Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2016 — #4

Now we’re getting to the good stuff, as the Discovery Institute continues to post about their greatest triumphs for the past twelve months. You can find links to items 10 through 5 in what we wrote yesterday: Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2016 — #5. As the list progresses upward to whatever will be Number One, we’re confronted with increasingly amazing things that have happened this year to confirm the brilliance of the Discoveroids’ “theory” of intelligent design.

They’ve just posted #4 of Our Top Stories of 2016: Denton’s Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis Is a “Best Book” of 2016, written by Klinghoffer.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! They’re talking about a new book by Michael Denton, a Discovery Institute “senior fellow,” which is an update to his 1985 creationist classic, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis. The new version of Denton’s book is Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis (Amazon listing), published by — get this! — Discovery Institute Press, the Discoveroids’ in-house vanity press.

We wrote about the book a couple of times before, most recently Klinghoffer: Denton’s Existential Challenge. That’s why we didn’t bother ourselves when Klinghoffer wrote about it yet again on 21 November 2016, in London Spectator Hails Denton’s Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis as a “Best Book” of 2016.

We skipped Klinghoffer’s post not only because Denton’s book was old news, but because it didn’t impress us that some journalist thought it was a great book. And yet, a repeat of Klinghoffer’s post about a genuinely unimportant event has made it onto the Discoveroids’ Top Ten list. Let’s scan Klinghoffer’s month-old post to see if has anything worth excerpting. Ah yes, there are one or two items:

Reviews don’t come better than this. “A truly great book” — agreed. “Fascinatingly clear” — indeed. “Destroys the Darwinian position” — correct.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Then he says:

Wilson [the journalist], a biographer and novelist, is himself a dazzlingly accomplished writer and thinker. His recognition of Denton doesn’t come as a complete shock, since he has voiced his evolution doubts in the past.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! The journalist is a creationist! In Klinghoffer’s final paragraph, he quotes the journalist again:

When it comes to whether neo-Darwinism has been falsified by the scientific evidence, “It is hard to see how anyone reading [Denton’s] book could not be persuaded.”

So there you are, dear reader. A creationist journalist has praised another creationist’s book, and that is listed as number four in the Discoveroids’ Top Ten events for the year. There are still three more to go. What further wonders await us? Stay tuned to this blog!

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8 responses to “Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2016 — #4

  1. Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #33,001 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
    #159 in Books > Science & Math > Evolution

  2. Holding The Line In Florida

    I am tingling with anticipation as we draw near the big numero uno! I am sure it was a life changing event!

  3. Why do they subject themselves to such humiliation every year? I guess they are trying to look busy until the Boss returns. (Jesus Christ descending through the clouds, no less!)
    I suppose in this case they might sell a few books, but wow.

  4. They just don’t listen. I responded to this last month, so the newspaper asks around thirty people their opinion on books they have liked.
    So a creationist liking the book has nothing to do with “London Spectator Hails”, creationists they just can’t stop lying.

  5. Spectator asked a bunch of their regular contributors to list their best books. So, it’s not as if the Spectator editorial staff, or a literary review board selected the “best books.” It’s just Uncle Bob’s opinion. Spectator listed about 70 “best books” for 2016, thus earning Denton an actual 1/70th of a “best book” or 0.014.

    Klinkleklankle should have headlined: London Spectator picks Denton’s pile of dreck as 0.014th of a best book for 2016.

  6. michaelfugate

    A.N. Wilson supposedly channeling Michael Denton says, “Palaeontology provides abundant evidence of evolution within species, but none of one species morphing into another.”

    It does?

    Of Wilson in his reconversion to Christianity equates Darwin with Hitler – what an intellect – no wonder the DI loves him.

  7. Even many of the Young Earth Creationists accept evolution of species. They have imagined a barrier of “kinds”, perhaps something like a taxonomic family.
    But there is ample evidence for the evolutionary origin of the taxonomic classes of mammals and birds.

  8. OK, so once again I have underestimated our IDiot friends from Seattle. They can sillier than just repeating some silly blogposts of their own. Yup – that’s promising for the top three! Be sure I’ll stay tuned.