Self-Published Genius #54: Bible Science

Today we have a great addition to our series about Self-Published Geniuses, where we bring you news of authors with a vanity press book in which the author claims to have made paradigm-shattering discoveries, and announces his work by hiring a press release service.

The press release for this one is titled Author Writes About Connections Between Religion and Science, issued by WebWire. It says, with some bold font added by us for emphasis:

Experiencing Bible Science” is a lab book written by Louise Barrett Derr. It is a lab book for experiencing the science and culture found in Scripture, thus enriching both Bible and science study. It helps the readers identify the similarities of both entities.

Wowie — bible science! This is what you’ve been looking for, dear reader! Let’s read on:

The book has activities designed for independent learning or small groups. The activities in the book are very appropriate to those who just started their teens. The measurements used in the activities found in the book are in US/Imperial and Metric. The materials that are needed for some activities are easily available everywhere, worldwide.

It sounds wonderful! Here’s more:

Experiencing Bible Science” is recommended to those who are in their early teens, those with fresh mindsets. This is also a very good book to enjoy for those who are young at heart. This is a must-have and a great addition to one’s collection. It also has interesting activities inside for creative interaction and information.

Here’s Amazon’s listing for the book:Experiencing Bible Science: An Activity Book for Children. The title is a bit different from the one in the press release, but it’s the same author. However, Amazon says it was published in 2013, so maybe this is an update. No — the press release says it was published in 2011, and the paperback price is only $31.95 — a real bargain!

They say it’s published by WestBowPress. We Googled for them. Yup — their website says they’re a religious vanity publisher. Okay! We’ve got a vanity press book and we’ve got the author’s press release. There’s not much more in the press release, so let’s find out what else Amazon says:

Experiencing Bible Science is an activity book for elementary-aged students. Each activity is intended for experiencing the science and culture in Scripture, thus enriching Bible study. Most activities are designed for independent learning or small groups. They will challenge those in home schools, Christian academies, Bible camps, vacation Bible school, and other children’s groups.

Lovely! They also give us some information about the author:

Louise Barrett Derr received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education form UNC-Chapel Hill. For twenty-six years she taught in the North Carolina public schools. [Hee hee!] Mrs. Derr developed and presented her curricula for gifted children at numerous state and national teachers’ conferences. This motorcyclist, private airplane pilot, and scuba diver also enjoys gardening and nature study.

Amazon says the paperback version of the book is 128 pages, and it costs only $16.95, which is half the price mentioned in the press release. You can’t go wrong with that!

What else can we learn about this great book? Aha, Amazon has a “Look inside” feature. Scanning it quickly, we find this under the heading “Noah’s rainbow”:

After the worldwide flood, God put a rainbow in the clouds of the sky. He told Noah that it was to be a reminder that He would never again destroy all living creatures in the world by a flood. The rainbow is so beautiful that God has one around his throne, see Revelation 4:3. The colors of light are one of the most beautiful effects of science.

Then there’s an exercise about making a rainbow by spraying water and watching the colors appear. That’s great bible science!

This looks like an excellent book! Well, dear reader, what are you waiting for? Go get it!

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21 responses to “Self-Published Genius #54: Bible Science

  1. I sure hope there is a chapter on turning water into wine!!!

  2. I wonder if the book asks kiddies to explain why water droplets in the air didn’t scatter photons before the Noah ark caper.

  3. Michael Fugate

    But a related suggestion on Amazon seems more appropriate for many of us here. The Jesus-Centered Life tells us how to have real encounters with the real Jesus – maybe we can get a DNA sample?

  4. How disappointing it would be if Louise didn’t tell us readers how to make a molten sea, ten cubits from the one brim to the other, five cubits high and with a line of thirty cubits compassing it round about.

  5. Dave Luckett

    The author is a teacher with no specific science training.who taught in public schools for twenty-six years. The blurb says early teens, but the sample on Amazon is pitched at maybe the fourth or fifth grade. So
    I’m guessing she taught elementary school.

    I wonder what she taught them. It’s pretty plain that she doesn’t know much science herself. Take a look at her explanation for why a boat sinks. “If too much cargo is put in, the boat floats so low that water gets in over the side, and the boat sinks.” This is “Bible science”? Archimedes found out a bit more than that, four centuries BCE.

    And no, there’s no explanation for why there were no rainbows before the Flood.

  6. Michael Fugate

    Whatever floats your boat?
    Does this “explain” how Jesus was able to walk on water?

  7. @Michael Fugate: Probably a very low mass to surface area ratio. I think that’s a characteristic of religious things generally.

  8. What is truly amazing is that she seems to have found a niche not already covered by Ken Ham and all his brainwashing books for kids?

  9. Great! just in time for vacation Bible school!
    Really creates a new and different take on “Bible science”. Rather then show how the Bible’s myths predict modern science or attempting to prove that the Bible’s myths work despite not agreeing with science here we have a different formula. Take something mentioned in the Bible say a rainbow, then create a procedure to make your own rainbow.

  10. A SCUBA diver that doesn’t understand buoyancy. I wouldn’t want her as a dive partner.

  11. @Paul S,
    No worries, I am sure there is a bit about reanimation in the book in case there is a problem.

  12. mnbo:
    Given the typical margin of error in sub-college level science physics experiments, an error of -4.5% isn’t all that bad.

  13. Mike McCants

    Your Amazon link is to the “Activity Book” of 128 pages. It was originally published in 2007. This “Lab Book” was originally published in 2011. It is 316 pages, but the author admits that some of these pages are the same as the “Activity book”.

    An Amazon link to the “Lab Book”:

    If you really, really want to read some of this nonsense, you can use Google books:

  14. Michael Fugate

    Mike, I am not sure if I should thank you for linking to Google books. Inanity, yes. Science, not so much.

  15. Ross Cameron

    Michael, we CAN clone Jesus. Just go to any of the 35 churches in Europe who have his foreskin as a holy relic. God bless the Catholic church for preserving his holy prepuce.

  16. @Ross Cameron:
    According to Wikipedia, there seem to be no remaining claims of having the Holy Prepuce, and while there were many such claims, the most seems to be maybe 18.

  17. Christine Janis

    This bit is key: “Encourage students to wear an old white shirt for a lab coat. This stimulates them to realize that they are having experiences related to science”. Probably appropriate that the font is Comic Sans.

  18. abeastwood, you don’t understand about the rainbow! And it’s all the fault of the KJV, which says “I do set my bow”. The Heberew says “I have set my bow … so that it will be a sign” etc. So what happened was, not that the rainbow was created, but that this meaning was attached to it. The laws of physics had, of course, being crafted with this eventuality in mind.

    So (while struggling perhaps to keep a straight face) I’d suggest that while Genesis is full of absurdities, the creation of the rainbow at the time of the Flood is not one of them.

  19. I think that there are people who seriously say that there was no rain before the Flood. In Genesis 2 it says there was no rain in Eden, that just a mist supplied the water. And, I guess, there is no mention of rain be turned on thereafter until the Flood.

  20. @TomS
    That seems reasonable. Before the flood, the firmament was good and solid, no leaks. But to help the flood along, it had to be fitted with windows and they had to be opened. Unfortunately, the workmanship was so poor that they didn’t close properly, so we get frequent leakage even now.

  21. Michael Fugate

    I remember reading somewhere a contribution of the “bow” to a constellation.

    Shouldn’t the book follow the Gospels?
    Bible medicine – casting out demons, laying on hands
    Bible arboriculture – cursing trees
    Bible viniculture – turning water into wine
    Bible meteorology – commanding storms
    Bible aquaculture – fish finding
    I am sure I left out some….