Fully Functional Free Fire Zone

The computer is working fine, but this is the slowest news day we can remember. Most of our news sweeps on “creationism” are about the political turmoil in the UK. Paul Braterman has a good article on the situation at his blog: UK Conservatives, meet the DUP: extremist, creationist, sectarian.

Hambo is upset about the negative news coverage his Noah’s Ark theme park is generating — for example: Town expected flood of business after Noah’s Ark opened. So far, it’s a trickle.

The Discoveroids are continuing their drift into obscure topics. They’re becoming the Kardashians of creationism, and it’s boring to keep up with them.

So to keep things alive, we now declare this to be an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. We’re open for the discussion of pretty much anything — science, politics, economics, whatever — as long as it’s tasteful and interesting. Banter, babble, bicker, bluster, blubber, blather, blab, blurt, burble, boast — say what you will. But avoid flame-wars and beware of the profanity filters.

The comments are open, dear reader. Have at it!

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11 responses to “Fully Functional Free Fire Zone

  1. Tom Bannister

    I was pleased to see that the Oregon Followers of Christ couple who let their newborn daughter die at home of respiratory problems are facing homicide charges. Oddly enough prayer proved ineffective at curing the baby’s premature lungs. Fortunately religious belief is no longer a legal defense in Oregon, now if we could only get Idaho to change their laws.

  2. “Town expected flood of business after Noah’s Ark opened. So far, it’s a trickle.” The fountains of the deep shall issue forth and cover the entire country in a torrent of greenbacks, including me. So sayeth Hambone.

  3. Looking at the Hambone ark, its clear that Noah and his sons were not only masters at joinery, lumber, carpentry, nautical design they also were able to do an incredible amount of work in a very short period of time. Very impressive indeed Hambo !!!

  4. Ross Cameron

    Now we know that religious nutters ranging from the humble to the homicidal are under the influence of delusions, but we never hear or read, (AFAIK), of psychiatrists/psychologists speaking out about them. Do they think it won`t help, or might reduce the number of clients they enjoy?

  5. Tom Bannister

    I imagine the mental health folks view religious zealotry as being similar to a nuclear weapon. Great potential for evil, once deployed tends to mess up everything for everyone, and above all, you want to avoid getting any of it on you.

  6. Besides charging the parents, the Oregon prosecutors should make clear that a major culprit is the leader of the cult who did the brainwashing.

  7. Ross asks, I deliver.


    Of course creacrappers don’t stand still either ( no need to read past the first paragraph):


  8. Interesting, mnbo, but some caution is called for as well, methinks, as finding a sharp demarcation between ‘mental illness’ and plain old human falibility can be fraught (cf. the old Soviet practise of hospitalising political dissidents in mental institutions on the grounds that no sane person could possibly find anything to criticise about the state).

    I really don’t know where you draw the line. This Friday will be the sad first anniversary of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox by a right-wing nutjob, but the medics have determined that her murderer is sane:

    …he was examined by a psychiatrist after his arrest who could find no evidence of mental problems that could have caused his actions. He had a persecution complex, believing liberals, leftists and the mainstream media to be the cause of the world’s problems

    Which description IMHO also characterises a fair number of ardent enthusiasts for President The Donald–and even a few of his advisers.

  9. Perhaps neither Man nor his Planet have proven to be Exceptional, but how ’bout his Galaxy?

    “In agreement with the earlier study, the pair found that the Milky Way has far fewer neighbors than it should. There was a rise in density about 1 billion light-years out, suggesting the Milky Way resides in an abyss about 2 billion light-years wide.”


  10. “some caution is called for”
    I completely agree.