Slow Sunday Free Fire Zone

There’s nothing going on out there. Well, the Discoveroids think they’ve got an answer to “Who Designed the Designer?” — but you’ll have to watch a two-minute video to learn what they say.

Aside from that, we found a couple of headlines at PhysOrg that may interest you:

Softball-sized spider species discovered in Baja California caves

A deadly fungus that has killed millions of bats in Northeast has spread to Texas

That’s the news, so we now declare this to be an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. You wanna talk about Trump? Go ahead. We’re open for the discussion of pretty much anything — science, politics, economics, whatever — as long as it’s tasteful and interesting. Banter, babble, bicker, bluster, blubber, blather, blab, blurt, burble, boast — say what you will. But avoid flame-wars and beware of the profanity filters.

The comments are open, dear reader. Have at it.

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18 responses to “Slow Sunday Free Fire Zone

  1. Well, the big story out of Colorado is that a bunch of the sovcit folks have been rounded up and jailed.


    The sovcits, in my opinion, have seen this coming and it has been causing quite a stir.


    Eight Colorado residents who were part of what they
    dubbed the “People’s Grand Jury” have been indicted
    on allegations they threatened dozens of elected officials
    and judges across the state, including Boulder County’s
    sheriff, district attorney and county commissioners.

    Members of the group, according to the state grand-jury
    indictment released today, are accused of threatening
    officials with arrest on treason charges, filing false liens
    against them and distributing flyers near some of the
    officials’ homes when court cases involving the defendants
    did not go their way.

    (end excerpts)

    Yeah, I figure it has had an effect on Kent Hovind and the way he does business, and I think he saw it coming months ago when he started changing his operations and his association with Brady Byrum.

    I figure it also has relevance to the continuing to develop story involving Baby Holm out of Cleburne County, AL where the baby’s parents have been using sovcit theology to justify their refusal to cooperate with the State on the custody issue.

  2. Why didn’t the octopus and cephalopods, with their complex nervous systems and multiple “brains”, evolve further? Why didn’t they come out of the sea as fish did? They seem to have so many interesting traits. My paleontology professor taught us that ammonites are GREAT index fossils because they can die and be buried in sediment in any depositional environment that involves marine influence. So individual species are super time markers in the rock record. I’m just wondering why, with all their unique characteristics why they didn’t become a more dominant life form. (I suppose the lack of a spine was a problem then but hey, Sean Spicer doesn’t have one and look how good he has done). WHAT !!?

  3. Ross Cameron

    Maybe we are tackling religious believers from the wrong angle. We know we aren`t really changing the minds of creos by refuting their weird take on life via the bible. The real problem is the delusional state they live in. Anyone got any approaches to help mentally-ill folk recover?

  4. Ross Cameron says: “The real problem is the delusional state they live in. Anyone got any approaches to help mentally-ill folk recover?”

    People who believe in faith healing are willing to die rather than accept medicine, so the answer to your question is that there’s no way to get through to such people.

  5. Michael Fugate

    Check out this one by Jay Richards:
    “On Invisible Hands and Intelligent Design: Must Classical Liberals also Embrace Darwinian Theory?” in Darwinism and Classical Liberalism, edited by Steve Dilley (Washington, DC: Lexington Books, 2013).

    Richards is a hard-core capitalist and a hard-core creationist.

  6. The title is
    “Darwinian Evolution and Classical Liberalism: Theories in Tension”

  7. Michael Fugate

    So Richards can’t even get the title correct on his own faculty webpage?

  8. I wouldn’t have made the minor correction except that I couldn’t find the book under that title and it took a little searching. BTW, there are only ~100 libraries in the USA that have copies of the book.

  9. I was startled to see that last week Mississippi State University hosted a lecture by “Dr. Dino” Ken Hovind (and former felon). It was announced that he would be discussing carbon dating techniques. This is an accredited university.

  10. As ever, one must deal with the world as it is rather than as we might wish it to be–and hope for the best.

    I voted, with strong conviction, with the 48% who cast their ballots for the UK to remain in the EU, but the Leavers carried the day with 52%, and the process of Brexit (which will take 2 years) is now underway. I still think it a mistake, but that is irrelevant now; this is a democracy, the result is what it was. We must hope for the best; we shall see.

    But the omens are not good–though occasionally amusing, rather as it is when playing whack-a-mole with the Creationists. Who couldn’t get a good laugh over the sabre rattling from Lord Howard (former leader of the Conservative & Unionist party) over Gibralter?

    And, to ward off despair, I have to find amusement in this social attitudes poll analysed by Remainers (R) and Brexiteers (B) on other issues. The percentages represent those in favour of the following measures (none of which, btw, are actively being proposed, at least at the moment:

    1. Bringing back the death penalty: R: 20% B: 53%
    2. Bringing back corporal punishment in schools: R: 14% B: 42%
    3. Bringing back smoking in pubs and restaurants: R: 3% B: 11%

    As George Orwell said, “Two cheers for democracy!”….

  11. @ Jill Smith

    Kent Hovind’s appearance on campus of MSU was courtesy of a campus club and not the university itself.

    A video of the event was posted on YouTube, and maybe 20 people showed up.

    Kent, of course, had played up the notion that he was going to be performing at MSU, but such promotions are part of Kent’s misleading way of operating.

    The YouTube:


  12. Can’t bring myself to watch the discoveriod video, but isn’t the better question; Is the designer designed and how do you know.

  13. We know that design is not enough to account for something.
    Leonardo da Vinci designed plenty of things which he never made. And if we want an answer for the question as to why the Mona Lisa has that smile, we are not satisfied by being told that it was designed by Leonardo.
    If we were to see a perpetual motion machine, is it explained by its being designed?
    Indeed, the reason that we resort to design is that we have to take account of the material that we are working with.

  14. Michael Fugate

    The little guys can almost win – until judges weenie out.

    The judge’s name is Federal Judge Leonard Strand – bastard was even nominated by Obama.

  15. Consider: Alabama Governor Robert Bentley now forced to resign in the midst of a sex scandal–and does indeed appear to be a Creationist, at least according to this article in The Encyclopedia of Alabama:

    In 2010, Bentley entered the race for Alabama governor as a candidate for the Republican Party. In the race, he faced high profile competitors who included Tim James, son of former two-time governor Forrest “Fob” James, controversial former Alabama Supreme Court justice Roy Moore, and two-year college chancellor Bradley Byrne, who was considered the front runner. Bentley trailed in the polls for most of the election season, with Byrne, Moore, and James leading the field. Bentley had publicly agreed not to run negative campaign ads, but late in the election, investigative journalism uncovered evidence of secret dealings between Bentley’s campaign and the powerful Alabama Education Association (AEA), the state’s major teachers union and a formidable force in Democratic Party politics in the state. The AEA mounted an expensive campaign of attack ads against Byrne that helped drop him significantly in the polls. The ads focused largely on critiquing Byrne’s support for teaching evolutionary theory and forced Byrne to respond with seemingly anti-evolution ads of his own. The ad campaign garnered significant national attention and often ridicule for Alabama’s educational system in the media. Additionally, journalists reported that Bentley sent out automated calls over the AEA’s phone system to potential voters. Bentley’s office denied any connection with the AEA.

    …But…but…only those atheistical materilist Darwinists behave badly!

  16. Michael Fugate

    Another thing about Jay Richards.
    Although many things in his top ten ways to alleviate poverty are sensible, we run headlong into #6:

    Belief in a Meaningful Universe

    Though it would obviously be an overstatement to say that wealth creation requires everyone always to believe in God, a number of scholars, such as sociologist Rodney Stark*, have pointed out the economic importance of Judeo-Christian assumptions to the emergence and success of Western capitalism. And even common sense suggests that if the majority of a population either languishes in existential despair, or fritters away its time appeasing capricious gods**, it will be less economically fecund than a population that sees its daily labors as part of a larger cosmic drama within a rational, orderly universe.

    *Stark is a card-carrying anti-evolutionist currently at Baylor. Notice how everything “good” is ultimately attributable to Christianity.
    ** like life-size, non-seaworthy arks and not of this world t-shirts.