Klinghoffer Complains About Discrimination

The latest post by Klinghoffer at the Discovery Institute’s creationist blog ties together two different items we’ve written about before. See Discoveroid Günter Bechly Has Been ‘Erased’, about Wikipedia’s removal of their write-up on the Discoveroid Senior Fellow. The other item was discussed in Discoveroids Triumph Over Adversity. That was about a conference the Discoveroids had scheduled at a Portuguese university, which was cancelled, so they tried to do it at another university in Portugal, but that got cancelled too, and they ended up having the event at a hotel in Spain.

Klinghoffer’s new post is Email Correspondence with University Dean Reveals Stonewalling Behind Latest Anti-ID Censorship. [*Begin Drool Mode*] Ooooooooooooh! [*End Drool Mode*] Anti-ID censorship! Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

A radio interviewer and I shared a laugh this morning. We were talking about the way Wikipedia censors and distorts in its coverage of intelligent design, then stonewalls when challenged. We agreed about the online encyclopedia’s incredible influence, the fact that when you Google a prominent person or idea, the Wikipedia entry is typically the first hit you receive.

It’s a cruel, Darwinian world. His account of that conversation continues:

She said, But can’t you protest to Google, bring some pressure to bear on Wikipedia? I asked, “So you’re going to protest to Google?” The question is self-answering. You can’t protest anything to Google! We both cracked up. In seeking honest discussion about the evidence for design in nature, ID hits a stone wall again and again.

Read that last sentence again. It’s a classic. After that he says:

That was illustrated once again in the story Paul Nelson told here the other day about the ID conference that had to flee Portugal for Spain, after being canceled and chased out of two Portuguese universities, the University of Algarve and the University of Porto.

Yes, we know about that. Now brace yourself, because what he says next is … well, judge for yourself:

Back in 1492, the Inquisitors famously chased a controversial minority out of Spain and into Portugal (before they were chased out of there as well). In this reversal [from Portugal to Spain], the authorities were about as open to negotiation or reconsideration.

Incredibly, in that paragraph Klinghoffer linked to Modern Jewish History: The Spanish Expulsion. In Klinghoffer’s mind, a university’s cancellation a creationist conference is the equivalent to Spain’s expulsion of the Jews.

The next portion of Klinghoffer’s post is a long series of emails exchanged by Daniel Reeves, the Discoveroids’ Educational Outreach Assistant, and Professor Fernanda Ribeiro, in which he asked why the conference was cancelled. She responded:

Dear Sir

We’ve got the information taht [sic] the event is not a scientific one. The University decided not to host the conference.

Best regrads [sic]

Fernanda Ribeiro
Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto

Klinghoffer says:

Perhaps she had looked up intelligent design on Wikipedia.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! The Discoveroid then replied, attempting to get her involved in a debate about intelligent design, which she clearly didn’t want. After several email exchanges, which Klinghoffer includes in his post, she was finally able to terminate the conversation.

Klinghoffer then tells of the hardship faced by the students who wanted to attend the conference:

To get from Faro, Portugal, to León, Spain, and back again — in the same night! — the students rode on a bus for a total of 2,000 kilometers.

No doubt they learned a lot from the scientists and scholars, but that bus ride, representing ID’s repeated and arbitrary expulsion and exclusion, was an education in itself. Preceded by Fernanda Ribeiro’s stonewalling exercise with Daniel Reeves, it represents in a nutshell the posture not of openness to ideas but of censorship and intimidation faced by scholars willing to consider the evidence for design.

No comment. And now we come to the end:

Whether the context is Wikipedia or the academic scene on the Iberian Peninsula, the scientific “consensus” on ID is maintained by shutting down debate and silencing scholarship. If the students absorbed no other lesson than that, they came away with an important insight.

So there you are, dear reader. The Discoveroids face one hardship after another, but they’re not giving up. Aren’t they heroic?

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24 responses to “Klinghoffer Complains About Discrimination

  1. Michael Fugate

    “In seeking honest discussion about the evidence for design in nature, ID hits a stone wall again and again.”

    An honest discussion would conclude that natural selection leads to “design”. Which is exactly what is going in universities everyday.

  2. Their problem appears to be summarisable as “until we can get our viewpoint on Wikipedia, people won’t take us seriously”. The problem is that Wikipedia’s policies on Reliable Sources, Undue Weight and Fringe topics can be summarised as “until people (and particularly experts) take you seriously, we won’t let your viewpoint in”.

    Whilst that leaves ID in a Catch-22, it isn’t an unreasonable principle — you need to get your ideas validated by the scientific community before they’re appropriate for inclusion by an encyclopedia.

  3. I don’t understand what their beef is with Wikipedia, after they have that anti-scholarly Conservapedia all to themselves. The latter won’t even let rational entries be made to their unintentionally hilarious parody of an encyclopedia. Under the definition for POE it should just say see Conservapedia.

  4. Michael Fugate

    If Klinghoffer wants to discuss the evidence for design, all he need do is open up Evolution News to comments. I am sure many would be happy to chime in.

  5. Zetopan — raging hypocrisy has always been the cornerstone of their ‘anti-censorship’ campaign. Whine piteously about the slightest unkind treatment of their allies and fellow-travelers, but become unaccountably mute when one of their founders (Phillip E. Johnson) tried to get an evolution-friendly theologian fired (or when YECs turned upon one of their own members, William Dembski).

  6. If Klinger wanted a legitimate discussion of design there are many paths to reach that goal (open up articles to comments-as noted by MF, come up with a coherent theory and test it, etc.).
    But his goal is to keep believers. Giving his “flock” grounds for feeling kinship with early Christian martyrs is an effective strategy.

  7. Ross Cameron

    The Discoveroids used A CHRISTIAN Inquisition to bolster their case?

  8. The title our Curmudgeon has given to this post is incorrect. The Discoveroids don’t “complain” about what they perceive as ‘discrimination’, they so love reveling and wallowing in it that they have to manufacture it!

    And it’s a cute touch that Klinghefner annotates the emails with [sic]’s to denote language errors, when in fact it was a courtesy on the part of Dr. Ribeiro to respond to them in English at all. The reply should have been in Portuguese.

  9. Once again Klinkleclapper got it right!

    “In seeking honest discussion about the evidence for design in nature, ID hits a stone wall again and again.”
    Yup – a stone wall build from ID stupidity and dishonesty. Hence the term IDiocy.

    Thanks, SC, for showing that I was right a few days ago. Those Portugese universities refused to host the conference because they were not about science. The reason for the refusal hence can be found in the introduction of the Wedge Document.

  10. The Klingmeister has zero clue about scientific methodology but then again why should he since he is basically an advocate for a religious belief not science.

  11. Shouldn’t Kluggledoofman have titled his whining story “The Expulsion of the Cretinoids”

  12. I’ve just googled ‘intelligent design’ (without quotes). Of the first ten hits, at least four are decidedly pro-ID.

  13. @Michael Fugate
    What I am interested in is an alternative to evolution. Asking for evidence is putting the cart before the horse: evidence for what?
    What is design? How does design result in someting – it needs action and materials. An omnipotent agent has no need for design – design is the signature of constraint.

  14. Michael Fugate

    Of course TomS, there is no theory. Which either is or isn’t surprising depending on my level of cynicism. Paul Nelson and Stephen Meyer both with PhDs in philosophy of science have had nothing else to do for 20-25 years with zero to show for it. One possibility is that they aren’t very good at philosophy, but they do have degrees from big-time Unis. Another is that they are good at philosophy, but know any theory produced would be put to the test and they are unwilling to face the consequences. Meyer has feebly suggested some quite Christian-centric proposals in his books, but nothing comprehensive.

  15. Rikki_Tikki_Taalik

    I assume by “scholarly” he means all of the massive amount of scientific work they’ve produced which can be reviewed at their very own journal BIO-Conplexity, yes?


    They’ve got one whole paper this year. ASSF!

  16. Michael Fugate

    On the other hand, new results out in Nature from Lenski’s LTEE of E. coli.
    Despite creationist continual denials, beneficial mutations do exist and their fitness is often contingent. Imagine that!

  17. I don’t like to speculate on personalities. But such an intelligent person as Newton could waste his talents on stupidities.

  18. Ceteris Paribus

    Klinghoffer complains:

    “To get from Faro, Portugal, to León, Spain, and back again — in the same night! — the students rode on a bus for a total of 2,000 kilometers.”

    Huh? Somebody please check this out to see where I missed the itinerary. It appears that rome2rio.com thinks that the one-way travel time from Faro to León. by way of bus or train, works out to “13 h 40 min – includes 2 h 59 min transfer”,

    For Klinghoffer to boldly assert that his students managed to make the full round trip of 2,000 km [or 1,240 mi in the accursed US conventional system] “in the same night”, would require one really fast bus!

  19. Michael Fugate

    So TomS how do you explain their failure then?

  20. Ceteris, I’m even more interested to know why the hell they couldn’t find any accommodation closer to Faro. The story has the distinct feel of bollocks to it.

  21. I don’t understand most personal failures. The most that I can hope for is to understand my failures, and thereby avoid them.

  22. The Wedge Document, leaked in 1999, says it all. Unless the ID movement distances itself officially from those statements, it cannot be taken as serious science.

    This Wedge Document, existence and content, should be highlighted much more to discredit ID.

  23. To get from Faro, Portugal, to León, Spain, and back again — in the same night! — the students rode on a bus for a total of 2,000 kilometers.

    As Ceteris Paribus points out above, that must have been one hell of a bus!

    And Wikipedia’s standards really aren’t that high. To get an article rejected outright requires a level of incoherence, incompetence and/or just plain offensiveness not easily attained.

  24. From The Wedge, a five year goal. “Two universities where design theory has become the dominant view”
    In nineteen years they are really doing well.