Rev. David Rives — Evolution Is a Fad

The Drool-o-tron™ is always on the job. It alerted us with its sirens and flashing lights, and the blinking letters of its wall display said WorldNetDaily (WND). The Drool-o-tron™ had once again found the latest video by the brilliant and articulate leader of David Rives Ministries.

Our computer was locked onto this headline at WND: Do science and evolution go hand in hand? A powerful question! The actual title of the rev’s video is “How it took over science.”

The rev tells us that the idea of evolution seems to be everywhere — on television, in magazines, etc. You’d think that science and evolution went hand in hand. But they don’t! The scene was set before Darwin, with the development of geology. Scientists said the world was old. Then Darwin came along with his theory, and other scientists fell in line. But it was all based on peer pressure. Other scientists felt they had to go along. If you teach something enough and sell enough books, it can have that effect. But that holds back scientific progress!

Now we’re afraid to question evolution, or explore the idea of a recent global flood — but we’re perfectly okay speculating about the silly idea that a meteor killed the dinosaurs. Logic has been replaced by pseudoscience!

The rev is wearing the same outfit he wore for his last video, and as we said then, he’s definitely not dressed like a bible-boy. That doesn’t matter. He’s the cutest rev you’ve ever seen! The video is a tad more than two and a half minutes long before the commercial at the end. Go ahead, click over to WND and watch it.

As we always do with the rev’s videos, we dedicate the comments section for your use as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. You know the rules. Okay, the comments are open. Go for it!

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11 responses to “Rev. David Rives — Evolution Is a Fad

  1. Now we’re afraid to question evolution, or explore the idea of a recent global flood…

    Actually the idea of a global flood was disproved before Darwin, and the evidence against such an idea has been growing ever since.

    But then, creationists believe the bible and disregard any evidence that shows the bible is in error, so they are stuck a couple of hundred years in the past. They are forced to ignore, misrepresent, obfuscate, quote-mine, or otherwise abuse many fields of science in order to support their beliefs.

    Is it any wonder rational folks consider them to be anti-science?

  2. Charles Deetz ;)

    Evolution is part of a broad covfefe

  3. Dave Luckett

    What on earth does this latest deluge of twaddle even mean?

    “Them scientists don’t know nothing.” That’s what it means. Plus a pinch of “Evidence, schmevidence, I know what i think.” Always taken with the underlying idiot’s creed: “I’m as good as you are”.

    The marks have to believe the last, of course. If they didn’t, they might stop to think that they’re being taken. By a professional con man. Which is what Rives is. He makes a nice living shilling nonsense. Why would he stop?

  4. Why yes, the comet impact was totally concocted by evil scientists. It’s not like we have a 180(!) km wide and 20(!) km deep crater on our hands. Or a world-wide recognisable geological boundary. Or a slew of fossil bones dating from the same time as those two.

  5. It seems to me that even the Good Rev himself hardly can keep his face straight.

  6. For the Free Fire Zone:

    “The real problem isn’t East Coast elites who don’t understand or care about rural America. The real problem is that rural Americans don’t understand the causes of their own situations and fears and they have shown no interest in finding out. They don’t want to know why they feel the way they do or why they are struggling because they don’t want to admit it is in large part because of the choices they’ve made and the horrible things they’ve allowed themselves to believe.

    “Gays being allowed to marry are a threat. Blacks protesting the killing of their unarmed friends and family are a threat. Hispanics doing the cheap labor on their farms are somehow viewed a threat. The black president is a threat. Muslims are a threat. The Chinese are a threat. Women wanting to be autonomous are a threat. The college educated are a threat. Godless scientists are a threat. Everyone who isn’t just like them has been sold to them as a threat and they’ve bought it hook, line and grifting sinker. Since there are no self-regulating mechanisms in their belief systems, these threats only grow over time. Since facts and reality don’t matter, nothing you say to them will alter their beliefs. “President Obama was born in Kenya, is a secret member of the Muslim Brotherhood who hates white Americans and is going to take away their guns.” I feel ridiculous even writing this, it is so absurd, but it is gospel across large swaths of rural America. Are rural Christian white Americans scared? Damn right they are. Are their fears rational and justified? Hell no. The problem isn’t understanding their fears. The problem is how to assuage fears based on lies in closed-off fundamentalist belief systems that don’t have the necessary tools for properly evaluating the fears.”

  7. For the Free Fire Zone, ’til the Mother Thing arrives:

    Trump’s proposed 2018 budget takes an ax to science research funding

    “Total federal research spending would be slashed by about 17 percent, Rush Holt, CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, said in a conference call with reporters. ‘If the White House budget plan were to become law, it would devastate America’s science and technology enterprise.’

    “For many science agencies and programs, the outlook appears stark. Some examples:”

  8. For the Free Fire Zone, ’til the Mother Ship descends:

    40 More ‘Intelligence’ Genes Found

    “Smarty-pants have 40 new reasons to thank their parents for their powerful brains. By sifting through the genetics of nearly 80,000 people, researchers have uncovered 40 genes that may make certain people smarter. That brings the total number of suspected “intelligence genes” to 52.”

  9. Eric Lipps

    Pastor Ray Mummert’s remark at the time of the Kitzmiller decision says it all: “We’ve been attacked by the intelligent, educated segment of the culture.”

  10. techreseller

    Gotta love the occasional dose of humor from our cutest reverend.