Hambo and the Rainbow

You may recall that back in February we wrote Ken Ham Says You Can’t Have the Rainbow, in which we said: “Of all the controversies in the world, this one may be the most trivial, but it’s of vital importance to Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the ayatollah of Appalachia. He has just written We’re Keeping the Rainbow at the Ark Encounter.” We quoted what Hambo had written:

During the Christmas season, we lit up the full-size Ark at our themed attraction, Ark Encounter, in rainbow lights for a beautiful display. Well, we’ve decided to enhance the rainbow lights and make them a permanent feature during evenings at the Ark, located south of Cincinnati. We will be working over the coming months to ensure this change is permanent. It’s all part of “taking the rainbow back.” [Hambo’s bold font.]


In recent times the rainbow (albeit with some different colors) has come to represent . . . freedom, love, pride, a new era, and, specifically, the LGBTQ movement. . . . But the rainbow itself wasn’t designed to be a symbol of freedom, love, pride, or the LGBTQ movement. [Hambo’s bold font.] God created this beautiful, colorful phenomenon and designated it as a sign of His covenant with Noah and his descendants forever. … As Christians, we need to take the rainbow back and teach our young people its true meaning.

Somehow, the rainbow is back in the headlines. Fox News has this article: LGBT activists mock Christian ministry’s decision to reclaim rainbow. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

The man behind the world-famous Ark Encounter has decided to reclaim “God’s rainbow” – announcing the massive ark exhibit will be permanently bathed in rainbow lights. “We now have new permanent rainbow lights at the Ark Encounter so all can see that it is God’s rainbow and He determines its meaning in Genesis 6,” Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham announced on Facebook.


“The Ark is lit permanently at night with a rainbow to remind the world that God owns it and He decreed it’s a sign of His covenant with man after the Flood — Christians need to take back the rainbow as we do at the Ark Encounter,” Ham said.

How bold! How courageous! Hambo has installed a bunch of colored light bulbs to illuminate his ark. Verily, he is a man to be admired! Let’s continue with the Fox story:

Critics denounced the decision — accusing him of stealing the rainbow colors from the LGBT community. “This is Ken Ham’s sad attempt to take back the rainbow symbol from the LGBTQ community,” read a headline in the Orlando Weekly.

There’s really all there is to the Fox story — except more than 100 comments from agitated readers. What can your Curmudgeon add to this colossal controversy? Not much. We rarely think about the “LGBTQ community.” The only private life we’re interested in is our own, and we don’t care what other people do — as long as it’s done privately with consenting adults.

As for the rainbow, anyone can use any symbol for any purpose — provided it’s not someone’s registered trademark. The rainbow seems to be public domain, so everyone is free to use it.

However, all this nonsense about the rainbow has given us an idea. It occurs to us that rational, science-minded people could use a symbol too. No, not that “A” thing that’s used to promote atheism. Science isn’t about that; it’s what we know and how we know it. What could symbolize that?

Hey, what about the periodic table of the elements as a symbol? That’s a great accomplishment of science, and it’s loaded with information that somehow isn’t in the bible. No, that won’t do. It’s too cluttered.

Well, what about a picture of a galaxy — a spiral, like our own? It’s an attractive image, and it was discovered using the methodology of science, not theology. Yes, we like it! That’s why we put it above this post. And there’s no danger that Hambo will attempt to appropriate it — it’s way too secular. So let him rant and rave about the rainbow. Your Curmudgeon hereby adopts the Milky Way as a symbol for his endeavors. If you like it, go ahead and use it. Like the rainbow — nobody owns it.

Copyright © 2017. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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11 responses to “Hambo and the Rainbow

  1. Two simple symbols: A flame. an open book.

  2. Perhaps Hambone would care to explain why water droplets didn’t scatter photons before the floody-duddy myth.

  3. abeastwood:
    I am sure they had waterfallbows and sprinklerbows, just not *rain*bows.

  4. jimroberts

    @TomS: “A flame. an open book.”

    Too ambiguous. A flame — Believe or burn. An open book — The Bible is all you should know.

  5. Michael Fugate

    What I am wondering is after Ham lit up his Ark, did he get “lit” like Noah did after the Ark landed?

  6. Ken Ham: “We own the rainbow”
    Rainbow: “Catch me if you can”

    LGBTQ should adopt a new logo…. a picture of the Ark Encounter.

  7. Kosh +1. You win the internet today.

  8. Michael Fugate

    I like it – an ark with human couples of all sorts.

  9. Is there a pot of gold at the end of Ham’s rainbow?

  10. He’s just driving up his electricity bill for no purpose.