Marriage Advice from Ken Ham

In addition to his other accomplishments, Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else, is also a bit of a marriage counselor — and more. We learned this from his latest post: Is It Time to Abandon Monogamy? Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

Should we abandon the idea of lifelong, monogamous marriage? That was the question asked in a recent article in New Scientist by Jessica Bond [We struggle with monogamy – is it time to abandon it altogether?], who argues that, because we’re not very good at monogamy, perhaps it’s time to make “consensual non-monogamous” relationships — in which partners have multiple sexual relationships, but everyone involved knows about it — a norm in our society.

What does Hambo think of that idea? He says:

This argument flows from her naturalistic evolutionary worldview (and the relative morality that comes out of such a belief).

[*Begin Drool Mode*] Ooooooooooooh! [*End Drool Mode*] If it comes from an “evolutionary worldview,” it must be bad! Hambo tells us:

She argues that monogamy is a relatively recent development in our evolutionary ancestry and that, in the past, our supposed human ancestors practiced polygyny, or one male with multiple female partners. Gradually monogamy took over because it supposedly had survival value and helped bring about social stability, but, apparently, we’re still not very good at it. Bond quotes several studies to prove her point:

• In the UK, 1 in 5 people admit to cheating on their partner.

• In the US, over 30% of married or cohabitating couples have cheated.

• In the US, 20% of single people have had “consensual non-monogamous” relationships.

That’s what happens when people have an “evolutionary worldview.” This is all Darwin’s fault! Let’s read on:

Bond then argues that relationships that are non-monogamous — but cut out the deceit by keeping everyone in the loop — seem to be working for some people so “at the very least there is room in our society for other types of relationships. The systems that shape how we select our partners are flexible, and changeable. . . . But that doesn’t mean it is the only way, or the best one.”

Hambo strongly disagrees:

Well, I have news for Bond and others like her — marriage isn’t an evolutionary institution. Marriage was created by God from the very beginning (Genesis 1:27), so he alone has the authority to define it. And he has defined it as between one man and one woman for life. “Consensual non-monogamous” relationships violate God’s design and are a perversion.

[*Gasp!*] A perversion! But see Wikipedia’s article on Polygamy in Christianity. It says:

Polygamy is explicitly not forbidden in the Old Testament. The Torah includes a few specific regulations on the practice of polygamy, such as Exodus 21:10: “If he take another wife for himself; her food, her clothing, and her duty of marriage, shall he not diminish”. … Over 40 important figures had more than one wife, such as Esau (Gen 26:34; 28:6–9), Elkanah (1 Samuel 1:1–8), and Solomon (1 Kings 11:1–3). Moses had 3 wives … .


Monogamy was the norm among Christians. However, in the context of the sickness of a wife preventing matrimonial intercourse, the founder of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther wrote: “I confess that I cannot forbid a person to marry several wives, for it does not contradict the Scripture. If a man wishes to marry more than one wife he should be asked whether he is satisfied in his conscience that he may do so in accordance with the word of God. In such a case the civil authority has nothing to do in the matter.”

Back to Hambo:

Marriages fail because sinful, fallible human beings are part of them. The problem isn’t with marriage — it’s with sin! And perhaps the reason so many marriages are failing is because our culture has abandoned God’s Word and a biblical view of marriage and sexuality and has embraced a sexual ethic where “anything goes.” It’s not time to abandon monogamy; it’s time to get back to the authority of God’s Word, see what God says about marriage, and pattern our lives and relationships after God and his Word.

There’s more, but we’ve excerpted enough. We don’t know what the ultimate resolution should be, but Hambo does, so that should be sufficient for you, dear reader.

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14 responses to “Marriage Advice from Ken Ham

  1. Charles Deetz ;)

    Wow, that wikipedia article doesn’t clear things up much. You’d think if it was important the bible would have a clear statement on it, maybe an 11th commandment?

  2. Once again Hambo pick and chooses his scripture – there are at least 8 different types of “biblical marriage” –

  3. Pete Moulton

    Mrs Betty Bowers (America’s Best Christian) has a hilarious take on all the different kinds of ‘biblical’ marriage. Not sure how to link it, but it’s on YouTube.

  4. Well! It would seem that Ham is definitely not a Trump supporter. But then by the same token, one wouldn’t expect Pence to be one either, and yet…

  5. Ceteris Paribus

    @Pete Moulton:

    The Betty Bowers link you were looking for is at:
    Betty Bowers link title It runs about 4 minutes.

  6. Is there any example in the Bible for a normal family? The best I can think of is Ruth.

  7. Pete Moulton

    That’s the one. Thanks, Ceteris Paribus!

  8. If the Bible is the authority on marriage I cannot help wonder how comes that for instance China developed the social construct without knowing this Holy Book.

  9. Marriage is a legal construct and it is primarily for the good of the parties involved (ya I know not perfect) and is many times better than the xtian marriage of a few hundred years ago. No matter what the LIAR4jesus says!

  10. kryptonian51

    Ken Ham needs to shut his mouth and stick to talking about topics that he’s fluent in

    I get so sick and tired in having these influential Christian leaders speak for us/and or lie about what the bible really says on topics such as this

    Polygamy was not only widely practiced in the bible, but it was approved of and endorsed by God himself:…….2Sa 12:8  “And I gave thee thy master’s house, and thy master’s wives into thy bosom…..”

    If you notice here, it says that God Himself is the active causative, instrumental cause by using the personal pronoun I…..What God is saying here, is that it was HE that gave King David’s multiple wives to him

    I am a Christian, but I will not have Ken Ham and others lie to the world and further the contempt the world has for Christians in our inconsistent, moral hypocrisy

  11. kryptonian51 – “…stick to talking about topics that he’s fluent in.”

    Ah, there lies the problem of there being no there there. So there.

  12. @kryptonian51
    Unfortunately, many of the vocal backers of evolution are not familiar with Bible, so when a creationist claims Biblical suport for his position, he gets away with it.
    Even when there is something like the Grand Canyon – it ought to be obvious that the Bible does not have any knowledge of the geology of the New World, so we know that the Bible does not say that Noah’s Flood carved the Grand Canyon.

  13. Ken Ham needs to shut his mouth and stick to talking about topics that he’s fluent in.

    That would amount to his taking a vow of silence.

  14. Michael Fugate

    He is very fluent in Bible misrepresentation.