Ken Ham’s Rant Against Darwin Day

After reading creationist websites for years, we thought we were fairly well accustomed to their peculiar blather — but we were wrong. Today we encountered something that exceeds all our previous experience.

None of the descriptions we’ve deployed in the past — e.g.: Vesuvius of vomit, deluge of drool, ark-load of absurdity, barrage of balderdash — will suffice to describe the contents of the latest post from Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the ayatollah of Appalachia. It’s titled Connecticut Representative Proposes Darwin Day Legislation . . . Again. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis — and, of necessity, we’re reviving [BozoGuard], a signal we previously used to indicate the presence of a self-evident error.

There have been multiple (unsuccessful) efforts to pass Darwin Day legislation here in the United States. If such legislation passed in the US Congress, it would set aside Charles Darwin’s birthday (February 12) as National Darwin Day. Well, according to reports, US Representative Jim Himes of Southwestern Connecticut is introducing yet another bill in Congress to continue the fight for a Darwin Day.

That’s right. We wrote about it back in February — see 2017’s Darwin Day Resolution in Congress. There’s a companion bill in the other chamber — see 2017’s Darwin Day Resolution in US Senate. Here’s what ol’ Hambo has to say about it:

Himes claims that this is the kind of legislation his constituents “want him to pursue at a time when skepticism surrounds science.” Reportedly, “he has championed the legislation for several years because ‘science and truth remarkably always need advocacy against the forces of nostalgia and fear and irrationality. . . . At the end of the day, policy has to be guided by facts and truth.’” [Ellipsis in Hambo’s post.]

Immediately after that paragraph, Hambo says this — and he put it in bold font because it’s so important to his drooling followers:

By “science and truth” he (predictably) means the belief in naturalistic evolution and supposed radical, man-made climate change.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! According to Hambo, that stuff isn’t “science and truth.” But Noah’s Ark really is The Truth, and it’s supported by solid creation science. Then he tells us:

I find it interesting that evolutionists are pushing for Darwin Day to be recognized nationally. They already have the monopoly on their religion [BozoGuard] being taught in public schools, most public museums, the media, and more; yet they want a special day to celebrate a man who popularized a belief that man is just an animal and that all life arose by natural processes. It’s ultimately a religion [BozoGuard] that is purposeless and meaningless.

Maybe we should have titled this thing “Hambo Unleashed!” He continues:

Himes is apparently a Presbyterian elder who “doesn’t see his faith as being at odds with the Darwin Day bill.” So celebrating the life and achievements of a man whose work contradicts the very Word of God and has caused millions to doubt the Bible isn’t at odds with his Christianity? Perhaps he needs to look at his faith and see if he’s allowing himself, and his own wisdom, to be the authority over God’s Word.

Hambo, of course, has no need of such introspection. He’s the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. Let’s read on:

Evolutionists will continue to push for a day to celebrate Darwin — which is really an effort to celebrate man. As our Western cultures continue to drift farther from God’s Word, we can only expect such legislation to seem increasingly attractive.

Before the drift that Hambo laments, Western culture had already drifted from its original devotion to the Olympian gods, so we’ve been lost for a long time. Another excerpt:

But promoting so-called “truth and fact” (really, anti-God, anti-biblical ideas that deny the truth) won’t save our cultures or science.

That whole sentence merits a [BozoGuard] label. Here’s the last of it:

Only the good news of the gospel will correct the problems facing Western nations, when people acknowledge that God’s Word is true and base their thinking on its firm foundation.

So there you have it, dear reader. You must base your thinking on the firm foundation of Hambo’s thinking. Only then will our problems be solved.

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13 responses to “Ken Ham’s Rant Against Darwin Day

  1. He really should be deported.

  2. an effort to celebrate man.
    Aren’t there creationists who complain about evolution not valuing humans? I remember something recently about “man sucks”.

  3. I’d say just Ol’Hambo’s Outrage suffices.

  4. Poor Ham, outraged by a Darwin Day proposal, a good one at that. I’m outraged by all the government sanctioned christian religious days: Christmas (why is it a national holiday?), Easter (why do schools use it to schedule spring break?), Sunday (why can’t I buy wine before 10:00 am, or, for that matter, a bottle of Scotch all day?).

  5. So for Mr Lie, science boils down to evolution and climate change. This allows him to totally ignore the fact that his ridiculous non-floating boat relies more on science and it’s Brothers, technology and engineering than it does on his book of ancient myths. The man is the very definition of the word hypocrite.

  6. Ross Cameron

    Kosh |

    ‘He really should be deported’.
    We don`t want him back. 🙂

  7. @daveygod

    na, thats why he made up the BS about “observational vs historical” science

  8. @Scientist
    I understand that in some jurisdictions one cannot buy alcohol on Sunday as long as there is church in session.
    Where is that in the Bible?

  9. @Scientist & TomS:
    And what about Jesus turning water into wine? One would think it should be every Christian’s obligation to imbibe heartily every Sunday.

  10. 1 Timothy 5:23
    No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments.

  11. Hambo, of course, has no need of such introspection. He’s the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else.

    So he’s going bluster-to-bluster against the man in the White House who knows more about everything (including nuclear missiles) than everyone else?

  12. Eric Lipps wonders if Hambo is

    going bluster-to-bluster against the man in the White House

    I think such a Battle Royal would be better characterised as a fight guano a guano

  13. How great minds work. Climate change denial and established science mockery.