Hambo Warns Against Blind Faith Religion

This is one of the best we’ve seen from Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the ayatollah of Appalachia, famed for his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG). He’s the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else.

Hambo’s new essay is titled Learn How to Combat the Religion of Atheism. But before you proceed further, we advise you to disconnect your irony meter, because it will surely explode from what you’re about to encounter. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and scripture references omitted:

The number of people who hold to a secular worldview is growing every year. At the heart of this worldview is a belief in evolutionary ideas. These secularists desperately need to hear they’re not related to apes, like they believe, but that they’re created in the image of God who sent His Son to became a man (the God-man) to pay the penalty for their sin and offers salvation.

Yes, dear reader, you desperately need to hear that you ain’t no kin to no monkey. Then he says:

Atheism and secular humanism are religions — blind-faith beliefs.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Only a fool would follow a blind-faith religion! After that he tells us:

Atheists and secularists believe life came from nonlife by natural processes, but they can’t explain how that supposedly happened. They also can’t explain how the laws of nature came about by natural processes. Ask an evolutionist for the best evidence of evolution — they usually cite speciation, which has nothing to do with their molecules-to-man belief.

Hambo, on the other hand, can explain everything, because he knows The Truth. He continues:

Those who reject the God of the Bible in favor of atheism have a blind-faith belief. Yes, many secularists don’t think for themselves and just blindly follow the religion of evolution to try to justify their rebellion against God. That’s why many get so emotional about it!

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! In contrast, Hambo’s followers always think for themselves, and would never blindly follow a religion. Let’s read on:

We need to show atheism for what it is — a religion many secularists are trying to impose on the entire culture.

Hambo would never want his religion imposed on the culture. Another excerpt:

Ultimately, atheism is a religion without any real hope, meaning, or purpose. It’s a blind-faith belief that flies in the face of what is evident around us in creation.

The rest of Hambo’s post is a promotion for a new book that “will help equip you to gently confront atheists with the ultimate hopelessness, meaninglessness, purposelessness, and inconsistency of their own worldview.”

So there you are, dear reader. Your foolishness has been exposed. Buy Hambo’s book and get your mind on the right track — before it’s too late!

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14 responses to “Hambo Warns Against Blind Faith Religion

  1. The strength of the irony leaves me speechless!!!

  2. Charles Deetz ;)

    So he declares atheism/secularism as religions, then points out all the things they don’t do that he thinks religions should do. It’s as if they aren’t really, um, religions. Hambo isn’t that dumb to disprove his own theory in the same post?

  3. Ham is at the point of developing a theology with such depth that it can be fully described in a tweet. Sad.

  4. “The rest of Hambo’s _advertisement_ is a…”

    Minor correction.

  5. @Charles Deetz;)
    One of the signatures of creationism is the casual acceptance of contradiction.

  6. He is 100% correct! We are made in gawd’s image. Ya know the great hairy ape in a white gown….the Sistine Chapel has a picture showing this!

  7. That’s why many get so emotional about it!

    Now that’s amusing! Jeez, If anybody gets emotional its all those religious type.Frankly, that’s the nature of religion, all emotion with minimal reasoning.

  8. There is emotion in science, in seeking to understand. For instance, I can’t listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-vDhYTlCNw without choking up. But for Ham make accusations like this is to go far beyond hypocrisy into strange regions of unreality, a bizarro land where everything is its opposite. Really, all you can do is reprise the old Twilight Zone theme.

  9. James Bolton Theuer

    The effective casualty radius of my irony meter explosion was 15 meters. Please don’t read this in a crowd.

  10. Hmmm. Let’s see here. “Atheism and evolutionism are . . . blind-faith religions.”

    By that logic, evolution shouldn’t be taught in public schools, because the First Amendment forbids teaching religion in such schools. But creationism, whether by that name or called “intelligent design,” should be, and never mind that it is explicitly grounded in religion.

    To quote C.S. Lewis, “You see the little fork?”

  11. https://www.facebook.com/aigkenham
    “Shout from the rooftops and overcome secular brainwashing — atheism’s a religion!
    Tax funded state religion (atheism) is imposed on generations of kids, and they try to hide it with terms like “science.”
    Secularists cover up truth and spread false information — but the public needs to know that atheism’s (naturalism) a religion.
    Listen to my interview:

    To which one Darren Young (who apparently listened) made a highly abrasive response under the link. As well as commenting on Ham’s Facebook page:
    “No matter how many times you repeat it, atheism is not a religion. Atheism is simply the lack of belief in a god. The belief in evolution is not the same as atheism. You’re pretty stupid if you can’t see the difference. Paraphrasing Ken ‘There are many forms of atheism’. No Ken there isn’t. Also “Please buy our books”.”

  12. “Atheists and secularists … can’t explain how the laws of nature came about by natural processes.”

    Ignoring the confusion between atheists (those who think there is no God) and secularists (those who, like the US Founding Fathers, think that religion should have no formal role in Government), I have to agree.

    (Not that invoking non-natural processes makes things any better)

  13. One of the earliest things that I learned about creationist arguments against evolution:
    If the argument had any validity, it applied with at least as much force to creationism.
    For example, as you said, creationism doesn’t make things any better.

  14. @Dave Luckett
    Thank you for the YouTube link. I have the same reaction.