A Mixed Message from the Discovery Institute

Like other creationists, the Discovery Institute is vigilant in insisting that we’re not related to monkeys — see Egnor Ain’t No Kin To No Monkey, and also Klinghoffer Still Ain’t No Kin to Monkeys.

Somehow they managed to scramble that creationist dogma in their latest post: An Ebola Vaccine — Thank Animal Testing. It’s written by Wesley J. Smith, a Discoveroid “Senior Fellow” and a lawyer. His specialty is “Human Exceptionalism,” which is Discoveroid code for “In His Image.” Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

Ebola is a terrible disease that afflicts the poorest areas of our planet. Now, scientists have apparently created a vaccine that is 100 percent effective against one form of Ebola.

He quotes a bit from this story in the New York Times: New Ebola Vaccine Gives 100 Percent Protection, including this:

Tests in monkeys showed that one shot protected all of them when it was given at least a week before they were given a high dose of Ebola. The shot even protected a few monkeys who received it a day after being infected with Ebola.

Gasp! Why test on monkeys? What do they have in common with us? The Discoveroids have been steadfastly opposed to combining the theory of evolution and the practice of medicine. We discussed Casey’s attitude in one of this humble blog’s earliest posts: Want a Creationist Physician? They often say that “Darwinism” has no place in the practice of medicine — see Discovery Institute: Toad-Tested Medicine! Klinghoffer agrees — see Klinghoffer Defends Dr. Ben Carson.

So what does Smith say about the news that this Ebola vaccine — for humans — was tested on monkeys? To our great surprise, he doesn’t even touch on the evolutionary implications. Instead he finishes his brief post with this:

I am sure those prominent animal rights activists and others who call animal research ineffective — and researchers “sadists” — will be upset that the monkeys were so abused.

What? Oh, we see what happened. Testing on monkeys raises a completely separate Discoveroid issue — animal rights. Because animals are totally unrelated to us, they say it’s absurd to even think about animal suffering — see Discoveroids Oppose Frivolous Lawsuits. And somehow, that Discoveroid issue completely blinded Smith to the implied biological relationship that makes monkey testing so useful. It’s always fun to see a creationist be so utterly oblivious when one of his fact-free doctrines collides with another.

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4 responses to “A Mixed Message from the Discovery Institute

  1. The Discoveroids are all active members of PETA (People for Eating Tasty Animals).

  2. It’s always fun to see a creationist be totally oblivious when one of his fact-free doctrines collides with another.

    Because creationists don’t rely on evidence, or have beliefs which stem from evidence, those beliefs frequently collide with evidence.

    That’s where creation “science” comes in–if the real world evidence contradicts scripture and dogma, they simply ignore, deny, or misrepresent that evidence and of course, to them, it goes away and their creationist beliefs are supported.

    This used to be called religious apologetics, but lately creation “science” is shouldering the load. And I guess creationists are still hoping that they are fooling some folks that creation “science” and more recently intelligent design are something other than pure religious belief in disguise.

    I wonder if even the Discovery Institute’s folks believe all their mutterings.

    And I wonder if its more like Winston Zeddemore’s line in Ghostbusters: “Ah, if there’s a steady paycheck in it, I’ll believe anything you say.”

  3. The crazy cats at the Discovery Institute must think we’re all Guy Pearce’s character in Memento, unable to remember what they wrote yesterday and unaware of their inconsistencies.

  4. On the subject of vaccines, and oddly, Intelligent design:


    Note the wording on the billboard. “Choose Intelligent Design.”