Who Will Be the Discoveroids’ Censor of the Year?

It’s that time again. The Discovery Institute just posted Submit Nominations for 2018 Censor of the Year Now!, written by Klinghoffer. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

We’re about a month away from Darwin Day, February 12. It’s the great man’s birthday, celebrated by Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture as Academic Freedom Day. We prefer this alternative framing of the occasion because the freedom to debate Charles Darwin’s scientific legacy is continually endangered by intimidation, threats to careers and livelihoods, fake news and fake science, and subtle and totally unsubtle forms of censorship.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! We can think of other ideas that are also subject to the kind of “censorship” the Discoveroids experience: Flat Earth “theory,” the Time Cube, Moon landing denial, etc. But it pleases the Discoveroids to imagine that their lack of success isn’t due to the utter vacuousness of their “theory” of intelligent design. Rather, it’s all those Darwinist bullies who are cruelly suppressing The Truth.

As we’ve pointed out before, the Discoveroids never object when a bible college fires, or refuses to hire people who don’t agree with creationism — see The Discoveroids Oppose Academic Freedom, in which we discuss several instances of their failure to object when someone is stopped from teaching evolution at a creationist school. Anyway, Klinghoffer says:

[I]t’s time to solicit your nominations for the 2018 Censor of the Year. This “award” recognizes particularly egregious Darwinist efforts to block discussion, research, and reporting about weaknesses in evolutionary theory and about evidence for intelligent design. Past winners include biologist Jerry Coyne (2014) and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (2015).

In case you haven’t noticed, no one prevents the Discoveroids from doing research and promoting their results. But so far, they haven’t impressed anyone. Anyway, after that he tells us:

Darwinists do not go so far as to burn books by proponents of intelligent design. However, their actual tactics in suppressing open debate are far more effective because, for the most part, they are practiced behind a veil of secrecy.

Oh, how sinister! He continues:

Censors in academia and the media use power to silence open-minded scholars. Fear is one of their main tools. They are, in many cases, contemptible bullies. I first started thinking about this issue in 2005 when I wrote about the Richard Sternberg case … . I regret that the bullies in that case, Dr. Sternberg’s supervisors at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, could not be censured appropriately because Discovery Institute hadn’t yet come up with the idea of a Censor of the Year.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! See Sternberg peer review controversy. Let’s read on:

Even more serious, the impact of what the censors do is felt not only by scientists who are open to rethinking Darwinism, but by the widest public, from whom the best information about an ultimate issue — the origins of life and of the cosmos — is withheld. This is no joke.

[*Begin Drool Mode*] Ooooooooooooh! [*End Drool Mode*] The “best information” is being withheld! How horrible!

Okay, that’s enough. And so, dear reader, what’s your guess as to the winner of this year’s Discoveroid contest?

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14 responses to “Who Will Be the Discoveroids’ Censor of the Year?

  1. Oh, the hypocrisy and the lies of the creationists never stops to wonder me.

  2. Michael Fugate

    Given that ID supporters aren’t open-minded, they have nothing to fear.

  3. Mark Germano

    I can’t wait to read the counterpoint written by the intelligent design skeptic at the Discovery Institute.

  4. Holding The Line In Florida

    “Fake news and fake science” … wonder where they picked that succinct phrase up?

  5. Darwinists do not go so far as to burn books by proponents of intelligent design.

    Hey, Curmudgeon! Here’s your chance to step up your game!

  6. Klinkleclapper “first started thinking about this issue” but never managed to actually do it.

  7. Ross Cameron

    Know them by their fruits. If ever I was tempted to embrace a religion, I certainly wouldn`t put the `OIDS’ version near the head of the list. Nothing of the nobler aspirations of the human mind ever surfaces. Just the same old smear tactics that we regard as a measure of how base (not basic) they are. No pride. No honour. Nothing uplifting.

  8. CotY has to be Wikipedia for getting rid of Herr Dragonfly.

    10,000 quatloos!

  9. Excellent guess, docbill1351.

  10. Michael Fugate

    The DI should start canonizing martyrs to the cause. Maybe this would get the one or two frightened supporters out of the closet. They could publish a list of “quixotics” every year – those who bravely sacrificed their careers for the apologetics of intelligent design.

  11. What incentive would get someone to propose an alternative to evolution?
    Maybe if we get an astrologer or a ouiji board expert to spelll out a theory of taxonomy, it would shame them into conconting a theory of ID?

  12. This is not meant about the current administration especially, but …
    Isn’t it true that there are bans imposed by the federal government (and, come to tink of it, some states, too) on funding certain kinds of research?

  13. I retweeted their previous post about this, with the words “This is the Discovery Institute celebrating twenty years of The Wedge.”

  14. Techreseller

    TomS. There are many types of research banned by the government. Efficacy of marijuana. Effect of guns in the household. Stem Cell research not using one set of stem cells from one set of people. All banned from any funding by the federal government . Europe, India and China are not slowed down by such inane restrictions