Hitler: Racist, Socialist, and … Darwinist?

The website of radio station WSAU in Wausau, Wisconsin has this provocative headline: Fact – Adolf Hitler was a Socialist and on the left. The article was written by Ben Armstrong, about whom we know nothing. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

There are plenty of left wing websites and left wing history books (AKA public School history books) that will tell you that Hitler was on the right. In fact, in order to the debunk this article, liberals will run to those websites. The problem is, those websites are simply opinions or Twisted lies and not facts. Fact – NAZI is an abbreviation for National Socialist Workers Party.

Assuming that his readers will be shocked, he says:

What would prove that the Nazis were socialists? I know, let’s look at what they actually believed from their own Manifesto.

He quotes at least a dozen things from their Manifesto which make his point, and then he adds this:

I left out a lot of the racism that is in the manifesto because that all stems from their belief in Darwinism.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! How many times have we refuted that nonsense? See, for example Hitler and Darwin, and also Racism, Eugenics, and Darwin.

After that, Armstrong tells us:

The Nazis believed they were a superior race because they believed in evolution. The belief in evolution is a left-wing belief. It is also a racist belief. To believe in evolution is to believe that some races have evolved more than others, Darwin himself believe this.

Armstrong’s rant continues for a while, and finally ends with this:

I apologize to those of you on the left for using facts and history to prove my point. I know it’s not fair, and I feel bad about it.

So what do we learn from this mess? Two things: (1) Hitler had a bizarre grab-bag of wacko beliefs from both ends of the political spectrum, but he was clueless about and never mentioned Darwin’s theory; and (2) creationists who use Hitler as one of their arguments against evolution are the most ignorant of all.

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10 responses to “Hitler: Racist, Socialist, and … Darwinist?

  1. Ross Cameron

    ‘The Xians believed they were a superior race because they believed in creationism’ There, fixed it for ya, Ben.

  2. Alternative facts always prove history is wrong, and Ben clearly spells out his alternative facts and the fake websites he makes reference to that prove his point.

    “Make Germany Great Again” wasn’t that Hitler’s dream?

  3. Michael Fugate

    Evolution ≠ progress. Given that all humans share common ancestor, all populations have evolved the same amount.

  4. Dave Luckett

    Cripes, Godwin again.

    Whatever its manifesto might have said, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (to translate its name in full) was socialist the way the Communist Party of China is communist – which is to say, hardly at all. Virtually Hitler’s first act on gaining office was to grant the traditional May Day holiday, (which had no religious significance, and was certainly of pagan origin) and then disband the labour unions. He took no further steps towards any socialist policy, such as nationalising the means of production, distribution or exchange. Instead he forged State-corporate crony partnerships far more reminiscent of fascism. The rest of his actual policies were simply racist militarism erected into a semblance of governance.

    And of course, as has been demonstrated many times, the Nazis neither knew nor cared anything about evolution, Darwin’s theory, or science in general, except the latter’s immediate applications to warmaking ability. Their mental horizons were bounded by racist superstition, often packaged as though it were science, but with no factual content at all. They dismissed nuclear physics as “Jewish science”, for example. The same might be said of their religious or “spiritual” beliefs, which were various, ranging from Odinism and spiritualism to a somewhat heterodox Christianity, but always desperately perverted by their extraordinarily violent racism, and always superstitious. The same applies to their curious take on history – superstitious, irrational, and careless of fact. Rather like Mr Armstrong’s.

    It is not entirely irrelevant that Mr Armstrong manifestly has at least one line of descent from one of the worst of the “riding clans” of the English-Scots borders, probably by way of Northern Ireland, where those chronic troublemakers were forcibly transplanted in the seventeenth century. This, of course, emphasized their worst qualities of prickly combatitiveness, primitive religion, individual truculence and contempt for learning and government, which they then took with them when they emigrated again to America. He is the inheritor, in one paternal line, of one of the major influences on the United States. It produces shining examples of determination and courage, but the Armstrongs, the Nixons, the Grahams and the Kerrs (to name a few of them) are, shall we say, a mixed bag.

  5. So Ben Armstrong thinks the Nazis were socialists because they called themselves “National Socialists.” By the same token, he must think North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) is a model of democracy.

  6. Sigh. This guy


    was on the left. That’s why he was killed. Ordered by Mr. Ridiculous Moustache himself.

  7. Promising a “chicken in every pot” is a classic way to win an election. It is interesting to contrast Trump’s recent campaign with Hitler and the Nazis. Trump, the prototypical strongman, who ran on the far right made several socialist proposals including universal health care for all along with $1 trillion infrastructure spending. In fact the only thing Trump did consistently is pander to the crowd (or person) he was talking to, even if that would directly contradict something he said earlier. Trump uses prejudice against immigrants and Muslims as analogues to the antisemitism employed by Hitler. Trump also worked well pandering to the religious (Hitler’s Germany collected the tithes and gave them to the dominant denomination). The thesis that Hitler is left wing is as apt as Trump is left wing, and is obviously laughable.

  8. Troy says: “The thesis that Hitler is left wing is as apt as Trump is left wing, and is obviously laughable.”

    It’s been said before that when either the left or right becomes totalitarian, there is little to distinguish one from the other. That’s why limited government and individual rights are so essential.

  9. “It’s been said before …”
    Those who said that were very, very wrong.
    The nazis cooperated very well with the economic elite of Germany. The two most famous examples were IG Farben and Krupp, who cooperated so closely that they were tried after the war.


    The third example is


    Must I remind you what Lenin and Stalin did with the Russian economic elite from 1917 on? Or do you call this difference “little”?
    Of course this doesn’t contradict “limited government and individual rights are so essential” at all. Many a socialist – like me – thinks that individual rights have to limit government indeed.
    My point is just that the nazi-regime limited itself enough to protect the interests of aforementioned companies (and the German economic elite in general, which benefited enormously), something you generally applaud. You just refuse to consider the downsides. My secondary point is that exactly this made the nazi-regime rightwing, while aforementioned Strasser wanted to take control of economics as well – which makes him leftwing. My tertiary point is that you’re so blind and/or ignorant that you write “little to distinguish”. That amazes me, given that you’re not exactly dumb.

  10. Actually, Hitler rejected common descent in Mein Kampf so no Darwinist he.