Trump’s Army Secretary Nominee Withdraws

A few days ago we mentioned that Trump’s Army secretary nominee, Mark Green — a physician and a Tennessee state senator — was being criticized for being a creationist.

Today we have a follow-up on that. The Telegraph of London has this headline: Donald Trump’s pick for Army post drops out amid growing criticism. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

The Republican state senator from Tennessee picked by President Donald Trump to be Army secretary has withdrawn from consideration. Mark Green steps aside amid intensifying criticism over his remarks about LGBT Americans and Muslims.

Huh? What about his creationism? We’re told:

A graduate of West Point and a retired army surgeon, Mr Green was selected after the previous choice, Vincent Viola, stood down following controversy over his financial interests.

It’s impressive that Green is a West Point graduate, but we still can’t figure out why Trump chose a physician to be Secretary of the Army. The Telegraph reports:

Several Democrats have denounced Green for declaring that being transgender is a disease. He is opposed to gay marriage. Reservations over his appointment had also been expressed by two leading Republican senators, Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

That seems to have been the big problem with this nominee, along with his criticism of Muslims — which is described near the end of the story:

During a speech last September, Mr Green urged that a stand be taken against “the indoctrination of Islam” in public schools. He also referred to the “Muslim horde” that invaded Constantinople centuries ago.

Apparently as an afterthought, the newspaper says:

He is also a “creationist”, who has delivered a lecture disputing the theory of evolution.

But it seems that wasn’t a political problem, nor was it a problem that a physician might not be prepared for the responsibilities of being Secretary of the Army. One last excerpt:

Mr Green says in a statement that “false and misleading attacks” against him have made his nomination a distraction. He says his life of public service and Christian beliefs have been mischaracterised for political gain.

We looked to see how other newspapers reported the news. The Tennessean reports:

President Donald Trump’s choice for Army secretary withdrew his nomination Friday after mounting criticism over past statements he made about gays and lesbians, Muslims and other groups.

The Washington Post reports:

The Trump administration’s second Army secretary nominee withdrew from consideration Friday amid mounting opposition to past comments he made about Islam, evolution and gender issues.

That was their only mention of evolution. The rest of their story is about the other things he said.

So there you are. Green won’t be Army secretary because of his politically incorrect opinions — but the fact that he may have been an unqualified ignoramus seems not to have been an issue.

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12 responses to “Trump’s Army Secretary Nominee Withdraws

  1. I heard on MSNBC that of 58 senate confirmable appointments for positions in the U.S. military, only 1 position has been filled to date.Trump is clueless about who to nominate, and we see Green was a loser.

  2. And, speaking of hordes invading Constantinople, there was the Christian horde, the Fourth Crusade, and the Sack of Constantinople in 1204.

  3. Eric Lipps

    Mr. Trump has an odd tendency to nominate people who, however qualified in a general sense, are unprepared for the specific positions he wants them to fill. Why, for instance, did he name surgeon (and creationist–as a Seventh-Day Adventist, he would have to be) Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development rather than, say, Surgeon General (where he could have pressed his church’s agenda regarding vegetarianism)?

    It’s almost as though the Donald wants to destroy the government he’s supposed to be leading.

  4. It’s funny how these Trump clowns all complain about how their own words are being used against them.It’s almost as if to imply that we should know what they mean rather than what they actually say. Too bad for them our species doesn’t really communicate that way, Maybe if we evolve to a new species, oh wait, that solution really doesn’t work for creationists either, does it?

  5. Our Curmudgeon writes

    Green won’t be Army secretary because of his politically incorrect opinions — but the fact that he may have been an unqualified ignoramus seems not to have been an issue.

    I’m no fan of vetting opinions for ‘political correctness’ either–but I don’t think that’s the issue here: flat-out bigotry is not merely ‘politically incorrect’, it has deleterious effects.

    Given the honourable roles played by plenty of members of both the LGBT and Muslim communities in the armed forces of the United States, Green’s comments clearly indicate he is unfit for any managerial role in the Army, leave alone the Secretaryship.

    That he is also a Creationist is actually irrelevant IMHO — except that such views are so strongly correlated with dangerous levels of reality-denial and, not infrequently, toxic levels of bigotry.

  6. “Stronly”? Can I blame a faulty keyboard?

    The Great Hand of Correction, from Whom no secrets are hid, will know what I mean…

    [*Voice from above*] It appears that your Tiktaalik-like fingers have failed you in a Sapiens environment. Fear not, for I have saved you once again.

  7. Being a creationist is probably irrelevant to his potential position as Army secretary, whereas his other views clearly are relevant. That’s the obvious reason why those opinions are the ones highlighted in the press. However, as Megalonyx points out, holding fundamentalist religious beliefs closely correlates with bigotry toward anyone who is “other.”

    Trump seems to favor choosing hard right religious conservatives for a number of positions, despite the fact that he has never exhibited any actual religious belief of his own. I think these picks are coming from the fetid swamp-mind of Steve Bannon.

  8. Michael Fugate

    Since when is politically incorrect a synonym for wrong? Green’s views are just a deflection of his desire to teach Christianity in public schools and to consider non straight, white, christian males as fully human.

  9. Ceteris Paribus

    I’m completely with Trump in his continuing search for cabinet level staff. All good executives know that they can always hire talented pencil-necked geeks to keep the gears of the bureaucracy cranking out the BS. But only the best executives have the insight to stock the top staff with people of similar rank and/or competence. Do you know how embarrassing it is for executives to show up at a prime golf outing, and only then find out that someone had included an actual professional golfer in their group?

  10. Ed:
    “Trump seems to favor choosing hard right religious conservatives for a number of positions, despite the fact that he has never exhibited any actual religious belief of his own. I think these picks are coming from the fetid swamp-mind of Steve Bannon.”

    … or just as likely, Pence. Hard right religious conservative himself whose idea of public service is to impose his religious views on the entire population. While governor of Indiana he instituted the nation’s largest voucher system, funneling public funds to religious schools.

  11. Its just as well. James Mattis would have mopped the floor with this clown.

  12. techreseller

    Wait, if we get rid of all the incompetent ignoramuses, the top of this government is going to be very empty. Heck the Senate and Congress might not even be able to put together a quorum. Be careful what you ask for. You might get it.

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