Ken Ham: Death, Death, and More Death

This is about a cheerful essay from Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. The title of his post is The Right Question About Death. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and his scripture references omitted:

Since starting construction on the now-finished Ark Encounter, we’ve heard from many secularists who have opposed the project. One group even tried to put up billboards calling it a “genocide park.” We sometimes hear the accusation that the Flood was an act of genocide. But in their worldview, can secularists honestly say this?

Well, can they honestly say that? Hambo explains why they can’t:

You see, according to their beliefs about the past, evolution will kill everyone! For them, time and death equal evolution — given enough time, life can evolve from chemicals into you and me. This evolution is a supposed process involving death, death, and, you guessed it, more death. Really, evolution is what I call a religion of death.

Gasp! Hambo explains further:

For secularists, death is a useful tool by which the process of evolution supposedly “improves” things. For evolutionists to be consistent (which they rarely are), they also need to mention their worldview of merciless “genocide,” since it kills every human (and every animal and plant and everything else). And it particularly targets those who are too weak to survive. There is no end in sight until we kill ourselves off or the universe does.

Egad — evolution is a mass killer! Then he says:

According to God’s Word, death is an enemy. It’s an intrusion because of our sin. Evolutionists believe death has always been a part of life as long as life has existed. Secularists believe death is the end (or, as Bill Nye “the Science Guy” said to me, “When you die you’re done”) — a necessary part of evolution. But for Christians, death is not the end — the soul lives forever.

[*Begin Drool Mode*] Ooooooooooooh! [*End Drool Mode*] Forever! After that he tells us:

Furthermore, how can secularists accuse God of committing genocide with Noah’s Flood when they only have their own subjective opinions as the basis for their supposed morality? How do they even decide what’s right and wrong? Without the foundation of God’s Word, why is genocide wrong anyway?

We rebutted all of this in an earlier post — see Ken Ham & the ‘Religion of Death’, where we said:

To begin with, evolution is part of science — the study of reality. Biological science has done more to expand human lifespans and improve health than all the religions and all the preachers that ever existed. Yet Hambo calls evolution a “religion of death.”

Hambo’s religion, on the other hand, really is about death. Yahweh is the inventor of death. Hambo tells us that death didn’t exist until Adam & Eve sinned. Then Yahweh not only condemned them to die, but all of their descendants too. Yahweh is literally the god of death.

Don’t believe it? Then what about Noah’s Flood? Yahweh killed everything on the face of the Earth (except for what was in the Ark). Pregnant women — dead. Their unborn babies? Dead. Little children playing with puppies? Dead. Butterflies and songbirds? Dead. That goes far beyond “mere” genocide. It’s deliberate death on a planetary scale — global slaughter. There’s no way to get around it: Yahweh is a killer. Ol’ Hambo’s Ark Encounter is a monument to that horrendous myth, yet he says his religion is a “religion of life.”


Evolution, however, isn’t about causing death, or praising it. If we could figure out a way to increase our lifespans for centuries, or millennia, or to eliminate human death entirely, we would do so. That’s what Hambo calls our “religion of death.”

That was a big quote, but we felt it was necessary. Hambo continues:

It’s the wrong question to even ask why people died at the Flood. The right question is, Why does everyone die? Death comes to all because of our sin. Secularists accuse God of genocide because they won’t acknowledge that our sin is the reason for death. Yet at the same time they won’t face the reality that they should be blaming their religion of evolution for death!

Hambo is very repetitive. Here’s one last excerpt:

Evolution is a religion of death, but Christianity is a religion of life — through the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So there you are, dear reader. Is Hambo right? Do you worship death, while his “replica” of the Ark is really all about life? Be careful, because if you reach the wrong conclusion, the Lake of Fire awaits you.

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18 responses to “Ken Ham: Death, Death, and More Death

  1. What happened during the Flood was arguably not just genocide, but omnicide.

    A more interesting question is why life on earth “chose” the model of reproduction and death. If we ever find life on another planet, might it not just as well be a single life form which lives forever?

    And if Adam and Eve were supposed to procreate but never die, how did Yahweh intend to control the planet’s population?

  2. Since the great Flood is a fictional event, it is even more horrific … that a religion would invent the idea of the drowning of 99.9999999% of all land animals and then defend it as the act of a just god! Stories written about the unrelenting abuse of the Hebrews by their god (the OT consists of little else) is proof that the Hebrews spent a lot of time ignoring that god and his servants. I think we should too!

  3. Michael Fugate

    Nothing is ever God’s fault. Sounds like the ultimate politician/CEO.

  4. @Steve Ruis
    Think of people who celebrate such an event!
    @Michael Fugate
    Think of the excuses for not telling the truth.

  5. “We sometimes hear the accusation that the Flood was an act of genocide. … [C]an secularists honestly say this?
    You see, according to their beliefs about the past, evolution will kill everyone!”

    I will almost certainly be dead in 30 years, so, as Ham sees it, if a manic with an axe kills me tonight, or JHWH smites me, no need to make a fuss. Pardon me for disagreeing.
    As we know from the Holy Word, those people from before the flood had lifespans of nearly a thousand years, so quite a lot to lose. Their only consolation, that they all went together when they went ( Pity about all the fluffy bunnies and playful kittens though.

  6. It is also nice to know that they needn’t worry about Hell, which the Bible doesn’t know about before the Gospels, unless perhaps Revelation was written earlier.

  7. Evolution is not about death, it’s about successful reproduction passing fitness for an environment on to future generations. In that sense it’s more about life than death.

  8. Charles Deetz ;)

    Sooo, why does our sin result in death? Who made that rule, hmmm, Kenny? Oh, right, your creator did. Or more likely, YOU did Kenny. I grew up in the church and never heard that. Lutheran, but still.

  9. Ceteris Paribus

    It’s hard to parse out Ken Ham. One day he is blathering about Death Death Death – the next day he puts out a news release saying he is getting ready to open up a branch office for creationism in Canada!
    [link is here] Where Ham complains that “a mere 15% of Canadians have any kind of creationist belief.”

    Ham better learn to keep his hockey stick on the ice. Those Canucks don’t mind a little elbowing to make a point. Plus some of those hockey players take pride in not laundering their uniforms until the season is over.

  10. At the very least, can we pound into his thick ape skull that “securlarism/atheism != evolution” ?

    Repetitive? It goes like this:

    1) Stir up the followers with some sort of hyperbole about their “enemies”
    2) check donation/book sales/ticket sales
    2) When income decreases, see step 1.

    Yeah, he’s been spouting off about both Canada and Australia recently… he really needs to sell everything and go back there… Australia needs him to straighten them out!

    F***in con man

    (hope your happy Curmmie, I learned to self censor myself). 😉

  11. Mark Germano

    Do secularists really accuse someone they don’t believe exists of a crime they know didn’t actually happen?

  12. I am convinced that Hambone is not delusional, but an evil genius inspired by the most evil character in fiction!

  13. Everyone deep down really believes in in God. The proofs of the preacher are so evident, aren’t they?

  14. “When you’re in with the lord, there’s just one reward, they’d just as soon make it come true” Robert Earl Keene

  15. Evolution is a “religion of death,” eh?

    Quick quiz:

    Which religions say their deity invented death to punish two innocents who ate from the wrong tree?

    Which religions say their deity wiped out nearly all life on Earth in a fit of pique over human misbehavior?

    Which religion envisions its supreme being’s son (who is also the supreme being Himself–go figure) incarnated as a mortal only to be subjected to what can only be described as a torture-murder, and glories in that death?

    Which religion promises that most of humanity will be condemned to burn forever in agony when its savior figure returns from heaven?

    Guess what? Christianity is the religion which believes all of the above; Judaism and Islam endorse claims #1 and #2, while Islam apparently accepts a version of #4 as well. Evolution doesn’t buy into any of these claims.

  16. Wonder if he’s figured out that everything he eats is dead?

  17. Mary: Ham claims that plants aren’t alive, and therefore can’t die. Moreover, before the Fall everything that was alive ate only plants (T Rex’s big sharp teeth were perfect for cracking coconuts.

  18. Also it is interesting that many religions call their “book” the book of the dead. Tibetan Book of the Dead, Egyptian Book of the Dead, and more. The band Grateful Dead took their name from a phrase in the Tibetan Book. The dead who are grateful. Jerry thought, hmm. they are dead and grateful. What a pleasant state to be in. Voila, band name. Anyhow, the Bible has many items similar to the Egyptian Book of the Dead. So Christian Book of the Dead?