The Ultimate Hitler-Darwin Debunking

Every creationist sooner or later claims that Darwin’s theory of evolution was the justification for Hitler’s atrocities. We’ve written about this nonsense several times — see Hitler and Darwin. We’ve also pointed out that unlike Hitler — who was a high school dropout — his most ardent adversary actually read Darwin’s Origin of Species — see Hitler, Darwin, and … Winston Churchill?

Now we’ve come across even more evidence debunking the deranged creationist claim that Hitler relied on Darwin’s theory. It’s an article in The Spectator, a weekly British conservative magazine published in London, titled Did Hitler’s obsession with the occult lose him the war?

The article is a review of Hitler’s Monsters: A Supernatural History of the Third Reich (Amazon listing), written by Eric Kurlander. Wikipedia says: “Eric Kurlander (born January 1973) is professor of history at Stetson University. He received his BA from Bowdoin College, and his MA and PhD from Harvard University. Kurlander is a specialist in modern German history and particularly of the Nazi era about which he has written three books.”

Here are some excerpts from The Spectator article, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

When he came to power Hitler had a dowser scour the Reich Chancellery for cancerous ‘death rays’. Before flying to Scotland Rudolf Hess had his horoscope drawn up by a personal astrologer. Himmler backed research on the Holy Grail and medieval devil worship (‘Luciferism’) and sent an SS expedition by the explorer Dr Ernst Schafer to Tibet in 1938 to investigate the ancient Indo-German ‘Aryan’ origins of Buddhism. … Goebbles sat up late at night reading the prophecies of Nostradamus, which he revealed to an enthusiastic Führer as evidence that the British were soon to be defeated.

That’s only the beginning. There’s so much more that we can only give you a few excerpts, such as:

The British had ASDIC or radar to find German U-boats: the German Navy had the Pendulum Dowsing Institute in Berlin. Here, over a large map of the Atlantic, a one-inch model battleship was moved about, as an expert in pendulum-dowsing swung a metal diviner on string above the map, watched by fascinated German admirals. If the pendulum dowser ‘reacted’ over the toy ship this indicated a genuine British battleship in the vicinity. The Germans had convinced themselves that the British were finding U-boats by pendulum dowsing.

Here’s the part that pertains to the creationists’ Hitler-Darwin claim:

Central to the Nazis’ mystical beliefs was World Ice Theory, propounded in the 1912 book Glacial Cosmogony by Hanns Hörbiger. This held that white ‘Aryan’ man was not descended from the apes, as were other inferior races, but rather came from ‘divine sperma’ brought to earth by meteors. These developed into the godlike Supermen of the ancient civilisation of Atlantis-Thule which employed parapsychology and mystical electricity ‘like Thor’s hammer’. … The white Supermen were locked in a struggle for mastery with the ape-like ‘Tschandala’ or ‘monstrous humanoids’ — Jews, Slavs, blacks and ‘mongrel breeds’.

This is the best part:

This overtly racist worldview was believed in by Hitler, Hess, Himmler and other senior Nazis. … Himmler tried to get World Ice Theory taught instead of Darwinian evolution in German universities.

We’ll skip most of the rest, because you’re probably going to read it for yourself. Here’s one more excerpt:

Deeply researched, convincingly authenticated, this extraordinary study of the magical and supernatural at the highest levels of Nazi Germany will astonish — and provide scholars and the general reader with much food for thought.

Will this stop creationists from claiming that Darwin was responsible for Hitler’s madness? No, of course not. You can’t reason a creationist out of his crazy beliefs. As for professional creationists — those who make a living promoting nonsense to their drooling followers — they’ll never acknowledge that they were wrong about anything. Nevertheless it’s good to have a solid rebuttal handy.

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11 responses to “The Ultimate Hitler-Darwin Debunking

  1. Hans Weichselbaum

    Excellent. A quick and hard rebuttal whenever that topic comes up!

  2. It’s interesting how, 70+ years after the end of the Second World War, there is still great scholarly work being done on some weird and obscure corners of the Nazi zeitgeist. This book’s oddball subject matter particularly reminds me of Norman Ohler’s “Blitzed,” which is about the Nazis love for drugs classified as illegal today–particularly methamphetamine.

    But this book isn’t out for another month! *sigh* I guess I could buy it as a very late birthday present.

  3. Ross Cameron

    When you have a delusion verging on madness, anything equally crazy must be irresistible. Hence.Liars for Jesus ™ go searching for any nutty theory that might fit the bill.

  4. Warren Johnson

    To: the Curmudgeon
    Re: another (well documented) take on Hitler and Creationism

    If you think there is some sort of Hitler-Darwin connection, then you should take a look at the extensively documented argument, by Coel Hellier, that “Nazi racial ideology was religious, creationist and opposed to Darwinism”.

    Go to: to find the gateway to the documentation.

    As expected, “Darwinism” is the last ‘theory’ that should be blamed for Hitler and the Third Reich. Supernaturalism, in whatever form, is much closer to them.

  5. Remember that we are talking about people with a very short attention span and poorly developed ability to delay satisfaction. And they have no comprehension of time scales greater by orders of magnitude.

  6. Dave Luckett

    Study of Hitler’s personal beliefs is made very difficult by his inveterate habit of lying about them. Comparing them with his actions is really the only way to come at some appreciation of what he really thought at any moment. And you have to remember that Hitler’s mind was deeply fractured – almost fragmented. He was perfectly capable of simultaneously believing several different ideas that were not only impossible on the evidence, but mutually incompatible as well.

    But it seems irrefutable that he believed in a completely racist interpretation of human society and history. He really believed that there was a master race and slave races, subhuman races and parasitic races. This is a polar opposite to Darwin’s theory, of course, but also an utter contradiction of Charles Darwin’s personal views – so much so that anyone capable of asserting that Nazism was enabled by the Theory of Evolution is not merely talking the most arrant of historical nonsense, they are slandering most vilely a good and decent man. Whatever Darwin’s religious views might have been, he was a warmly charitable humanist who abhorred slavery and cruelty of all kinds.

    Jesus and Paul had many differences, but one thing they were in accord about was that they thought slander among the most vile of sins, enough to be a bar to the Kingdom of God. I think it would be well to remind creationists who take this line of that fact, and to urge them to reflect on their conduct.

  7. Dave Luckett:
    “Jesus and Paul had many differences, but one thing they were in accord about was that they thought slander among the most vile of sins, enough to be a bar to the Kingdom of God. I think it would be well to remind creationists who take this line of that fact, and to urge them to reflect on their conduct.”

    Amen, Brother Luckett! Amen!

  8. One difficulty with the thesis that there was a relationship between the belief in natural selection and any social/political movement of the early 20th century is the fact that era was the “Eclipse of Darwinism” (see Wikipedia), when even among scientists who accepted evolution, natural selection was not widely accepted.

  9. “The British had ASDIC or radar to find German U-boats: the German Navy had the Pendulum Dowsing Institute in Berlin.”
    Sorry, after this one I can’t take Kurlander seriously anymore. The Germans had radar as well. They called it Funkmessgerät.

    That all kind of weird stuff was believed by nazi leaders has been well known since long. They didn’t care about consistency and coherence anymore than your average creacrapper.
    Personally I think Coel Hellier’s rebuttal far more convincing – Warren Johnson provided the link. It contains two direct quotes from Mein Kampf (I have checked them) that are fully representative for creacrap. These two quotes have shut up every single creacrapper I’ve met on internet who dared to write that “Hitler was a Darwinist”.

  10. Any cult of personality by its very nature, whether it be religious or political, relies heavily on the delusional thinking of its members. Creationists, fundamentalists, Stalinists, Maoists and Nazis alike, are the same peas in a very delusional pod.

  11. I have heard the story that some of the Nazis believed in the “Concave Hollow Earth”. I wonder whether this book gives any evidence for such a belief among the Nazis.