ICR: ‘Extreme Non-Evolution’ Proves Creationism

This is a good example of what we call the Creationist Scientific Method:

1. Select a conclusion which you hope is true.
2. Find one piece of evidence that possibly might fit.
3. Ignore all other evidence.
4. That’s it.

It’s from the creation scientists at the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) — the fountainhead of young-earth creationist wisdom. Their headline is Extremely Ugly Seaworm Shows Extreme Non-Evolution. You gotta admit, that’s an extremely interesting title.

It was written by Brian Thomas. He’s described at the end of his articles as “Science Writer at the Institute for Creation Research.” This is ICR’s biographical information on him. You can learn more about him here: The Mind of Brian Thomas. We’ll give you some excerpts from his article, with bold font added by us:

Brian begins by describing a species known to biologists as the Eunice aphroditois. He says

A Bobbit worm is an omnivorous predatory sea worm that, while only a few fingers thick, can grow 10 feet long. It submerges its many segments beneath sandy sea bottoms. Lying still with its fanged jaws ready, it waits for any creature to trip its disguised antennae. In an instant it grabs, drugs, and drags its prey underground to digest it. New evidence supports the idea that special creation, not evolution, explains this unique worm’s body construction.

[*Begin Drool Mode*] Ooooooooooooh — new evidence! [*End Drool Mode*] Then he says:

Fossil experts described big Bobbit-worm jaws in Devonian rocks from Ontario. Living examples of this creepy creature are called “polychaete” worms. The study authors wrote, “This demonstrates that polychaete gigantism was already a phenomenon in the Palaeozoic, some 400 million years ago.”

Brian supports that with a footnote to this article in Nature: Earth’s oldest ‘Bobbit worm’ – gigantism in a Devonian eunicidan polychaete. Then he runs wild with it:

In the evolutionary view, Bobbit worms have not evolved in 400 million years. How could it have avoided relentless and inevitable mutation accumulation? Mutations should have obliterated or at least altered this wacky worm. How could no evolution occur in Bobbit-worm jaw structure during the same time span that supposedly saw such dramatic body reorganization as armored fishes transforming into air-breathing armadillos?

[*Begin Drool Mode*] Ooooooooooooh! [*End Drool Mode*] How did it avoid the “relentless and inevitable” forces of mutation? Brian has raised this issue before, with the chambered nautilus as his evidence — see ICR: “Living Fossils” Prove Creationism. Back then we said:

Creationists are always telling us about the impossible odds against evolution, but now they’re turning it around and asking about the odds of something not evolving. They imagine that stasis is an evolution-killer because they believe that the theory of evolution requires the sudden, tsunami-like, simultaneous transformation of one entire species into another. This is a clumsy variation of the age-old clunker: Why are there still monkeys?

Brian continues:

Flood geologists [Hee hee!] attribute this and similar fossils from low-lying strata to the early stages of Noah’s Flood only thousands of years ago. The first creatures that died in the Flood were marine animals.

Huh? Why would marine animals be the first to die in the Flood? Brian explains — or tries to:

Many of them were slow-moving, like the Bobbit-worm. Possibly the fossilized heavily armored fish, clams, crinoids (sea lilies), and trilobites could not escape the Flood waters that continued their tumultuous torrents month after month during the Flood year. An utterly catastrophic Flood explains fossil formation in general with sediments that completely bury sea creatures on top of continents all over the world.

Ah yes, that explains why mammals appear last in the fossil record. After that he tells us:

And a recent Flood explains why fossils have none of evolution’s expected body changes.

Right. All fossils show species just as they were originally created. And now we come to the conclusion:

Living Bobbit worms are virtually identical to their fossil counterparts. These new fossils from Canada show that Bobbit worms never evolved. It’s just as though God created them to reproduce according to their well-designed but creepy kind.

Perfectly clear. Anyone who doubts it deserves to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire.

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21 responses to “ICR: ‘Extreme Non-Evolution’ Proves Creationism

  1. Bobbit worms!?

    Please tell me they aren’t named after the famously-severed appendage of John Wayne Bobbitt!

  2. After looking at some of images of the worm, I certainly hope not!!!

  3. Michael Fugate

    One would easily bet a worm from 400,000,000 years ago would be unable to mate with a worm of today no matter how “virtually” identical it appears. Morphological stasis ≠ genomic stasis. It doesn’t preclude speciation. If ICR actually did any biology, they would realize this, but then they couldn’t be YECs. What’s a poor boy to do?

  4. Hey creationists – if you have to lie, then you don’t have a case. The described Devonian fossil scolecodonts do not belong to the same species as modern polychaetes, so don’t pretend that they do. I know the author of the new study – Mats Eriksson. We’ve done field work in the Ordovician of the Cincinnatian area. He would be the last to agree with your assessment that polychaetes haven’t evolved since the Paleozoic. Non-paleontologists have no say when it comes to paleontology. ICR – just another batch of reality-denying, science-hating, chronic liars.

  5. The YECs don’t deny speciation. They only deny a change of kinds. They would admit that there has been micro-evolution since the Devonian. See “baramin”.

  6. Charles Deetz ;)

    But why would god have Adam name something a worm that isn’t a worm?

  7. Michael Fugate

    But Brian tells us that bobbit worms didn’t evolve.

  8. @Charles Deetz;
    Remember that before the Fall, there was no carnivory. Why did Adam come up with the name “anteater”?
    Wikipedia explains the popular name for the creature.

  9. Yes – the YECs do deny speciation. They deny it every time they say there’s been no evolution through time. They’re so stupid that they don’t realize that speciation and evolution are the same thing. Ditto “adaptation” and evolution. It’s the micro-macro mambo.

  10. Professional creationists do realize that speciation and evolution are the same thing – they’ve been told that hundreds of times by scientists over many decades. That’s why they can validly be called “liars”.

  11. I am not a scientist, but my understanding is that evolution is the change in heritable properties of a population over generations. For example, the famous change in color in the peppered moths driven by industrial pollution is a example of evolution by natural selection. And there are mechanisms of evolution other than adaptation. For example, genetic drift. So adaptation and evolution are not the same thing.
    And many professional creationists tell us that there is such a thing as micro-evolution, by which they include speciation within a “kind” (i.e., “something like a taxonomic family”).

  12. As TomS says, YECs claim there were no carnivores before the Fall (some even say the Flood), so what would Bobbit Worm have done with its created ferocious beak?

  13. MichaelF, you don’t understand creacrap logic (and that’s a compliment, obviously). If that worm hasn’t evolved Evolution Theory is debunked and creacrapper Brain wins. If that worm has evolved Evolution Theory is not proven because it’s micro-evolution.
    Creacrap always wins.
    As JStJ points out: because it’s a big lie.

  14. Yo, Brian, get back to us when you’ve found a rabbit fossil in pre-Cambrian strata.

  15. Silly abeastwood, rabbits wont be in pre-Cambrian strata because their fur makes them buoyant. It’s like you don’t understand how to do creation science at all.

  16. Just skimming the original article, there is no indication whatsoever that the fossil worm is the same as, or even very closely related to, any specific modern worm. The point seems to be that at least one type of worm in this diverse group of worms attained surprisingly large size as far back as the Devonian, showing that large size evolved earlier than expected.

    Can Brian read?

  17. Ross Cameron

    ‘The first creatures that died in the Flood were marine animals.’ O—–kay. Then why are they still around? Did Noah skin-dive to depths and wrestle two of the monsters on to the Ark so that they survived. Then splashed around collecting other species. Did he build special tanks to maintain life until the Flud subsided? Can`t wait for Apologetics Unlimited (trade mark) to reply.

  18. If an animal of today is like an ancient creature, that is because it did not evolve. It is created.

    If an animal of today is unlike an ancient creature, that is because it did not evolve. It is created.

  19. Brian Thomas:
    “Living Bobbit worms are virtually identical to their fossil counterparts…”

    The paper:
    “This new taxon has a unique morphology…”

    Hmm, I wonder if Brian read the paper?

  20. Then, of course, we’re back to the awkward issue of why there is a clear progression of animal and plant species all over the world. Did the animals in the shallowest sediments simply run faster? What about the plants?

    Actually, how could they run away at all? Assume that as the Bible says the Flood covered the highest mountains. That means that in forty days and forty nights the water level would have had to rise 25,000 feet–close to five miles! (Apologies to our metric friends; I’m just an ignorant American. Think 7,600 meters.) That comes to let’s see now, mumble mumble, 625 feet (190.5 meters) per day; 26 feet (about 7.9 meters) an hour; and 5.2 inches (13.2 centimeters) a minute. No animal, and certainly no plant, could keep running ahead of that for those 40 24-hour days! Any animal has to sleep, eat, etc. (and what would they eat?), and any plant would be swamped in short order.

    You’d think people could do simple arithmetic. But hey, no math needed: it was a miracle!

  21. There was a sudden growth of mountains induced by tectonic activity after the Flood. The surface of the Earth was as even as a billiard ball before the Flood. (This was a conjecture of some 18th century geologists.) If it could carve out the Grand Canyon why not raise Mt. Everest?
    The interesting puzzle is how a blind force like the Flood could act contrary to the “2nd law of thermodynamics” and induce a sorting.