Animal Migration Proves Creationism

This one is literally an ark-load. It’s from the creation scientists at Answers in Genesis (AIG) — the creationist ministry of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the ayatollah of Appalachia. The title is Journey Home — Astonishing Animal Migrations.

It was written by John UpChurch, described at the end as: “director of ministry administration at Pinelake Church in Jackson, Mississippi. He is also a contributor to the Answers in Genesis website. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Tennessee with a BA in English.” Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

Humans aren’t the only creatures constantly on the move. The Creator equipped numerous animals, large and small, with astonishing tools to find their way as they migrate around the world.

Before John launches into a long discussion about several different species that migrate, he says:

These creatures have a drive — an ingrained compulsion to find fresh food and safe nesting grounds. And that may mean winging or trotting or swimming thousands of miles each year. Why do they go? Actually, the Bible tells us. They go because the Creator designed them to multiply and fill the earth.

Okay. After that, John goes on and on describing migratory wonders. Here’s a small sample:

Researchers are still developing devices small enough to study insects, so our best resource to examine is birds. If there were a mascot for migration, it would probably be the bird. As far as we know, at least 4,000 species migrate, which is roughly 40 percent of all birds.


Migratory birds align themselves with magnetic south — we know this because they can be tricked by a fake south in the lab. Evidence shows that marine turtles, salmon, bats, rodents, red foxes, and even planthopper insects have this magnetoreception. Perhaps dragonflies do, too, but that hasn’t been proven.


But there’s more to “bird brains” than following magnetic fields from the north and south poles. If you trapped a Manx shearwater and transported it far from its nest, this seabird can simply fly in a circle long enough to figure out where it is and then fly straight home — even as far as from Boston to Wales. How do they do it? They look up at the sun.


Like sailors, many migrating creatures use objects in the sky as a directional guide. But whereas sailors rely on sextants, chronometers, and charts (or computers nowadays) to plot a course, God gave animals and insects the nifty ability to do geometry without the help of instruments.Instead, the complex equations and tools are built right into their internal clocks.


The moon can work just as well as the sun. Newly hatched sea turtles rely on moonlight to find the ocean (and they switch to magnetoreception once they’re out to sea). To test this skill in birds, some creative researchers released garden warblers inside a planetarium and then spun the stars on the screen. The birds faithfully headed “south” depending on what star configuration was projected above them.

We told you it was an ark-load. After a lot more, he finally gets to the creationism.

These are just a few of the myriad designs God has given to his world travelers. The next time you see a flock of migrating ducks overhead or glimpse a pod of dolphins leaping beside your boat, remember who designed these creatures so they could find their way to the ends of the earth and bring glory to their Maker.

Not convinced yet? Why — not enough evidence? Perhaps John’s final paragraph will persuade you:

God in his wonderful plan made all of his creatures with everything they need to fulfill their purpose, including us. That’s the lesson the prophet Jeremiah wants us to learn from migratory animals: “”Even the stork in the heavens knows her times”” [scripture reference].

That’s it, dear reader — more than enough evidence to convince even the most stubborn Darwinist. If John didn’t persuade you, you’re hopeless.

Copyright © 2017. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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19 responses to “Animal Migration Proves Creationism

  1. I love it: present all these legitimate examples of animal migratory abilities, wave your wand, utter the magic word “Genesis!” and assert that these phenomena prove divine creation. Then tiptoe quietly away before anyone notices that the same migratory abilities can be explained by evolution via natural selection, and without reference to a magical, invisible Designer named Jehovah.

  2. Laurettte McGovern

    My question to a creationist would be: Is there anything that does NOT prove creationism? If so, what? And, why?

  3. John-boy tells us his favorite sky fairy gave all these wonderful navigational tools to other animals, but left his dearly beloved to rely on compasses, sextants, charts and now GPS to find their way home. Clever sky fairy.

  4. Charles Deetz ;)

    He forgot the amazing story about the Koalas migrating from the ark, and were smart enough to find the exact trees that the creator had prepared for them halfway around the world. And kept their tummies full until they got there with food from the ark presumably.

  5. It’s amazing to see what these people think constitutes a ‘scientific proof’.

  6. I wonder what John-boy would say about why his favorite sky fairy made Dodos unable to fly. Did the magic cloud man hate Dodos and want them exterminated?

  7. Michael Fugate

    “….they could find their way to the ends of the earth and bring glory to their Maker.”
    How so?

  8. Ross Cameron

    Their reasoning is so juvenile that you feel like you are being lectured by children. Small children.

  9. How can any mere material, natural, limited thing bring adequate glory to the Maker? How can any finite thing be of any relatively more worth compared to the infinite?

  10. Michael Fugate questions a claim by AiG:

    “….they could find their way to the ends of the earth and bring glory to their Maker.”

    How so?

    Generally by mass copulation and spawning.

    Olivia and I also like to regularly ‘bring glory- by–…no, never mind.

  11. Its amazing how these dimwits think that the more complex a thing is the more you need a designer! I have found that the more simple a thing is indicates a designer. Complexity arises on its own easier than some character thinking it up!

  12. And design is needed only by the limited.
    The more powerful, the less the resort to cleverness.
    The omnipotent does not need to design to get his way. The omnipotent does not design his way around the rules. The dictator does not worry about the rule of law limiting his ability to act.

  13. Megalonyx says: “Olivia and I …”

    Yeah. Dream on!

  14. Charles Deetz, I used to have a pamphlet that explained that due to the geographical instabilities after the floodwaters succeeded, there was a rise in volcanic activity, and that one such blast launched the koalas Australia.

    No, really, koala migration by volcano cannon.

  15. @dweller42
    That deserves an award.

  16. Did the launch from a volcano fill those koalas with Body Thetans that require expensive auditing to get rid of?

  17. Draken, I would be a BIT surprised. This pamphlet was from a group that also claimed that if you weren’t reading the right version of the King James Bible – not just the King James, but a specific version – then you weren’t actually a Christian. They were extra-picky.

  18. @LauretteMcG: you might like this article.

    I have done the same on Dutch creacrap sites and got the same result.

  19. Kevin MURPHY

    Well I guess I am hopeless.