AIG Is Preaching in Africa

This is thrilling news from Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else.

We recently wrote that Ken Ham Is Expanding into Mexico. But ol’ Hambo’s vision is far greater than that. He just posted Standing on God’s Word in Zambia, Africa. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

[L]ate last year one of our popular speakers, Bryan Osborne, traveled to Zambia, a country in the southern part of the African continent, to speak to over 500 pastors, students, and other Christian leaders.

[*Begin Drool Mode*] Ooooooooooooh! [*End Drool Mode*] First Kentucky, then Mexico, and now Africa! Hambo says:

Bryan spoke, along with several other presenters, at the Ekklesia Leadership Conference hosted by Central Africa Baptist College and Seminary (CABC). The theme of the conference was “The Sufficiency of Scripture.”

We found their website: Announcing the Ekklesia Leadership Conference 2017. It must have been a great event. Hambo tells us:

Bryan shared on his blog [link omitted] and at a staff meeting recently that even in Africa one of the main ways God’s Word is being attacked is with the false teaching of evolution and millions of years, and Christians in Africa need to be equipped with answers on these issues.

Egad! Even in Africa those hell-bound Darwinists are teaching their blasphemous doctrines. The folks over there are fortunate that ol’ Hambo is sending his emissaries to bring them The Truth. He continues:

He [Bryan Osborne] said they were obviously very excited to be getting answers during his presentations.

Yes, it must have been exciting. We wish we had been there to share the experience. One last excerpt:

I encourage you to read Bryan’s entire blog post [link omitted] to learn about his trip and the battles the church in Africa is fighting.

So there you are. Ol’ Hambo is bringing creationism not only to the people of Kentucky, who are thrilled that he has located among them, but also to Africa. What a great guy!

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11 responses to “AIG Is Preaching in Africa

  1. The title says it all: “The Sufficiency of Scripture”. Why investigate nature if you find every answer in the Bible?

  2. [Sensuous Curmudgeon:] “Even in Africa those hell-bound Darwinists are teaching their blasphemous doctrines”

    And they are helped by false religions. Indeed, in addition to scientific theories*, Osborne seems to contempt religious worldviews other than his:
    “And along with the Bible being challenged with the lie of evolution and millions of years, the false narratives of the “prosperity gospel” and the “New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)” are spreading like cancer in African Christian circles.
    And when I asked Phil Hunt, who’s been a missionary in Africa for 25 years, the reason for the popularity of these false teachings, I received a shock.[…] He expressed that probably the foremost motive in the acceptance of these ideas is their similarity to the traditional teachings of the old tribal, pagan religions in the African culture. These idolatrous traditions stress the influence of a spiritual world on the physical world. Blessings and curses from the spirit realm are seen as very real, and to tap into that realm for personal gain you go to the witchdoctor. The witchdoctor then intervenes for you into the spirit world or tells you what you must do to get your desired result.”
    This being said by someone who think that a magical entity sent a Flood to destroy all live on Earth, believe in prayers efficiency and talking animals, and does not act so differently than a witchdoctor when he gives advices on spiritual matters.

    This Osborne looks like a real Crusader for God’s glory:
    “One, only the biblical worldview makes “scientific knowledge” possible. Two, real “scientific knowledge” repudiates evolutionary dogma and provides powerful confirmation of the Bible’s recorded history.”
    But not all “biblical worldviews” are egal to the One and Only Non-dogmatic Truth.

    * But, for Osborne, “evolution is an attempt by a pagan religion to explain life without God”.

  3. Bryan is one big idiot.

    We have overwhelmingly evidence that world is old.

    Also what he says about evolution is completely wrong it is not false so what if theories are always changing?

    The AIG crowd don’t even understand the scientific method.

  4. And the Bible does not say that evolution is false. It most certainly does not say that there is a difference between micro- and macro-evolution.

  5. The Bible does, however, lay down an account of creation which cannot be true unless evolution is false. That’s the central point of creationism: it’s one or the other, and to accept evolution is to deny God. (And to deny God is a spiritual crime to be punished by our loving Father with an eternity of burning in a lake of fire.)

  6. Combined, ignorance, poverty and a vulnerable population are Hambone’s nirvana

  7. Oh dear. “The prosperity gospel”? Sounds absolutely evil as opposed to good old fashioned fundamentalist creationism.

  8. The Genesis leaves a lot of details for the reader. For example, anything about the majority of life, the variety of microbes. There is nothing about the facts which evolutionary biology explains: taxonomy, biogeography,
    embryology, microevolution, paleontology … How then is the Bible inconsistent with the explanation of those facts?

  9. Looking at the first Genesis creation myth in as friendly a way as possible and not worrying much about details and consistency, you can manage to suppose it compatible with much of modern knowledge. For example, the earth is commanded to bring forth living creatures, but it doesn’t specifically say that all the modern forms had to be present in the first batch.

    It’s much more difficult to square the second creation myth, the A&E story, with either the first myth or anything resembling the truth. After JHWH decides that Adam would be happier with a companion, he starts making animals out of dirt and offering them to Adam, who names them but rejects them as adequate companions. When all the animals have been made and found wanting, JHWH decides to give up the creation from dirt and make a woman out of a rib, then at last Adam sees that this is what he’s been looking for. I find it hard not to see this as rapid special creation of all the types of animal known to the author, so definitely no room for evolution.

    (Then, after 4000 years or so, it occurs to JHWH that women are generally very popular as companions, so he decides to try one himself, with the unfortunate side-effect of starting Christianity.)

  10. I note that brave knight Ham, when he was pummelled out of Australia by Paul Wieland, immediately settled in the heartlands of American fundamentalism to convert those who didn’t need converting. Then he set eye for catholic-but-superstitious Mexico and now, with untempered bravery, for Zambia, 95% Christian, and even a smaller share of muslims than Germany.

    What will Brave Knight Ham’s next destination be, South-Africa?

  11. bewilderbeast

    ” the battles the church in Africa is fighting.’ – !!!
    The battles Africans are fighting are against the huge number of lying ‘evangelists’ and ‘prophets’ who see them as rich gullible pickings for exploitation. It is shameful what these charlatans are doing here!
    @Draken – let’s hope not South Africa! We’re already infested with ‘prophets’ and evangelists!