Ken Ham: It’s All About Genesis

Some Christian denominations are obsessed with creationism, and others aren’t. You all know about the National Center for Science Education’s list of Statements from Religious Organizations that support evolution.

According to Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else, all of those evolutionist denominations are destined for the Lake of Fire, because they don’t see things the way he does — and his way is The Truth.

We get a good explanation of ol’ Hambo’s viewpoint in his latest post at the website of his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG). It’s titled Genesis — the Foundation of Christianity. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

When you build a house, you build from the foundation up — not the roof down. You need the right foundation for everything else to be built upon. The Bible is, in essence, similar in that the first book, Genesis, is the foundation for the rest of the Bible.

Okay. Then he says:

All biblical doctrines are founded directly or indirectly in Genesis. … Here is a partial list of foundational doctrines:

Okay, dear reader, here are Hambo’s foundational doctrines. The bold font in this list is his:

The doctrine of marriage, defined as one man for one woman, is founded in the history of Genesis.

That’s interesting. The Wikipedia article on Monogamy says that the one-man, one-woman marriage was common in the Middle East, but so was polygamy — especially among the ruling class. Their article on Polygamy in Christianity says:

Polygamy is explicitly not forbidden in the Old Testament. The Torah includes a few specific regulations on the practice of polygamy, such [various examples]. Over 40 important figures had more than one wife, Esau [scripture references] Elkanah [scripture references,] and Solomon [scripture references].

Hambo’s list continues:

The origin of clothing is in Genesis. Because of sin God gave clothes when He made the first blood sacrifice as a covering for sin. This was a foreshadowing of what was to come in Christ’s perfect sacrifice.

We didn’t know that clothing was an issue in the Crucifixion. Let’s read on:

Genesis records God’s plan for gender. God made humans male and female from the beginning, as recorded in the Bible’s first book.

You know what that’s all about. This is Hambo’s last doctrine:

The gospel is founded in Genesis. We need a Savior because Adam (the father/head of the human race) sinned and brought literal death into creation [scripture reference]. That’s why Jesus had to come and literally die a physical death to take our place.

Ah yes, no Adam & Eve, no Jesus. Okay, that’s the list. Here’s one more excerpt:

The historical account in Genesis is attacked vehemently because those who oppose Christianity know it’s the foundation of all doctrine. Even more important, it is the very Word of God itself! When Christians compromise Genesis with evolution and millions of years, it’s like undermining the foundation of a house. Without a foundation, the house will fall.

There you have it, dear reader. Without Genesis, we’d all be running around nude, engaged in all kinds of complicated multi-gender marriages, and Jesus would have had no message for any of us. Now you see why Hambo insists that creationism is so vitally important.

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15 responses to “Ken Ham: It’s All About Genesis

  1. I say, dig out the foundation and let the house fall, preferable on the Hamster.

  2. It strikes me that most xians spend a lot more time on Leviticus, dreaming up ways to make people’s lives miserable.

  3. “Without a foundation, the house will fall.”

    That statement shows that they are blissfully unaware that “their house” has already fallen. Creationism lost out within science over 150 years ago. The remaining rubble is getting buried on a daily basis as new scientific discoveries are made.

  4. My understanding is that the only thing necessary to go to heaven (Christian heaven, anyway) is to accept Jesus as your savior. That’s pretty much it. What one thinks about other parts of the bible is irrelevant.

    Presumably Ham thinks that people who don’t believe Genesis is true will not believe Jesus existed and will therefore not be saved. But many believe they are saved, even though they don’t buy into every detail of Genesis. Ham’s argument that one needs to believe the creation myths in order to believe the story of Jesus is evidently not true. So, what is his real objective here?

    In my opinion, claiming that Christianity is founded on clearly mythical creation tales will drive more people to disbelieve Christianity as a whole than convert them to it. More power to Ham in his endeavors.

  5. Oh, and Original Sin is in Genesis, resulting in all being cursed by God to be relegated to a Lake of Fire when we die. Without Genesis, there is no Original Sin and no reason for Jesus to come and sacrifice himself. That is the real foundation of Christianity, otherwise known as God sacrificed Himself to Himself to protect us from Himself.

  6. Charles Deetz ;)

    Multi-sex, multi-partner marriage, bring it on! If I just ignore Genesis, that is. So why am I married to a woman and monogamous all these years?

  7. There is a melange of beliefs drawn from various sources, some being from different ways of reading the Bible, such as traditional thoughts imposed on the Bible, some superliteralisms, some from Platonic philosophy, some from Zoroaster, some forgotten-but-recovered modern ideas, some being acceptance of science contrary to the Bible etc.

  8. “When you build a house, you build from the foundation up — not the roof down.”
    Actually there is a building in Zaandam, The Netherlands that was build from the roof down. First it was the headquarters of Albert Heijn.

    Then it became a regional headquarters of Rabobank.

  9. Why, Charles, because you have taken your morals from the Bible of course and specifically Ol’Hambo’s interpretation! You’re just dishonest to not admit it. Just remember: everything good comes from God, everything bad from Homo Sapiens.

  10. Holding The Line In Florida

    And of course, if Genesis is finally understood by all to be the complete BS it is, Old Hambo just might have to get a real job instead of living off the con he puts on the drooling sheeple!

  11. Our Curmudgeon testifies:

    Without Genesis, we’d all be running around nude, engaged in all kinds of complicated multi-gender marriages, and Jesus would have had no message for any of us.

    In other words, just one big Realtors’ Convention in Vegas…

  12. Monogamy? Abraham had three wives; Jacob 2 + 2 handmaidens

  13. Paul Braterman notes

    Abraham had three wives

    So does Donald J. Trump, plus a serious bromance with Vladi Putin. Just, not all at the same time…

  14. Ham’s “Genesis is at the foundation of everything” is just a special case of the general theory of fundamentalism: every last word in the King James Bible is literally true, whether or not it makes sense and whether or not it’s consistent with other parts of the King James Bible.

  15. Every last word is literally true, except where I realize that it isn’t true. I know that the Earth is in orbit around the Sun, so when the Bible says otherwise, it must be speaking figuratively. Even though for more than a thousand years nobody noticed that it was. On the other hand, the Bible is telling us that there is microevolution within kinds, even though nobody noticed that until the 20th century.