Creationist Wisdom #740: Don’t Be a Fool

Today’s letter-to-the-editor — the first suitable for our collection this year — appears in the Lansing State Journal of Lansing, the Michigan state capital. It’s titled Teach kids to not become fools. It’s the third of four letters at that link, and the newspaper has a comments feature.

Because the writer isn’t a politician, preacher, or other public figure, we won’t embarrass or promote him by using his full name. His first name is Sam. Excerpts from his letter will be enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary and some bold font for emphasis. Here we go!

With God out of schools, children are taught to become fools: “The fool has said in his heart [not by evidences] there is no God,” Psalm 14:1. [Bracketed material in Sam’s letter.]

Verily, that’s what it says in the Good Book. Then Sam declares:

Atheism is without evidence!

Aaaargh!! That’s a mind-bender. Why does Sam say that? He explains:

Why do geologists not even find remains of one animal slowly, step by step evolving into a different kind of animal?

Wow — he’s right! There is no such fossil! After that he tells us:

How can sperm or seed be an accident of nature? A seed can become a fruit tree. A sperm can become an animal or human. Each has within it such intricacies that people cannot even duplicate contents within a tiny seed.

He’s right again! Sam continues:

Unlike evolution, God, in Bible and nature, provides all truth! He is the creator of all, as evidenced above and as evidenced by Bible prophecies, some written many years beforehand: always perfectly fulfilled!

This guy is a genius! Let’s read on:

What about the sun? It’s exactly were it must be to sustain life on earth!

Yes! No one can deny it! The letter ends with some belated advice about how to spend Christmas:

Christmas vacation: Parents, how wise to study Genesis 1 and Romans 1 with your children: how and why not to become fools!

The new year has only just begun dear reader. Perhaps this was an omen of even more wonderful letters to come.

Copyright © 2017. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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12 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #740: Don’t Be a Fool

  1. Charles Deetz ;)

    Late christmas advice: stay away from fruitcakes … like Sam the letter writer.

  2. “….people cannot even duplicate contents within a tiny seed…..”
    There by proving ID is actually an IDiot idea! Because I can duplicate the complexity of a seed if I don’t try to design it!

  3. @L.Long
    One of those arguments of the creationists which says, because such-and-such is not like things that are designed, that means that it is designed!

  4. Another point that shows the writer is a bald faced LIAR. The buyBull contains all truth, and I bet this dimwit goes to a doctor (secular medicine) when he is sick (gawd sent punishment he should just pray about getting it fixed). Religious are such hypocrites!!

  5. Dave Luckett

    Prophecies “always perfectly fulfilled,” eh?

    Um… can you give an example or two?

  6. How about this: the Sun is where it must be to sustain life on Earth.
    Yet the “Law of Conservation of Information” is not (according to the creationists) the way it must be to sustain life on Earth.

    God could sustain life on Earth with the Sun being as close as the Moon, as far as Andromeda Galaxy, with there being no Sun at all – and then the creationists would be saying: See, that means that there is a God sustaining life on Earth. (If life is not designed, then it would have to be the result of a miracle!)

  7. Sam opines “Atheism is without evidence”. Indeed, Sam, there is no evidence for any sky fairy, even the one you prefer.

  8. The question is whether creationists like “Sam” become fools or are born that way.

    There is no better evidence that “Sam” is a fool, however he got that way, than this gem:

    Why do geologists not even find remains of one animal slowly, step by step evolving into a different kind of animal?

    (1) “Remains” aren’t doing anything “slowly, slowly” except decomposing (or perhaps fossilizing).
    (2) Individual creatures don’t evolve, except in really bad pulp SF stories and movies. If a animal were found to be transforming into a whole new species (“a different kind of animal”), creationists would say that wasn’t evolution, and for once they’d be right.

  9. Oh, yes, I almost forgot: it isn’t geologists who typically find fossils anyway, and it certainly isn’t geologists whose expertise lies in studying them.

  10. In a report this weekend on the British Government’s disastrous airport construction project on the mid-Atlantic.island of St Helena, The Times lists some of the island’s attractions. They include Jonathan the tortoise, “possibly the oldest living land-mammal on the planet”. Doesn’t this make Jonathan a perfect example of one kind of animal evolving into another?

  11. Why does this newspaper feel obliged to publish such tripe? I mean, it’s barely intelligible.
    I wonder if I wrote in response to this letter whether they would publish?

  12. Lucky for Jonathan the tortoise he’s not in Texas or North Carolina, or they’d make him use the bathroom of the clade on his birth certificate.