Transgender Bathrooms and Darwinism in Texas

There seems to be a bill pending in the Texas legislature that would ban transgender bathrooms. This isn’t the sort of thing we pay attention to, but it’s a hot story in Texas. The Austin American-Statesman of Austin, Texas has this headline: Pastors press for transgender bathroom bill: ‘Let the House vote’. It’s attracted about 90 comments so far. Here are some excerpts from the news story, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

Casting the fight over transgender bathroom use as spiritual warfare for the nation’s soul, conservative Christian pastors rallied Thursday morning at the Capitol, pressing House Republican leaders to pass legislation they said would protect privacy and safety.

Something is seriously wrong when bathrooms are the subject of legislation, but we’re not going to dwell on that. Let’s read on:

The crowd of about 200 pastors and supporters broke into frequent chants of “Let the House vote,” singling out House Speaker Joe Straus and Rep. Byron Cook, the Republican chairman of the House State Affairs Committee, for blocking legislation that would prohibit transgender-friendly restrooms and changing rooms.

A Republican is blocking the legislation? This is too tangled to think about. The news continues:

“We are in the throes of a deliberate attempt to try to strip our nation from its Judeo-Christian heritage to the embracement of doctrines of demons: socialism, communism, Marxism, Darwinism, secular humanism,” said Pastor Stephen Broden of Dallas. “We are engaged in a spiritual warfare here,” he said.

Read that again, dear reader. It’s a paragraph to remember! Let’s see now, is there anything else in this news story? Oh, how about this:

“The thing that distinguishes this group from others who claim to be clergy is this group actually believes that the Bible is true — the whole Bible is true,” Welch said. [That’s Rev. Dave Welch, head of the Texas Pastor Council.] “And therefore we don’t have the latitude of making up our own moral value system.”

That’s why he opposes transgender bathrooms, demons, and Darwinism.

Okay, that’s enough. Click over there and read it all, if you like. We’re outta here!

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7 responses to “Transgender Bathrooms and Darwinism in Texas

  1. Pastor Stephen Broden has busted us all:

    “We are in the throes of a deliberate attempt to try to strip our nation from its Judeo-Christian heritage to the embracement of doctrines of demons: socialism, communism, Marxism, Darwinism, secular humanism”

    Damn it, fellow Satanists, I told you we had to be more subtle!

    I particularly blame our Curmudgeon, with his incessant demands for a Communist Revolution in the USA, for giving the whole game away!

    Guess we’ll just have to summon up some genuine demons to further our programme of Total World Subversion…

  2. Apologies, this is wildly off-topic, but it’s a splendid illustration of what moral crusaders (I’m looking at you, Ken Ham) could do with $51+ million dollars instead of building Creation ‘museums’ and faux ‘Arks’: How one man built a $51m theme park for his daughter

  3. I have found a few crumbs of comfort for my fellow Immoral Darwinist Comrades: Pastor Stephen Broden has not exposed our role in the rise of Hitlerism, the promolgation of the great Global Warming hoax, or our secret crop-spraying of the United States with brainwashing chemicals via con-trails.

    So all is not lost! Carry on perverting!

  4. Don’t forget fluoridation of water. That’s where it all started!

  5. Precious bodily fluids! Purity of Essence!

  6. Ross Cameron

    I used to have a pet demon called Fred. One morning he poofed into existence carrying a suitcase. I asked him/her what was going on. He/she said he/she was giving up on me as ‘unfruitful’. I was devastated and wondered where he/she was heading. He/she mentioned something about an Aussie living in the U.S.A. who had built a wooden vessel to scam tourists, and thought his/her new owner might be more receptive. I wished him/her luck. Sigh.