Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2017— #7

This is about the next entry in the Discovery Institute’s list of their Top Ten “achievements” for the year now ending. As is usual in such a series, they’re working their way up from the bottom, and they’ll probably reach their Number One creationist news story on New Year’s day. These are the momentous accomplishments that have thrilled the Discoveroids and their generous patrons this year.

We’ve already written about the first three items in their impressive list — see Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2017— #10 and also Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2017— #9, and then Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2017— #8.

Now they’ve posted #7 of Our Top Stories of 2017: Intelligent Design Shines in Brazil with Discovery-Mackenzie Launch. As with their earlier posts in this series, it’s a copy of something they posted before. It’s this one from mid-May: Intelligent Design Shines in Brazil — More from Discovery Institute-Mackenzie Launch.

That post, by Klinghoffer, was mostly pictures, and it ended with this:

Brazil is not just another country but, of course, a quite different culture. It’s great to see the mix of the familiar and the new, and encouraging to observe the way that the science of ID translates across borders. That’s as it should be given that ID is an objective description of the natural world. The evidence of design in biology and cosmology should be universally recognizable — and it is.

We didn’t write about that one, but they posted a few more times about their crusade to establish a toe-hold in Brazil. We wrote about it in Discovery Institute Makes Progress in Brazil, where we said:

It sounds glorious, but we suspect that Brazil will continue to be known primarily for the bossa nova and the beaches at Rio de Janeiro.

Well, there it is, dear reader — the latest Earth-shaking development in the Discoveroids’ Top Ten list. No research, no data, no science at all — just propaganda, public relations, revival meetings, and endless invocations of the God of the gaps, the Watchmaker analogy, and the joys of Oogity Boogity!

We can’t wait to learn about the remaining items in their Top Ten list. What further wonders await us? Stay tuned to this blog!

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2 responses to “Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2017— #7

  1. This doesn’t mean anything, but I can’t resist mentioning their greeting: merry holiday season

  2. Four out of four. Will they manage to stay on course? Stay tuned, our SC will tell us!