The Truth About Global Warming

Your Curmudgeon doesn’t blog about global warming, but that’s not because we’re in denial — it’s because we don’t know the subject well enough, so we leave it to others. Today, however, we’ll make an exception.

In the Williamson Daily News of Williamson, West Virginia (population 3,191) we found this headline: Our planet in peril from progressives, not warming. The newspaper has a comments feature, but there aren’t any comments yet. The article was written by Mark Caserta, described as: “a conservative blogger and a regular contributor to HD Media opinion pages.” Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

The myth of “man-made” global warming may be the largest progressive hoax ever perpetrated on mankind. The climate may be changing, but it’s not because of your SUV.

Wow — man-made global warming could be a bigger hoax than evolution! And that’s was just the beginning of the article. We’re going to skip most of it and excerpt only the most amusing part. Caserta says:

Reputable scientists, as well as hundreds of meteorologists, openly refute the idea of manmade global warming or “anthropogenic global warming,” with some very solid research available online.

Okay — now here’s what got our attention:

One such well-known scientist is founder of the Creation Museum and The Ark Encounter, creationist Ken Ham.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Ol’ Hambo is is a reputable, well-known scientist! Then he quotes from something Hambo wrote in 2014:

“Starting from the Bible, we know that there was a global flood a few thousand years ago that completely changed Earth’s surface and climate, and that the earth is still settling down from this catastrophe,” Ham said in a blog post. “So, we should expect there to be some variations in climate change, but this is not alarming and is not the direct result of modern human activity.”

We’re not given a link to the source, so we searched Hambo’s website and found it: Climate Change and Aliens? You can read it if you like. We ignored it when it first appeared, and we’re not going to bother reading it now.

After quoting Hambo — who is a reputable, well-known scientist — Caserta tells us:

Yet, environmentalists seem less concerned with facts than they do perpetuating a myth that lines their pockets with grant money, compliments of your tax dollars.

Caserta babbles a bit more, and concludes his article with this:

Yes, earth’s climate is changing – it always has. But mankind’s activities haven’t overwhelmed or significantly impacted nature’s order. Our planet isn’t in peril from mankind, only from progressives who would seize control of your money under the guise of environmental austerity.

So there you have it, dear reader. Now you know all you need to know about global warming.

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18 responses to “The Truth About Global Warming

  1. Our Curmudgeon orates

    Hambo — who is a reputable, well-known scientist —

    –and Brutus is an honourable man…

  2. Starting from the Bible, we know that there was a global flood a few thousand years ago that completely changed Earth’s surface and climate, and that the earth is still settling down from this catastrophe,
    Where in the Bible does it say that the Flood “completely changed Earth’s surface and climate”?
    Where does the Bible use the word “climate” or the phrase “Earth’s surface”?
    Where does the Bible say that the Flood changed anything?
    Where does the Bible say that the Earth is “still settling down”?
    Where does this letter writer get the authority to expand upon the Bible?

  3. It has been known since 1896 that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Mark and Hambo and anyone else who doesn’t know that that the increasing CO2 concentration (and decreasing O2 concentration) in the atmosphere is due to burning fossil fuel didn’t pay attention in high school chemistry.

  4. Michael Fugate

    Mark Caserta
    Liberals are Nazis. And every other trope.

  5. According to a Pew survey a few years ago, these evangelicals believe Jesus will return by 2050. Guess they are counting on the magic sky fairies to fix everything.

  6. An astute gentleman named Ken Phelps commented on the Williamson Daily News letter: “Ken Ham is a hillbilly tent preacher with absolutely no background in climate science.”

    Hear, hear!

  7. It is likely that there are a lot of evangelicals who are eagerly awaiting God-sent global warming.

  8. “Ham earned a Bachelor of Applied Science, with an emphasis in Environmental Biology at Queensland Institute of Technology”. The last time Ken did any science is over forty years ago, is that why he doesn’t have the date on his AiG bio, while every honoury degree does have the date beside it.

  9. Michael Fugate

    I wonder why Ken never went back to school for an advanced degree. he may have taken science courses, but it is unlikely that he ever did any scientific research.

  10. The real problem is human overpopulation – all else pales in comparison when it comes to environmental issues.

  11. Ceteris Paribus

    Well, my local Preacher tells me that the warming of the earth’s atmosphere IS real. And, this warming is caused precisely by HUMANS!

    It is the result of 6,000 years of depraved souls who have been consigned to the bowels of the earth, feeding the very fiery pits of Hell.

    The recently noticed change of the atmosphere is a sign that the End of Times is nigh. Repent!

  12. Ross Cameron

    ‘Our Planet in Peril from Progressives’ as opposed to what Regressives?

  13. This has to be the first time I’ve encountered any claim that Ken Ham is a scientist of any sort. Mark Caserta sounds like a real chimp, er, chump, er, champ.

  14. I wonder if this Mark Caserta character got his view of old hambo as a ‘scientist’ from reading this very blog. After all, our dear host here, yes, our very own Curmudgeon has stated many times how the very same old hambo IS the worlds most holy man who “knows more about religion AND science” than anybody else.
    Oh noes! That means that this blog has a much wider audience than our Curmudgeon had ever thought it might have.
    On the other hand, IF this Mark critter did get his view of hambo from this site, he apparently cannot understand that our Curmudgeon does NOT actually mean that hambo does know more about religion OR science than anybody else. Basically, this Mark critter does not have a clue about satirical comments, or, put another way; “left handed compliments”. Just wondering here in central Louisiana.

  15. The toxic connection between climate change denial and evolution denial deserves more attention. Jay Richards of the DI thinks climate change can’t be real because it would upset his naive free-market model, while evolution and global warming are often coupled in State Legislature anti-science bills. (Note for free marketeers, of which I am one: left to itself, the free market does not allow for externalities, which means that fossil fuels are incorrectly underpriced. For the free market to work properly, this must be corrected. That is why I favour a carbon tax)

  16. “Perpetuating a myth that lines their pockets with money”: I wonder if Caserta ever thinks about this when the church collection plate comes around.

  17. Ham a scientist? Give me a break! jShow me one paper he’s published in which scientific methodology was used. Oh, wait, the establishment censors the creationists.

  18. The stupid is deep and broad within this one.