celebrate. Since the Kitzmiller decision, no school board has dared to take the issue of teaching creationism or intelligent design to court. School board lawyers tell their clients that if they do something that’s obviously crazy when they’ve been advised against it, their insurance won’t pay their losses when they lose.

Look at look at this history of Google searches on “intelligent design”: Google trends. It’s gone downhill — drastically so — since Judge Jones’ historic decision. Most of the searches that do show up are probably ours. In the immortal words of your Curmudgeon:

What is best in The Controversy between evolution and creationism? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

What are the Discoveroids doing today? As they always do, they’ve posted a bitter diatribe about the Kitzmiller case. That task always fell to Casey, but since his departure, it has now fallen to Klinghoffer to carry on that sad tradition. His post for this year is titled Dover Decision Anniversary Today. Ho Hum. Zzzzzzzz. (Just Kidding). Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

The Kitzmiller v. Dover case was decided 11 years ago today. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an important case in a sense because it is routinely abused by Darwin advocates to fool the public and prove that intelligent design was “over at Dover.”

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Then he says:

Oh sure, on December 20, 2005, an enigma discussed for millennia by scientists, philosophers, theologians, and other thoughtful adults, one of the ultimate questions ever to fascinate the human intellect, was decided for all time by an obscure Federal judge in Harrisburg, PA, cribbing from the ACLU.

The only thing decided was a routine issue that has been the law for a couple of centuries in the US — government can’t get entangled with religion. As for the claim that Jones “cribbed” from the ACLU, as we’ve said before when Casey made that accusation:

Judges often copy large portions from the briefs of the prevailing party — not because they’re taking orders from such party, but because they find that those arguments are legally correct and should be adopted by the court. It’s a very common practice, and only Casey finds it bothersome. Indeed, like many judges, Jones required the parties to submit their versions of the “findings of fact” and “conclusions of law.” Much of the winning side’s submission will find its way into the court’s final opinion. That’s utterly routine.

After that brilliant criticism, Klinghoffer tells us:

Only evolution’s evangelists [Hee hee!] could take Jones seriously as a scientific authority. Dover‘s propaganda value is certain, which is why evolutionists keep coming back to it. But let’s not allow a bout of recurring anniversary-itis to lead us into imagining that in objective terms the Dover case is important, that it truly decided anything of significance. It did not. To misunderstand that is to fall into a trap, a false narrative written by Darwin apologists.

He then links to a lecture Casey gave on the subject last year, after which he says:

Casey is doing great, by the way, exploring new horizons, intellectual and otherwise. He keeps in touch. But we do miss him!

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! We miss Casey too. Klinghoffer’s post then dribbles away with some links to Discoveroid videos and books, and thus endeth their annual Kitzmas rant.

Therefore, dear reader, we invite you to raise your glasses and join the Curmudgeon in his favorite drinking song:

Roll me ooooo-ver,
In the Doooo-ver …

To one and all we say: Merry Kitzmas!

And to add to the festivities — we declare an Intellectual Free-Fire Zone. You can discuss pretty much anything — science, politics, economics, whatever — as long as it’s interesting and done in good taste. Banter, babble, bicker, bluster, blaspheme; say what you will. But beware of the profanity filters.

We now throw open the comments to you, dear reader.

Copyright © 2016. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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29 responses to “Merry Kitzmas to One and All!

  1. “was decided for all time by an obscure Federal judge”
    I cannot help wondering if Judge Jones reads the crap IDiots write about him. If he has a sane sense of self mockery he must have big fun every year.

  2. As is my wont for this happy season, I provide the following holiday links:

    Kitzmas Carols: sing-along fun for all the family!
    A Kitzmas Carol: Charles Dawkins’ traditional spooky holiday tale

    Merry Kitzmas, everyone!

  3. But let’s not allow a bout of recurring anniversary-itis to lead us into imagining that in objective terms Christmas is important, that it truly decided anything of significance. It did not. To misunderstand that is to fall into a trap, a false narrative written by Christian apologists.

  4. I don’t recall the name of the IDiot who crowed, possibly on Dembski’s site, that “Kitzmiller is in the bag! Judge Jones is a conservative Christian appointed by George Bush hisself [sic].”

    In the immortal words of Rick Perry, “Oops!”

    Judge Jones, having “studied up” on creationists and their tactics, pre-empted their anticipated whining by commenting that his ruling in no way constituted an activist judiciary. Still, on Day 1 the IDiots called Jones an “activist judge.” That’s why we call them IDiots.

  5. Anyone have any Kitzmas gift suggestions for the cdesign proponentists on Santa’s nice list? The local stores are all out of mousetraps and watches, and, let’s be honest, a 747 made out of stuff from my local junkyard is just impractical.

  6. We should celebrate the real heroes of Kitzmiller:

    Tammy Kitzmiller, who put her family at risk by standing up to the authoritarian school board in a small town.

    Barbara Forrest, for her devastating performance before the trial during discovery which caused Dembski to “visibly blanch” and drop out of the case, and for her prevailing against the character attack the defense attorneys mounted to have her disqualified as an expert witness, and for her precise, scholarly testimony on the stand.

    Nick Matzke, for his analysis of Pandas and the discovery of the creationist transition word fossil – cdesign proponentists – and for his accurate literature research during the trial.

    Ken Miller, for his clear explanations of real science and dismantling of “intelligent design” creationism’s faulty reasoning.

    And, finally, last but not least, the veritable Star of Dover, the man who made Kitzmas happen, the one, the only – Michael Behe, who single-handedly secured victory for the plaintiffs by equating “intelligent design” creationism to astrology, and demonstrating to the court and the world that he had no idea what he was talking about when it came to biology.

  7. Don’t forget Steve Fuller…
    Will the DI ever learn that the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.

  8. Steve Fuller! Funny story there. A fellow member of the Darwinian Pressure Group (Delta Pi Gamma) and I met up at Down House some years ago. To our surprise and disgust, right there in the Gift Shop (Ye Olde Gifte Shoppe) was a copy of Fuller’s miserable book. We turned it around so the back faced out.

    Later, when we passed through the Gift Shop on the way out we noticed the book had been turned around, front side out. We turned it around again, but were busted by the staff.

    “Why do you people keep doing that?”

    “What people? You mean this has happened before.”

    “Nearly every day,” she said, “nearly every day.”

    So, there is justice in the world after all!

  9. Merry Kitzmas everyone!
    …and what a Kitzmas it’s turned out to be!

    In the past six weeks I’ve become one of Judge John Jones’ biggest fans. Never mind his comical Dover decision, which read like a pimply-faced freshman’s plagiarized term paper with words and sentences rearranged in an attempt to fool the teacher. This brilliant legal mind and former Pennsylvania liquor control board member foisted upon the citizens of the Keystone State same-sex “marriage” in 2014 with his ruling in Whitewood v Wolf; thereby unwittingly reminding the electorate of the importance of the occupant of the Oval Office and who it is who will appoint the next 100 or so federal judges to the bench to fill those vacancies. Curmudgeonites everywhere will have to be all the more vigilant for the next generation or so.

    Yes, Pennsylvania, Hillary’s firewall and solid blue state for the last 6 presidential elections was turned a beautiful red for our fearless leader, Don Juan Trump. Thanks Johnny Cut-and-Paste. America owes you (and judges and justices like you) a great debt of gratitude.

    @docbill, it was nice to see Texas wait to submit its electoral vote so it could be the one to put Trump over the top. Nice touch. Yes there is indeed justice – poetic justice.

  10. michaelfugate

    If ID were science, then why wasn’t the DI with all its intellectual firepower able to make that case? How did they fail so miserably then and how are they still failing so miserably now?

  11. If ID were science, wouldn’t it have an account for what happens so that the world of life turns out as it does? How does a design result in actuality? What are the scientific laws which design conforms to?

  12. KevinC – you do realize that Judge Jones was appointed by President G. W. Bush back in 2002, don’t you? Jones is a Republican, appointed by a Republican, then the “occupant of the Oval Office…”

  13. michaelfugate

    KevinC tries to make the election a referendum on marriage equality, when it was the economy. People are always more tolerant when things are going well – not so much when things are going bad. The problem is not even so much the economy, but the disparity in wealth. Somehow I am not convinced Trump will be making a dent in this.

  14. docbill1351, DaveScot, who I think is also Dembski, wrote the following on Uncommon Descent

    “Judge John E. Jones on the other hand is a good old boy brought up through the conservative ranks. He was state attorney for D.A.R.E, an Assistant Scout Master with extensively involved with local and national Boy Scouts of America, political buddy of Governor Tom Ridge (who in turn is deep in George W. Bush’s circle of power), and finally was appointed by GW hisself. Senator Rick Santorum is a Pennsylvanian in the same circles (author of the “Santorum Language” that encourages schools to teach the controversy) and last but far from least, George W. Bush hisself drove a stake in the ground saying teach the controversy. Unless Judge Jones wants to cut his career off at the knees he isn’t going to rule against the wishes of his political allies. Of course the ACLU will appeal. This won’t be over until it gets to the Supreme Court. But now we own that too.”

  15. Oh, wonderful: KevinC thinks it’s great that we’re heading toward climate catastrophe as the US government, confronted by science, sticks its collective fingers in its ears and goes nya nya nya. Because that’s “justice.” What a sick joke.

    Yes, if science tells you things you don’t want to hear — whether it be about climate, evolution, the Zika virus (hello, Mick Mulvaney, the Manchurian President’s new nominee who believes research into this virus is a waste of money) or anything else — the best response is to legislate its suppression.

  16. The Curmudgeon says “What is best in The Controversy between evolution and creationism? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women”
    I’ll be back !

  17. “I’ll be back”–spoken, of course, in a deep, rumbling Conan the Republican voice. (Just kidding.)

  18. KevinC, saying that Judge Jones’ Dover decision ” read like a pimply-faced freshman’s plagiarized term paper with words and sentences rearranged in an attempt to fool the teacher.”

    Kevin, I used to have a little bit of respect for your writing because on occasion you had a point. Well, I’ve lost any respect for you that I may have once had.

    You are simply a troll.

  19. “foisted upon the citizens of the Keystone State same-sex “marriage” in 2014”
    Thanks, KevinC – my respect for Judge Jones just has doubled.

  20. It’s rare to see an argument against the establishment clause and the equal protection clause in the same paragraph. Bravo!

    Intelligent Design Proponent : “Humans are exceptional! The darn government is getting in the way of teaching intelligent design! That’s not what the government should do! Well, except those two guys over there wanting to get married, they’re not exceptional! The government should do something about it!”

  21. docbill1351 | 20-December-2016 at 1:54 pm |

  22. @retiredsciguy, as far as your lost respect for me – I’ll have to work through the pain. With regard to me being a troll, how does my comment, which doesn’t approach the level of crass and boorish contributions by some, qualify me as a troll? This a Free-Fire Zone after all. Is it not?

  23. KevinC, I’m sorry I’ve caused you pain. Take two aspirin and see if you feel better in the morning.

    In the meantime, re-read Judge Jones’ decision, and let us know where his errors are — regardless of it “reading like a pimply-faced freshman’s term paper”.

  24. Scientific American has a useful roundup page linking to a stack of the magazine’s articles about the difficult and perhaps impossible task of defending US science against the incoming Trump administration:

    What a mess. Or, as KevinC might put it, “justice.”

  25. This drooling IDiot would like to take this time during the busy Kitzmas season to thank The Curmudgeon for the very thoughtful gift he’s given us. To what gift do you refer, KevinC? you may ask. Why it’s an ENV article gift-wrapped in the thunderous sounds of silence. A characteristic I’ve come to know and love about the Sensuous One.

    Says TSC: “[*Curmudgeon looks around, but sees no evidence of design*]”. But lo and behold, 10 days after TSC looks around, our friends over at ENV post a short article along with a video in late November with the provocative title Refuting Behe’s Critics. The Behe article before that was commented on. The Klinghoffer article after that was commented on. But nary a word from our gracious host about the Kitzmas poster child. What did we hear instead? Of course Darwinists see no evidence of intelligent design. Their eyes are closed!

  26. Kev-C-Minus delivers another fact-free, blockbuster apology with, in fact, something somewhat truthful:

    Their eyes are closed!

    I must admit, Kev-C-Minus has that effect on me!

  27. michaelfugate

    Notice how KevinC doesn’t actually mention what that evidence is. Does he not know, not understand, or does the evidence just not exist?

  28. What is most interesting is not that there is no evidence for ID. Of course, there isn’t any. The most that can be claimed is that there is something lacking in evolutionary biology.
    But what is interesting is that there is nothing substantial to ID. Of course there is no evidence for it, for there is nothing to it, nothing for which there to be evidence.