ICR: Dinosaurs in the Bible

We want all you hell-bound evolutionists to pay close attention to this one from the creation scientists at the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) — the fountainhead of young-earth creationist wisdom.

Their article is headlined Do Dinosaurs Disprove the Bible? It was written by Brian Thomas. He’s described at the end of his articles as “Science Writer at the Institute for Creation Research.” This is ICR’s biographical information on him. You can learn more about him here: The Mind of Brian Thomas. We’ll give you some excerpts from his article, with bold font added by us:

My family and I saw an interesting car emblem while on a road trip. It showed a T. rex-like dinosaur taking a bite out of a Christian fish. This led to a healthy in-car discussion. Does the existence of dinosaurs really take a bite out of Christianity? For those willing to see the right details, dinosaurs actually bolster the Bible.

Brian has an image of the offensive emblem above his post, but we’re not certain we’re allowed to reproduce it here. You can see the thing — and buy it if you wish — at Amazon: Dinosaur Eating Jesus Fish. It costs only $2.79. Okay, back to Brian. He says:

I tried to crystallize the emblem’s core evolutionary message: Since dinosaurs died millions of years before man existed, and since the Bible doesn’t include millions of years, then dinosaurs disprove the Bible. This conclusion appears logical, but at least three details challenge the first premise and wreck the argument.

This is exciting! Brian has three reasons to reject the Satanic message of the bumper sticker. Here we go:

First, what if Bible verses describe a dinosaur? In that case, dinosaurs must have lived much more recently than millions of years ago. The more we study the behemoth of Job 40, the more convinced we become that the passage describes a then-living dinosaur.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! We’ve discussed the behemoth before — see ICR: Maximum Dinosaur Derangement Achieved!, and after that Rev. David Rives: Dinosaurs in the Bible, in which we quote all the applicable scripture passages, including one that creationists never mention. It’s verse 23 of Job 40 (King James version, of course) which says:

Behold, he drinketh up a river, and hasteth not: he trusteth that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth.

Also, Wikipedia has an article on the Behemoth.

Brian gushes for a few paragraphs about the behemoth, after which he moves on to his next reason for rejecting the evil message of that bumper sticker:

Second, not only does Job describe a dinosaur, but so do other ancient historical accounts of monstrous serpents. Ancient paintings, mosaics, tapestries, carvings, and moldings from all around the world depict dinosaur look-alikes. These independent eyewitnesses testify that dinosaurs lived not too long ago. From this history-based perspective, dinosaur fossils formed from Noah’s Flood only thousands of years ago.

Right. There’s St. George and the dragon, Perseus and the Medusa, and — hey, Wikipedia has a whole List of Greek mythological creatures. Okay, that’s enough of what Brian calls “ancient historical accounts.” Now for his last reason to reject the evolutionist bumper sticker:

Third, scientific problems plague the premise that dinosaurs died millions of years ago. For example, dozens of dinosaur and other fossils still retain remnants of their original proteins. Rare cases even include whole tissues, intact and flexible.

[*Groan*] That again. See Dinosaur Fossils Found with Hot Red Meat?

Those were Brian’s three arguments. This is his concluding paragraph:

Dinosaur protein remnants, an extensive history of documented dinosaur encounters, and a dinosaur description in the Bible all refute the premise that dinosaurs died millions of years ago. These three details unveil a new argument: Since history describes dinosaurs, and since the Bible describes dinosaurs, then history confirms the Bible. Now, who’s going to invent a new auto emblem to reflect this idea?

Brian wants an auto emblem to reflect his thinking? We’ve got one! It’s a good way to end this post:


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9 responses to “ICR: Dinosaurs in the Bible

  1. These independent eyewitnesses testify that dinosaurs lived not too long ago. From this history-based perspective, dinosaur fossils formed from Noah’s Flood only thousands of years ago.

    Just a couple of reasons he’s wrong (as usual).

    First, in almost all soil conditions it takes longer than 4350 years to fossilize bone. And so…

    Second, where are all the dinosaur bones? We have bones and partially fossilized bones of a lot of critters going back 10,000 years and more but no dinosaurs in those assemblages. The La Brea Tar Pits are a prime example–lots of nice bones, including one human skeleton, but no dinosaurs.

    Oh, and one other minor little problem–there was no global flood during historic times. That belief has been debunked for a couple of centuries.

  2. Brilliant auto emblem! I want one!!

  3. Brian apparently holds the view that ancient people, unlike modern people, lacked the capacity to invent fantastic creatures or write imaginary tales. Therefore everything they depicted in art or in writing must be true.

    Imagine the crisis in his life when he found out that Santa Claus did not actually exist, despite the books and pictures which described him in such detail.

  4. winewithcats

    I’m not convinced Brian’s syllogism is right, or even wrong.

  5. All those mythic tales show dinos were real, but those same stories are myths when it is about the gawds!!! Silly xtians can be so stoopid!!!

  6. Well, creationists always pick and choose what to accept when it comes to interpreting ancient myths, including those in the Bible, so what’s new?

  7. Aron Ra gives all these claims (including the dinosaur “art/depictions” a thorough and irrefutable (as always!) tear down right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5kckGxwJr4

    It’s a great video and “must see” if you haven’t already.

  8. Young Earth creationists (creationist clowns) often run to the book of Job, grasping for straws, trying to prove that dinosaurs walked the Earth with modern man. That is such foolishness, as is their whole argument.

    First, I contend that the animal which Job saw was an Indricotherium, the largest mammal to ever live on Earth. Second, Job was not of modern mankind, but of a previous advent (third era) which lived millions of years before Adam & Eve. Thirdly, land dinosaurs are not found in the Bible, but the dinosaurs of the sea are found in Genesis 1:21, which says:
    “And Yehovah created the great sea-monsters, and every living creature that creepeth, wherewith the waters swamed, after its kind, and every winged fowl after its kind; and Yehovah saw that it was good”. The land dinosaurs were made the next day, which Moses did not see.

    The fifth day in Genesis was of the first week of the second era of mankind, beginning about 244 Million BC. The sixth day in Genesis was of the first week of the third era of mankind, when the Indricotheriums roamed the Earth. As stated before, Moses was not shown the sixth day of the second era (first week of restoration), when the dinosaurs were created.

    Yes, dinosaurs walked the earth with prehistoric (second era) mankind, but Yehovah did not make mankind in His image until the third era of mankind, which was of the time period of Job (Gen 1:26). Two more eras of mankind would come and go before Adam and Eve were put in the garden, represented by the second day of Genesis, the fifth week of restoration. Creation Week, 4.6 billion years ago, is represented by day Four, the only day of Creation Week that Moses was shown.

    Herman Cummings

  9. Dave Luckett

    I know the Cummings comment reads like a satire, but I have the horrible feeling that Poe strikes again, and he’s actually serious.