The Curmudgeon and the Hurricane, Part 2

The pic you see is a collection of the latest computer projection models, as of 5:00 Eastern time zone. It’s closer to Florida, but it looks as uncertain as the last projections we posted. It doesn’t matter which track is correct — the storm is bigger than the width of the state, so it’ll have an effect everywhere.

Your Curmudgeon spent most of the day getting shutters up. Ghastly task, but it’s done. Now that all the windows are covered, it’s like living in a cave, but there’s no other choice when facing something like this. The dogs don’t like it, and they sense something is going on.

Irma is still a Category 5 hurricane, with winds over 180 mph (290 kph), but they’re predicting it’ll “only” be Category 4 when it gets here. Either way, it’ll be bad.

It’s not entirely clear when we’ll start to feel its effect. We expect to lose power Saturday night, or maybe Sunday. Whenever it happens, it’s a certainty that we’re going to be off-line. That’s how these things are. We expect to be back in a few days, but it could be a lot longer until power is restored.

We shouldn’t be posting so much about the hurricane, but it’s been on our mind. Anyway, we’ve done everything that can be done, so at least for tomorrow things should be back to normal. After that, who knows? When we go dark, feel free to use this post as a Free Fire Zone.

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34 responses to “The Curmudgeon and the Hurricane, Part 2

  1. Expect seashell collectors to descend on post-storm Florida beaches. Strong winds and waves bring up bonanzas of shells, including higher potentials for scarce and rare, normally-offshore, species. First time I visited Sanibel Island on Florida’s Gulf Coast in December 2008, the shells were fantastic – I’ve not seen them that good since then (although they’re still good). I think I visited not long after a good storm. Geologically, seeing big storms and hurricanes provides good insights into what actually makes most of the ancient shallow marine record – storm deposits (also called tempestites). No – I haven’t witnessed a hurricane personally. Well – the strongest, oddest wind storm (without rain) here in east-central Ohio was the remnants of hurricane. In the Bahamas, I’ve seen some interesting effects and permanent changes before & after hurricanes. I hope the Bahamas Field Station (Gerace Research Centre) on San Salvador Island will be OK – they semi-regularly suffer from these things. I’ve heard reports of coconuts and queen conch shells flying horizontally through the air down there, like artillery.

  2. Is it dark already? Because I just wanted to share my joy as Jerry Coyne posted about another upcoming creationist trash film.

    So many christian crapfilms, so little time.

  3. Curmudgeon saying a prayer to the Spaghetti monster for you that you, yours and Florida will somehow be spared. Whereas, the intent of the prayer is good, the efficacy and outcome is doubtful.

  4. One of our clandestine operatives, code-named “Blue Grass,” alerted us to this vital information: Noah’s Ark theme park founder blames devastating hurricanes on sins. Ol’ Hambo tweeted:

    “Devastating Hurricanes-reminder we live in a fallen groaning world as a result of our sin against a Holy God-it’s our fault not God’s fault.”

  5. Draken, just viewed the trailer for Genesis Paradise Lost Trailer, it’s lol funny and ripe for parody and you just knew that Darwin bust was going to crumble!

  6. By the way, that Voddie Baucham is one creepy bugger.

  7. Well you have the good luck of knowing that the power of this storm is not caused by climate change as the trumpkin (high authority indeed) has stated it is a lie invented by the chinese! And the one coming up behind Irma may be just as much fun! Any people I talk with that want to move to florida I advise them to go somewhere else, as the projections of the ‘lying chinese’ are not looking too good.

  8. Grab a laptop and the dogs and head north.

  9. ^^Seriously..

  10. Where are millions of people supposed to go to?

  11. Just learned that since I am on call Tuesday night when Irma will hit my area, I am supposed to plan to stay in the hospital for up to 90 hours. Joy!

  12. Nice cartoon in the Indianapolis Star showing Florida residents heading for Hambo’s ark. It’s probably copyrighted, so I can’t post it, but it’s worth a look.

  13. Barbara Forrest

    Best of luck getting through this storm. Take care.

  14. Thanks, Barbara. Good to hear from you.

  15. I guess that maybe I will go along with Hambo on the ‘sin’ thing – looks like Mar A Lago and Rush’s Golden EIB Microphone may take direct hits!!

  16. @curmudgeon – Clearly this is God’s wrath on you for making fun of his messengers. There is still time to REPENT ye blasphemer!

    Or you could move to California. We’re hot as hell and burning like such, but we got A/C and pools!

  17. that should have read @Curmudgeon (they say spelling is the first thing to go)

    [*Voice from above*] It has been repaired — even for such as you.

  18. The Lexington Herald also brings us the bad news of the Ark Parls’s 1.8 mln tax rebate.

    Say, Kentucky doesn’t have that many hurricanes, does it? But one can always hope.

  19. @draken

    They have tornadoes.

  20. Haven’t seen any Christians arguing that something as powerful and complex as a hurricane must’ve been intelligently designed. Let’s see, we’re up to the letter I now. How about Hurricane I Am Who Am?

  21. Nice link Draken. I was hoping Ark Encounter would have to report attendance, but apparently they don’t.

  22. Troy says: ” I was hoping Ark Encounter would have to report attendance, but apparently they don’t.”

    The news story says:

    Ark Encounter, which opened in early July 2016, generated more than $2.28 million in sales taxes in its first year, according to the Kentucky Department of Revenue.

    The sales tax is 6%, and $2.28 million is 6% of $46.666 million. We don’t know how many people that is, because children’s tickets are less than the $40 adults pay. If they were all adults, that would be 1.166 million people.

  23. So I watched A Matter of Faith. I’m not disappointed, 9/10 for misrepresentation of science and/or dwelling off-topic, and 8/10 for sheer cringe inducement.

    Also 8/10 for portraying Christians as manipulative, backtalking ratbags.

    Bonus point for suggesting that non-christian college boys are following a deliberate, diabolical staged plan to pick up beautiful girls.

    Now ‘scuse me while I go out to find some kittens to kill.

  24. Does the movie describe the “deliberate, diabolical staged plan to pick up beautiful girls.”.?
    I may need to see some details on their plan and if it was a study, then also their methods.
    And if a double blinded, cross over, clinical trial perhaps some video?

  25. SC, regarding the ARK Encounter attendance. Your rough estimate is probably pretty close. The sales tax is also on things like food and souvenirs, which likely aren’t sold in volumes high enough to matter. (I’m assuming there probably isn’t a tax on parking, which is actually charged on the way out.)

  26. Michael Fugate

    Kirk Cameron claims that the hurricane is for SC benefit – so he will repent his Darwinist ways.

  27. If Hurricane Irma completely flattens Mar-e-Lago, Disneyworld and Epcot without harming anything else in Florida, I will have to seriously reconsider my doubts about the existence of a just and benevolent diety capable of intervening in human affairs…

  28. Michael Fugate

    “diety” is that your pet name for eating less?

  29. 🙂

    It’s my pet name for what we encounter when life is finished…

  30. Michael Fugate

    It is going to be a long time without food…

  31. Michael Fugate

    … likely to be just skin and bones…

  32. I’m still here, but mostly watching the weather channel. I’ll probably still be online tomorrow. After that … who knows?

  33. Our Curmudgeon sends a reassuring report from his underground La-BOR-atory bunker:

    I’m still here

    And I hope that, as the ferocious winds continue to ravage the world topside, you will remember to give thanks to the Grand Ole Designer for so exquisitely fine-tuning our Privileged Planet to enjoy such events, along with the occasional asteroid strike, mass extinction, glaciation, &c &c.

    After all, no tornado in an atmospheric junkyard ever created a hurricane. Or something.

    No, wait…never mind.

  34. As an outsider, it might look as if the government of the state of Florida is saying that they have no interest in the citizens. If you want help, go somewhere else, maybe Georgia (which expecting its own troubles). If you are disabled or poor,or threatened, we’re not going to help.
    The people of Florida are just a burden to the government, just go away.