Discoveroids’ Censor of the Year — Soon!

The most exciting event of the year is about to occur, dear reader. Suspense is growing and tension is high. The Discovery Institute has posted a timely reminder — as if you need it: Time Is Running Out: Don’t Forget to Submit Your Nominations for Censor of the Year, written by Klinghoffer. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

I once again invite you to submit your nominations [for 2018 Censor of the Year.] The COTY [Hee hee!] award recognizes outstanding achievement in suppressing open discussion and debate about Darwinian evolution and its scientific alternative, intelligent design. We will announce this year’s winner, as always, in time for February 12, Darwin’s birthday, celebrated here as Academic Freedom Day.

The Discoveroids are so clever! They refer to Darwin day as Academic Freedom Day. Klinghoffer says:

We pointed out last week that our 2015 Censor, Neil deGrasse Tyson, is in the news as he gets a green light from Fox for a second season of Cosmos, famous for its airbrushing of science history. But that is not scheduled to run until 2019, so Tyson is not really an appropriate candidate this year.

We wrote about that — see The Discoveroids and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Okay, we won’t nominate Tyson for the honor. Klinghoffer continues:

I will say that among nominations so far, there is a trend toward one particular candidate. But I won’t say more, and of course, COTY awards are decided by a committee of Center for Science & Culture and Evolution News staff.

[*Begin Drool Mode*] Ooooooooooooh! [*End Drool Mode*] There’s a leading candidate! Who could it be? We’re all squirming with anticipation! Here’s the rest of it:

But we greatly value your thoughts on the subject, not least if you can bring to light a censor we haven’t yet considered! Submit nomination now by going here..

Exciting, huh? We don’t want to influence your suggestions, dear reader, but we’ll tell you who our candidate is. It’s reality, because all the relevant observable evidence in the universe points to evolution. You may prefer to believe in the Discoveroids’ intelligent designer — blessed be he! — but reality is more than a jealous mistress — she’s the only girl in town.

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11 responses to “Discoveroids’ Censor of the Year — Soon!

  1. Michael Fugate

    “…Darwinian evolution and its “scientific” alternative, intelligent design…”
    Klinghoffer forgot the scare quotes around scientific; a religious alternative, but nothing resembling a scientific one.

  2. SC, I’d vote for you if it was a tangible prize. With all your hard work, you’re certainly worthy.

  3. The movement for suppressing informaton about alternatives for evolution – that is, “intelligent design” – should be considered as a source for censor of the year (or the decades). What does happen, if it doesn’t involve common descent with modification? Who, When, Where, How, Why?

  4. Michael Fugate

    Reality, yes. Nature screams common descent – even more so today than 150+ years ago when the idea was proposed in the west. Not surprisingly other cultures accepted this fact – humans are just another animal related to other living things 1000s of years ago. Only people completely divorced from nature could convince themselves of human exceptionalism.

  5. Michael Fugate

    It can’t be SC; he along with the commenters here openly discuss the inanity of ID every day. He evens allows creationists to play along from time to time – remember our dear friend KevinC?

  6. The Authors of the Bible, who in writing about everything that is important, did not mention an alternative to evolution.

  7. Holding The Line In Florida

    It is obvious who the censor of the year is. The Grand Old Designer She/He/It self. After all She/He/It self does such a good job of hiding the evidence of She/He/It from us.

  8. KevinC was funny, I kind of miss him. We haven’t had an idvocate for a while.
    Idvocate: an apologist for ID branded creationism.

  9. @PaulS: aka IDiot.

    MichaelF is rational: “It can’t be SC”
    Mockery is a form of suppressing open discussion in IDiot speak. Nobody mocks IDiocy as much as our dear SC. Moreover he has banned some IDiots and other creationists (yes, every single one deserved it – that’s totally besides the point). So I side with PaulS.
    Still my bet is on that Portuguese university that cancelled an IDiot conference because – gasp! – it figured that IDiocy is not scientific.

  10. Ah yes, KevinC who thought the fact we can observe the universe from Earth puts us in an exceptional position which can only be attributed to an omniscient higher power.

  11. It’s even better, Draken – the fact that we can observe our Universe from the Moon as well or from any other point in the Universe we are able to reach puts us in exactly as many exceptional positions! Explain that, athiest!