‘Darwinist Yobs’ Rampage in Wales

From this one headline in the Daily Post, published in Colwyn Bay on the north coast of Wales overlooking the Irish Sea, one might conclude that Wales is the UK’s version Kentucky (home of ol’ Hambo).

This is their headline: ‘Darwinist yobs’ caught on CCTV vandalising Buckley church’s Creationism sign. They have a comments feature.

We had to look up the meaning of “yob.” It’s British slang for “a teenage lout or hooligan.” Here are some excerpts from the news story, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

A clergyman who caused a sensation with eye-catching messages outside his church said yobs who smashed his sign may not have liked its Creationist tone. Pastor Bob Marshall was speaking after releasing video of the vandalism which took place at the Ebeneezer Chapel on Brunswick Road in Buckley on Friday June 9.

We can’t find a website for that church, but the newspaper has a link to the video of the vandalism, about which it says:

Two youths can clearly be seen kicking the sign which was destroyed in the incident and found by the pastor the following Sunday morning.

What did the sign say? The Daily Post tells us:

The sign read: “If you tell a lie long enough people will believe it – like evolution.”

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Then the newspaper quotes the rev:

“They might not have liked the message that was on there,” said the American-born pastor. “I’m assuming that’s what it is. It’s never happened to this severity before. They’ve stolen some letters but they didn’t cause any damage. The boys responsible for stealing the letters actually came back and apologised.”

The yobs apologized? That seems inconsistent with the rest of the news story. It continues:

Pastor Bob said the police had been called and the video had been put on Facebook in a bid to catch the perpetrators. However he said Facebook informed him the post had been taken down after a complaint and their account was temporarily suspended while it was investigated. He said: “I don’t know why they took it down, it was probably one of those who did it that complained. I think I would have to practice my Christian values if I met the people who did it.”

What’s going on here? Didn’t Pastor Bob meet the yobs when they came back and apologized? And is Facebook taking the yobs’ side in this controversy? One more excerpt:

Despite the setback, Pastor Bob says attendance is good at the chapel and plans are in hand for a new and improved sign with which to spread his message. “We are having a new sign built as we speak,” he said. “This one is being built out of steel.”

A steel sign — that’ll slow down those yobs! Anyway, dear reader, now you know that things are a bit reversed in Wales. There, Darwinists are the droolers, and creationists get respect from the press. That’s good to know.

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11 responses to “‘Darwinist Yobs’ Rampage in Wales

  1. I think “The boys responsible for stealing the letters” refers to another group than those who damaged the sign. The former apologised, the latter didn’t (yet).

  2. They should have just taken down the “like evolution” and their point would be made.

  3. Having watched the CCTV footage, two observations:

    [1] It wasn’t just yobs–there was also a yobette involved.

    [2] Not to condone vandalism in any form, of course–but it’s rather a pity that in lieu of wrecking the sign, they didn’t content themselves with rearranging the detachable letters. The permuations with that number of letters is very high; for example, from the first phrase alone — “If you tell a lie long enough” — one can reconfigure such gnomic treasures as

    Lo! It a foul, unholy negligee!


    Ugh! A looney elf guillotine!

  4. iamamonkey2

    Pastor Bob was blocking the footpath. He will not be applying for planning permission for the new steel sign as he knows he won’t get it approved. The local council will eventually force him to remove the new one if it also blocks the footpath. Until then pedestrians will have to take matters into their own hands or feet.

  5. Michael Fugate

    It is the old mote v. log verse. Seems Bob’s understanding of the Bible is as bad as his understanding of science.

  6. secmilchap

    Maybe EviLution had little to do with motivation? From comment above, the REV has been blocking a path. Many UKrs are impatient with those kinds of changes.

  7. “If you tell a lie long enough people will believe it – like evolution.”

    Hmm, how about just replacing evolution,
    maybe with religion or intelligent design?

  8. I guess I missed the part where the vandals proclaimed themselves to be Darwinists.

  9. Mega has some gender issues: “It wasn’t just yobs–there was also a yobette involved”
    That would rather be a lirg.

    Smc doesn’t get it: “the REV has been blocking a path”
    How can a Messenger from God block any path when it indicates the correct one?

  10. Ross Cameron

    Now you sheltered children have learnt a new word. Come to Australia and it`s ‘yobbo’.:-)

  11. The pastor is lapping up all the attention (well it was mainly along the Welsh coast where this newspaper is on sale but now it is almost GLOBAL). Even though he can’t spell. And doesn’t appear to do any signs in Welsh.