Discoveroids’ 2017 Seminar — Still Time To Apply

Remember what we wrote a couple of months ago — Your Chance To Be a Creation Scientist? That’s right, it’s the Discovery Institute’s annual seminar for training “rising scientists and scholars interested in advancing ID-related research.”

We have good news for you. They still have openings, so it’s not yet too late for you to apply. The Discoveroids have a post about it at their creationist blog: Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design, a “Game Changer” — Deadline to Apply Just a Week Away! Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

The deadline to apply for our Summer Seminars, July 7 to 15 in Seattle, will soon be upon us: That’s Tuesday, April 4, 2017. More information is here [link omitted].

It’s amazing, considering the global interest in the Discoveroids’ “theory,” that the seminar isn’t already over-subscribed. Then they say:

The Summer Seminars are where we give students (undergrads and graduates) an introduction to the science and meaning of intelligent design that they almost certainly cannot get at their home university or college.

What an opportunity! They tell us:

Training the next generation of ID scholars is likely the most important things we do at Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture. Students come from around the world, and the physical location can’t be beat: nine gorgeous summer days in the Pacific Northwest.

Things may not be so glorious at that location. We recently came across this headline at PhysOrg: Seattle plant failure dumps millions of gallons of sewage, which informs us:

Millions of gallons of raw sewage and untreated runoff have poured into the United States’ second-largest estuary since a massive sewage treatment plant experienced equipment failures that forced it to stop fully treating Seattle’s waste.

We’re not certain of the source of that sewage, but we note that Seattle is the location of the Discoveroids’ headquarters. The experts aren’t certain of the cause either. PhysOrg reports:

“It has been a disaster, and we’re not out of it yet. We still don’t know really what went wrong,” said Jeanne Kohl-Welles, a King County councilwoman whose district includes the 32-acre West Point Treatment Plant, on the shores of Puget Sound next to Seattle’s largest public park. “We’ve got to get a handle on it. I’m very concerned about the environment, the effects on marine life in the sound, public health,” she added.

Is there a connection between the Discoveroids and the sewage catastrophe? We’ll let you decide. But if you plan to attend the seminar, you should be warned about conditions in the Seattle area.

This is the rest of the Discoveroids’ notice:

Applying isn’t hard, there are tracks in the sciences and humanities, and scholarships are available. Apply now, or help us spread the word to students!

Well, dear reader, what are you waiting for? You too can become a slack-jawed, drooling, pants-wetting intelligent design scholar, one who approaches the natural world with your eyes wide and unfocused, as you reject the secular evils of Darwinism and contemplate the supernatural wonders miraculously created by the intelligent designer — blessed be he!

Don’t be discouraged by the Seattle sewage crisis. It’ll be good training for your future as a design theorist.

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13 responses to “Discoveroids’ 2017 Seminar — Still Time To Apply

  1. Before we all rush to apply, please note their published prerequisites:

    Admission Requirements: You must be currently enrolled in a college or university as a junior, senior, or graduate student.
    Required application materials include
    (1) a resume/cv,
    (2) a copy of your academic transcript,
    (3) a short statement of your interest in intelligent design and its perceived relationship to your career plans and field of study, and
    (4) either a letter of recommendation from a professor who knows your work and is friendly toward ID, or a phone interview with the seminar director.

    I fear most of the readers here have left their student days far behind and thus don’t quailfy for this scintillating opportunity.

    But it might be a suitable Curmudgeon Creative Challenge to have a go anyway at penning a suitable “statement of your interest in intelligent design and its perceived relationship to your career plans and field of study”

  2. Perhaps Tom S can have a go at it and finally get an answer to the burning questions of who, when and how.
    Not that I want to Subject anyone to the IDiocy seminar.

  3. Michael Fugate

    I wonder what that phone interview would be like?
    “Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?”
    “What is your home church and can we talk to your pastor?”
    “How much do you really know about the hard sciences?”

  4. We all know that according to IDiot methodology correlation means causation. Also the sewage disaster obviously is Intelligently Designed. All humans involved have denied that they designed, so only one option remains: the Grand Old Designer (blessed be Him/Her/It) pulled it off just in time to inspire the IDiot seminary to reach unprecedented heights. As always I completely rely on our dear SC to keep me informed about all the thrilling developments.

  5. It’s amazing, considering the global interest in the Discoveroids’ “theory,” that the seminar isn’t already over-subscribed.

    Ow, my sarcasm meter just overloaded.

    By the way, the Disco Toot does not need sewage to raise a stink.

  6. Michael Fugate

    “Although the primary focus of the seminar is science, there also will be discussion of the worldview implications of the debate over intelligent design.”

    oooooooo worldview implications! Find God’s purpose for your life with ID! Find that you and all other humans are no kin to monkeys and that makes you exceptional! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how special you are!

  7. Mark Germano

    Megalonyx finds that the application requires “a letter of recommendation from a professor who… is friendly toward ID.”

    ISTM they’re censoring professors who aren’t friendly toward ID.

  8. And presumably, any discipline is ok for the ‘ID-friendly’ professor who writes your letter of recommendation.

    I wonder if they’d accept a recommendation from the Football Coach?

  9. Sorry but I have to watch the dead grass in my yard regenerate! Too busy!

  10. Gideon bibles will be freely dispensed to all attendees for a small fee.

  11. “More information is here” I clicked their link, and I still have no idea what you would be doing for nine days. How many times can you repeat “God Did It” for nine days!

  12. A connection between the Discovery Institute and sewage? Well, what happens to, um, human-generated fertilizer when it’s flushed down the drain? And what else is the DI’s product but you-know-what?

  13. I don’t think they are trying to “train the next generation of I.D. scholars”, rather they are trying to give a market for this generation of I.D. peddlers.