Oh No — Hotels Without Bibles!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, we learn of the most horrible news of all: Millennial-Oriented Hotels Won’t Have Bibles.

That shocking headline appears at the blog of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the ayatollah of Appalachia, famed for his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG). He’s the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

Two new hotel brands won’t be carrying a Bible, or any other (what they call) religious material, in the bedside drawer. According to reports, the Marriot International hotel brands Moxy and Edition are “millennial-oriented” and “religious books don’t fit the personality of the brands” which are “geared toward fun-loving millennials.”

Shocking — absolutely shocking! The first thing we do when we check into a hotel is reach for the bible and read about Noah’s ark. Now that is being denied us. But that’s not all. Hambo says:

And it’s not just Marriot International that’s pulling Bibles from its hotel rooms. According to a recent survey, “The percentage of hotels that offer religious materials in rooms had dropped from 95% of hotels in 2006 . . . [to] 79% of hotels.” Apparently the growing number of young people who call themselves irreligious or “nones” (though, really, everyone has a religion) and international travelers of all religions have sparked this change.

This is an outrage! Something must be done. Hambo tells us:

However this group is still by far a minority! People often wonder why a minority can have such an effect on the culture? Well, it’s because all people are sinners, and we are in a spiritual war. … Generations of kids in the church have been brainwashed into having a very secularized worldview and have succumbed to the enemy in this war.

It’s a spiritual war! Hambo continues:

But, really, the decision by these hotels is a sign of the times we live in. We live in a secular culture where God’s Word has been replaced with man’s ideas. The Bible and biblical ideas are ignored and mocked by the growing secular population. More and more young people, especially, are turning their backs on what they view as religion and are instead embracing the secular worldview (which is just an atheistic religion). No wonder these hotels see Bibles as irrelevant to the demographic they are marketing to.

This is so sad. Let’s read on:

Hotels have also been under pressure from secular groups to provide “Bible-free” hotel rooms. As I wrote last year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) wrote a letter to 15 hotel chains, urging them to ditch the complementary Bibles. They are intolerant of anything — even in the private sector — that even hints at Christianity. But they have no problem imposing their secular worldview (religion) on the culture!

The religion of secularism is being forced upon us! Another excerpt:

You see, the secular worldview is a religion. It’s a system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith — the definition of a religion. And their religion, a religion of naturalism masquerading as “science,” is being openly taught in public schools and being imposed on millions of kids (using our tax dollars). Secularists fight to get Christianity kicked out of the public, and even private, sectors; yet the government is pouring billions of dollars into their religious schools — the temples of atheism, also known as public schools of America.

Yes — those infernal government-run schools are “temples of atheism”! Here’s more

It is impossible for the government not to give money to religious schools because every school is teaching some kind of religion! By and large, public schools have become churches of atheism with most of the teachers (except Christian missionaries) as the religious priests. Our tax dollars are being used in most instances in government-run schools to impose the religion of naturalism on generations of kids.

It’s horrible — horrible! There’s more to Hambo’s alarming post, but this is our last excerpt:

How tragic that so many people, especially young people, have bought into the lie of naturalism and secularism. As believers, we need to commit to being salt and light in a dying world as we boldly and unashamedly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to all.

We wish Hambo well as he seeks to inflame his followers into taking action.

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29 responses to “Oh No — Hotels Without Bibles!

  1. Oh dear, it’s becoming a BYOB society and Ham can’t accept that.

  2. I lay odds Kenbone isn’t upset that the Koran isn’t in any hotel that I’ve ever been in. And no pamphlets about Ganesh, either. If hotels made him check his copy of the holey bubble at the desk when he checks in, then he’d have a legitimate complaint.

  3. Let’s see if we can distill Ham’s reasoning:

    I have silly creationist religious beliefs.

    People criticize those beliefs.

    For me to criticize other’s scientific knowledge, I must first label them religious as well.

    Therefore, your “science” is equally as silly as my creationist beliefs and because Jesus is on my side, I win.

    Impeccable logic.

  4. This is shocking news indeed!

    But fear not, my brothers and sisters in Oogity-Boogity! For lo! The Donald is e’en now slouching towards Washington, pledged to #MAGA – Make Atheists Grovel Abjectly.

    …Or at least, that’s what some of His Orangeness’ most ardent enthusiasts tell me. And I can’t believe He would ever dream of disappointing them.

  5. siluriantrilobite

    Oh no! Where will the hookers leave their phone numbers now?

    Sent from my iPad

  6. Holding The Line In Florida

    “Secularists fight to get Christianity kicked out of the public, and even private, sectors; yet the government is pouring billions of dollars into their religious schools — the temples of atheism, also known as public schools of America”

    Well, being a priest in the temple of atheism, and a science one to boot, do I have to pay taxes? Since my car is used in my priestly endeavors of corrupting bible believing young souls, ( evil snicker) ha! ha! ha!, can I skip that tax as well? Hey! My house is part of my out-reach program! How about that? Of course my boat is a key part of my ministry! Sounds good to me!

  7. I think that the Donald will have the Bible replaced with The Art of the Deal….and make the Gideons pay for it.

  8. What?!? Hotels Without Bibles?!? Outrageous!

    Before you know it we’ll have shoes without laces, trousers without belts, phones without cords, Ducks Without Limits, Doctors Without Borders…

    …oh, wait.

  9. michaelfugate

    What if hotels put in gender neutral translations? or one with snarky liner notes? Which would Ham prefer?

  10. Apparently, per Ken the Ham there is no way for me not to be religious. I’ve rejected belief in anything supernatural, and I don’t worship anything, but apparently that’s not enough. How, in Ken’s world, is it possible to be non-religious?

  11. @Ed: Oh, you know, Ed — Ham says science is a religion. And if you’re like many folks, you probably wash your hands religiously before eating, say “Bless you!” if someone sneezes, and invoke the lord (sort of) if you smash your thumb in a doorjamb.

  12. How horrible! Privately owned businesses making their own decisions about what options will or will not be available in their hotel rooms!

  13. I vividly recall staying in Moab, Utah, many years ago on a biking trip with a bunch of guys. The room at the Inn had a Book of Mormon, of course. I had never read anything from the BOM, so I opened it at random and started reading. After a couple of verses I flipped to the front to check that it wasn’t the National Lampoon parody of same. Nope. Read some more, checked again to see if it was for real. It was amazing. I realized at that moment the utter futility of trying to reason with anyone who didn’t recognize this as a transparent scam in an instant.

    So maybe Bibles in hotels aren’t so bad. If it reads as bad to the Biblical novice as the BOM did to me, maybe not altogether bad.

  14. @Mary L – Ah, but you see, they were pressured into that choice. The ubiquitous presence of Christianity in society, OTOH, came about by an entirely voluntary process with Christians never, ever, ever, making anyone uncomfortable by expressing a preference.

  15. People who have been raised in a certain culture – for example, with the Bible as a holy book – do not realize how it strikes people from a different culture. A certain verse from the Bible may invoke deep feelings in a Bible-raised person, when to an “outsider”, it doesn’t mean a thing.
    Bible-believers may think that just enabling a non-believer to read the Bible ought to provoke a reaction, whether conversion or hatred (in the incorrigible), when, for many people, it is just boring.

  16. Good point, Ken. “It’s your business, so within the law, you run it YOUR way!” What a terrible thing to do to business owners. And we all know that christians have never, ever punished non-believers or used any kind of force or coercion. (Please excuse me while I gag.)

  17. TomS – To me, it’s emergency toilet paper.

  18. “It’s a spiritual war!”
    So the Hamster should be fighting it “spiritually”. i.e. Dream it at everyone who isn’t brain dead and quit complaining.

  19. Ken is so upset because now he has to start bringing his own Bible when he travels, maybe?

    Also, this is a serious blow to the “taking a road trip and forgot my Bible” demographic.

  20. Oh, wait. If Ham claims science is a religion, perhaps science organizations should start placing Darwin’s books in the hotel rooms.

  21. Dave Luckett

    This is the money quote, for me:

    “”(though, really, everyone has a religion)”

    That’s the Ham mind in a pair of brackets, a throw-away insight into the Ham notion of reality. “Everyone has a religion”.

    Ham is simply incapable – not only of accepting – but even of conceiving the idea of no religion. Not to have a belief system that assumes the supernatural and is based on faith is something for which he has no concept, no mental model.

    There’s the Aristotle quote: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Ham can’t even entertain the thought of a secular mind. Aristotle would have easily recognised Ham’s mind as an uneducated one – 350 years BCE.

  22. @Dave Luckett
    According to Jack Chick, Christians don’t have a religion.

  23. Rikki_Tikki_Taalik

    As I understand it most of these places still have a guide to whatever mythology you’d like to read up on. If you want a bible, koran, book of “it came to pass”, etc. all you have to do is call down to or visit the front desk.

  24. When I lived and traveled in the middle east, hotels did not usually have a Koran, but they did have a sticker – usually on a nightstand – with an arrow pointing to Mecca. It was simple, worked for people who needed to know, and did not impose on people who had no interest.

    Bibles? Not so useful.

  25. I always turn down the pages at Deuteronomy 13, and highlight versus 6 through 11. Others will have different favourites

  26. @Paul – excellent strategy! If hotels want their guests to read the bible, then help them out. Next time I travel, I will bring a yellow highlighter with me, just in case I have the opportunity to spread the gospel. Thank you Gideon.

  27. I’m neutral on this, since hotels are private businesses. My concern is chiefly church-state entanglements, which this is not. Of course Hambo would be outraged if King Salman of Saudi Arabia were to put Korans in every hotel room. His hypocrisy is showing.
    This did inspire me to read up on the Gideons. I didn’t know the Gideons considered theft of their Bibles a “victory”. I would have given them a few victories over the years. Highlighting and underlining also not a problem for the same reason–the Gideons are always replacing worn out Bibles so highlight away. I’m a bit surprised that the Bibles wear out though (maybe only in the Bible belt) every Bible I’ve ever seen looked completely new (and yes I check every time I’d rent a room).

  28. On the same blog page, Ham bemoans Highlights Magazine’s inclusion of a graphic illustrating a story about family trips that has (gasp) two DADS loading the car. The baby jesus weeps!

    I actually have gratitude to Highlights, as Goofus taught me everything I needed to know about not being a sanctimonious robot like his buddy Gallant.

  29. michaelfugate

    Luke 21:29-36. Where it is clear Jesus was unable to predict his own return.