Bad News for Ken Ham

There are a few reasons why Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the ayatollah of Appalachia, needs to be aware of social trends.

First, he and his family are financially dependent on the success of his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG), and his other creationist activities — the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum, and Ark Encounter, which he claims is an exact replica of Noah’s Ark.

Also, it’s apparent to us that ol’ Hambo enjoys whatever influence he has in religious matters, and he seems to crave influence in other matters as well — especially education and how people behave in their personal lives. It’s natural, therefore, that he would be interested in public opinion polls, and especially what the next generation thinks, because it’s the next generation that will determine his family’s prosperity and influence.

His latest post is about a poll that has given him some bad news: Study: Only 4% of Millennials Have a Biblical Worldview. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

Take a minute and think about all the young people you know. Your older children, their friends, your church’s youth group, that newlywed couple, your college friends — how many of them have a biblical worldview? Well, according to new research, only 4% of the millennial generation in America — the twentysomethings — have a biblical worldview.

This is the poll he’s talking about: Survey Details How the Core Beliefs and Behaviors of Millennials Compare to Those of Other Adults. It comes from the American Culture & Faith Institute (ACFI), a division of United in Purpose – Education. We know nothing about them, but Hambo takes their findings seriously. He tells us:

As I’ve said many times before when reporting on sad statistics like this, instead of the church going out and influencing the culture, the culture has greatly influenced the church. In fact, many in the church don’t think much differently from those outside the church! And, of course, keep in mind that 90% of kids from church homes in the United States are sent to the secular education system where our tax dollars are used to impose the religion of atheism on their thinking a number of hours per day.

How horrible! After that he tells us:

This new report on Millennials’ beliefs included these saddening US statistics, among others:

• One out of every three older adults (33%) is a born-again Christian, stating that they will experience eternity in Heaven with God after their death on earth only because they have confessed their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. Far fewer Millennials (20%) share that expectation

• Less than two out of every ten adults 30 or older (18%) claims to be in the atheist-agnostic-none faith preference category. Nearly three out of every ten Millennials embrace that category (28%)

• A minority of adults 30 or older (43%) supports same-sex “marriage.” However, nearly two-thirds of those under 30 (65%) support it.

That’s bad news for the future of Hambo’s creationist tourist attractions. He continues:

Commenting on this study, George Barna the executive director of the American Culture and Faith Institute which authored the study, wrote,

[Hambo quotes Barna:] Remember, a person’s worldview is typically developed between the ages of about 18 months and 13 years. . . . There is usually very little movement in a worldview after that point. You could say with confidence that the worldview a person possesses at age 13 is probably the worldview they will die with.

Hambo knows the future is grim — for him. So he cries out:

Parents, I cannot urge you strongly enough to be intentional about imparting a biblical worldview to your children, as the Bible instructs. [Skipping several bible quotes.] Education begins in the home — right from when a child is born.

Pastors and other Christian leaders — you need to be equipping parents and young people with the tools they need to think biblically. You can’t avoid important topics like gay “marriage,” transgender issues, abortion, creation vs. evolution, or the exclusivity of Christ. You need to preach and teach on these issues to help those under your influence to think biblically and turn to God’s Word — not our culture — for answers!

Hambo ends his post with a promotion for his books and other materials “to help equip believers to think biblically.” But deep down, perhaps he knows that his worldview is dying and there’s nothing he can do about it. So he’ll keep on ranting, never suspecting that it’s people like him who may be causing the next generation to turn away from religion.

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36 responses to “Bad News for Ken Ham

  1. Michael Fugate

    Here is the worldview questionnaire.Here is the worldview questionnaire. So you can play along.

    Some data:
    Humans created by God in present form as Bible says
    conservatives 54%, moderates 29%, liberals 20% (millennials 25%, older 36%)
    Bible is word of God with no errors
    conservatives 61%, moderates 33%, liberals 23% (millennials 30%, older 40%)

  2. Religion makes people happy. You guys are just angry atheists who are miserable and blame their misery upon religion. Just fat, poor, ignorant losers.

  3. Michael Fugate

    John, then why are you so angry?

  4. You think an internet comment counts as anger? I’m not the first one to notice how sensitive and weak atheists are.

  5. This is why Ken Ham is so anti-education.

  6. You need to preach and teach on these issues to help those under your influence to think biblically and turn to God’s Word — not our culture — for answers!
    I’m currently re-reading “1984,” it’s been a long time. But Ham’s thoughts fit right in with those of the Inner Party and Big Brother. Ham, and truly the right-wing evangelicals, want to be the thoughtpolice to ensure rightthink is accepted. State legislatures are helping this along where their ultimate power corrupts for the sake of power only.

  7. “right-wing evangelicals” yeah sure. Liberals are the true thoughtpolice. Just look at how they attack anyone who doesn’t buy into leftist lies about race and gender! I’m looking at you middlebury college.

  8. Just to make things clear, I don’t believe in using the state to kill people. That’s fascist and wrong. I just believe in letting poor people die.

  9. Fat, yes. Poor, no. Ignorant, no. Loser, no. You’re not very good at insults, John.

  10. Mark Germano

    Typical comment from a young earth crestionist, anti-LGBT, climate science denying, right wing fundamentalist Christian. “You guys must be atheists because you don’t agree with Ken Ham. I dont have religious freedom unless i can make decisions for others.”

    Talk about weak and sensitive.

  11. Michael Fugate

    Hey look! the Salem effect writ large!
    John is an engineer!

    John Paul Asija is a 24 year old undergraduate student at Old Dominion University in Norfolk Virginia. He is studying modeling and simulation engineering and is thinking about entering the field of advanced manufacturing.

  12. “weak and sensitive” no atheist would ever have the balls to die for what they believe in. Their just cowards like mao and stalin. “John is an engineer” yeah I am not a huge coward like you. I post under my own name and website.

  13. Typical upset white people who take themselves seriously on the internet.

  14. The whole truth

    Asija, you say that you use your real name but you’re using multiple names, and I seriously doubt that you’re a “Lord” or a “Duke”.

    Your remarks indicate that your “legendary and prolific abuse of alcohol recreational drugs” has fried whatever brain cells you originally had.

  15. I am a Duke under Queen Carolyn of Ladonia!! My last name means “born of the sword” in sanskrit! Just keep hiding behind your internet name.

  16. John is just a frightened little boy with no defense other than to just scream insults at people he can’t deal with. If we ignore him he’ll soon tire and go take his nap.

  17. As to Ladonia, it’s a fake nation. See the following links:
    I’m a bit amused by the reference to Sanskrit in a pseudo nation that thinks it has seceded from Sweden

  18. “Religion makes people happy.” So does eating junk food, drinking booze and cheating on their taxes (assuming they don’t get caught). Does that mean it’s good for you?

    Actually, this is a bogus issue. Creationists like to call those who accept evolution as fact “atheists,” but only a small minority really are. And religion doesn’t make everyone happy–certainly not the ones killed or driven into exile because they don’t belong to the One True Faith favored by their rulers.

  19. John, if you get sick, will you turn to evolutionary medicine or god to cure you?

  20. Ignoring all the other nonsense in this thread…

    This 4% figure is what happens when you define “biblical worldview” to mean precisely what your backwoods church believes and nothing else. Ham is painting himself into a corner very quickly.

    Then again, I’d like to see the methodology of this survey considering Ham had used studies like this to promote his books before.

  21. “You think an internet comment counts as anger?”
    Johnny, you are the one who thinks that or you wouldn’t have written your comment. Not the smartest guy around, eh?

    “no atheist would ever have the balls to die for what they believe in.”
    Dukie, plenty atheists have died for what they believed in – in the Spanish Civil War for instance, fighting against the christian fascists of Franco.
    At the other hand if all religious fools would practice what you preach and die for what they believe tomorrow the world immediately would become a better place. So why don’t you set an example?

  22. Dave Luckett

    Ham has indeed become aware that “if this goes on”, as we say in SF, there’ll be no family business to pass on, and his home-schooled grandchildren will be out looking for work in a market that won’t care how many times they think they’ve been born. He’s like a harness manufacturer hearing the splutter of one of them thar gasolene buggies in the street.

    Never think that Ham is stupid, or unaware, just because he’s a loon-become-carny-barker. He knows what side his bread is buttered on, all right. He might not know Balthazar Gracian from Vito Corleone, but he endorses the old Jesuit maxim about raising a child until he is seven and having him for life. He needs more marks, a steady supply of them, but he’s uneasily aware that the supply is less than it was, and what’s worse, the rate of reduction is accelerating.

    Creationism has been remarkably resilient in the US. The numbers have held up amazingly. But that might be over now, depriving shills like Ken Ham of a living. Roll on the day, say I.

  23. Mark Germano

    “Typical upset white people who take themselves seriously on the internet.”

    From what I can tell (from Cynic’s links), that’s a pretty good description of Ladonia.

  24. Michael Fugate quotes:
    Humans created by God in present form as Bible says
    conservatives 54%, moderates 29%, liberals 20% (millennials 25%, older 36%)

    Am I the only one who thinks that even 20% is a scarily high rate of superstition in one of the world’s most developed countries? And likewise for those percentages who believe a collection of bronze-age translations of oral narratives to be the inerrant word of a deity.

  25. John Paul Asija brings glad tidings:

    Religion makes people happy.

    Jeepers, he’s right! There’s nothing better to bring a smile to ones face and a song to ones heart than burning heretics at the stake, beheading infidels, or flying planes into skyscrapers!

    Whenever you’re feeling blue, just sign up for one of the many Holy Wars on offer to lift those spirits!

  26. I am suspicious of results reported about beliefs vaguely similar to what is advertised widely by preachers. How many people say what they think that one is supposed to say? In the USA, one is supposed to say that one believes in God, whatever that means; that the Bible is literally true, even though one doesn’t know very much about it. (How many people could answer “Who gave the Sermon on the Mount: Noah, Moses, Jesus, Paul, Luther?”)

  27. There are some studies which correlate a certain level of happiness with religiosity, but it’s not difficult to find studies that dispute this (pdf).

    More generally, overtly religious countries tend to be unhappier/less well off.

    That last observation can be quite convincingly proven with the Gulf states which, despite economic prosperity, are nowhere near the top of the happiness index. The atheist northern countries are.

  28. Ham’s biblical worldview is markedly different than that of many other christians. Void of rationality, he would have people believing all biblical contradictions and blindly follow his view, giving him money, of course. His intolerance of views other than his own is intolerable. And, no, I don’t believe he really cares about the souls of others. SC is right, $$ are more important. Ham should be feeding the hungry rather than promoting fake science, and fake history.

  29. Draken claims

    There are some studies which correlate a certain level of happiness with religiosity, but it’s not difficult to find studies that dispute this

    Studies, schmudies, who cares what ‘experts’ think? All anyone need do is make their own simple taste test, vis.

    On the one hand, there are the grim, humourless dirges penned by our Curmudgeon and the gloomy, mournful comments from this blog’s sorrowful sackcloth and ashes brigade.

    On the other hand: there are Klinghoffer’s light and witty ditties, Hambo’s rip-roarin’ wise-cracking, and all the merry japes from all the cheery chiropractors and rib-tickling realtors whose letters to local newspapers fill this blog’s ‘Creationist Wisdom’ archive.

    If you’re looking for a good belly-laugh to make you feel happy, which one ya gonna choose?

    In fact, I marvel that no one has compiled an anthology of Creationist Humour….

  30. docbill1351

    You identify a vampire by holding up a mirror.

    You identify a creationist by asking them to tell a joke.

    Behe and Dembski walk into a bar.

    Dembski says, “It’s cold in here. That’s because they have an air conditioning system. It works by compression and expansion and heat exchanging. Hot air goes out the back as cool air is produced in the front. See those glasses? They’re made out of silicon dioxide, or sand, basically, that’s heated up really, really hot until it melts. Did you know can put molten glass in water and it won’t crack? The glass that is. Water only cracks when it’s frozen into a crystalline state and you hit it with a hammer. The hammer, by the way, was one of the earliest tools.”

    Behe gets a word in edgewise, “Good grief, Willie, why do you talk so much?”

    Dembsky answers, “Because I don’t have an explanatory filter.”

    (You heard it here first, folks!)

  31. Don’t quit your day job just yet, Docbill.

    Here’s some creationist humour that hurts the insides:
    (original post at SmashBoards still exists)

  32. The ‘biblical worldview’ of the YEC is not synonymous with either the Bible or with Christianity. For instance the Bible does NOT say that God created ‘kinds’ many all of which are ‘different’ to the species of life that are observed today ie that there was massive biological change after Noah’s Flood.

  33. And, there was no Flood so no need to consider it.

  34. @Ashley haworth-roberts
    Thank you.
    As far as I know, nobody before the 20th century found anything in the Bible about “baraminology”, any “microevolution”, or anything about changes in the world of life after the Flood. And there is plenty more that is being touted by creationism as being Scriptural, with no basis in the Bible.

  35. Draken sounds a bit desperate: “Am I the only one who thinks that even …”
    No. I still haven’t come to terms yet with the 24% of my Dutch compatriots rejecting Evolution Theory.

  36. mnbo struggles with

    the 24% of my Dutch compatriots rejecting Evolution Theory.

    I would love to see a Venn diagram showing the intersection of that set with the 13.1% who recently cast their votes for Mijnheer Wilders’ PVV