Self-Published Genius #64: The End of Darwinism

This is a golden age of great science, dear reader. Today we have another addition to our series about Self-Published Geniuses, where we bring you news of authors with a vanity press book in which the author claims to have made paradigm-shattering discoveries, and announces his work by hiring a press release service.

The press release is titled St. Paul, MN Author Publishes Science Book, issued by PRLeap. It says, with some bold font added by us for emphasis:

Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Overthrown, a new book by Dr. Nyonbeor A. Boley Sr., has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

Overthrown? Wowie — what a title! This is the book you’ve been waiting for! But wait — we have the press release, but we need to make sure that this book qualifies for our collection. Was it published by a vanity press? We found the website for Dorrance Publishing Company. It says:

The author pays a fee that covers the cost of mechanical editing, page and cover design, printing and binding, as well as limited promotion, order fulfillment and other administrative services. … Once we have received your manuscript, we will provide you with a full-service publishing proposal that outlines the fees. … Often, we can offer our new authors attractive and flexible, interest-free payment plans. It may be possible for you to get started with as little as the first payment of 24 installments.

Okay, that leaves no doubt — the book qualifies for our collection! Let’s get back to the press release. It tells us:

The first criterion for accepting a theory as being scientific is that the theory must never contradict empirical facts. Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Overthrown was written to prove that Darwin’s “theory of evolution” is not, in fact, a scientific theory at all. Absolutely essential to all science is the agreement between theory and experimental facts. The opinion that man evolved from molecules contradicts archeological evidence on the origin of the human race.

That is fantastic! Let’s read on:

Discover for yourself what problems – even problems in today’s society – can be traced back to the promotion of Darwin’s “theory.”

Egad — problems in today’s society are Darwin’s fault! Eagerly, we hunted for the book at Amazon — and we found it! Here it is: Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Overthrown. It’s 152 pages long and only $14.00 in paperback. There are no customer reviews yet.

You’ve got to be wondering — who is this brilliant author? The press release informs us:

Dr. Nyonbeor A. Boley Sr. is a Harvard trained physician and global clinical research scholar with additional degrees from the Johns Hopkins University (MS Bioscience Regulatory Affairs/Clinical Development of Drugs and Biologics) and MGH Institute of Health Professions (MS Clinical Investigation). … Currently, he serves as principal investigator of special projects with the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Gasp — the author isn’t the usual maniac in a shack. He’s real! With a résumé like that we assumed he’d be in Wikipedia, but be couldn’t find him. Maybe he’s been erased!

Well, dear reader, that’s all the information we can find, but it’s more than enough to get you to buy the book. Go ahead — you know you want to.

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15 responses to “Self-Published Genius #64: The End of Darwinism

  1. Sounds like he’s taking some of the stuff he’s supposed to be researching.

    I wonder if these kinds of efforts turn a profit? Maybe I could write a book and make some money. It wouldn’t have to be intellectually rigorous or anything. I could just make stuff up.

  2. I wouldn’t try it, GPF. No vanity press production can ever turn a buck for the author – there’s no distribution, and invariably the price is ludicrously high – as here. Maybe you really are an unpublished genius, and your worth will shine forth. Sadly, however, Dunning-Kruger afflicts authors as well. More so, I think. The chances are vanishingly poor.

    I rather doubt that the gentleman in question here is a genius, anyway.

  3. I believe this to be the gentleman concerned:

  4. “The opinion that man evolved from molecules contradicts archeological evidence on the origin of the human race (sic).”

    Archeology? With the same illogical argument, you can defend that the idea that humans develop from one cell made with molecules contradicts midwifery experience so it must be false.

  5. Michael Fugate

    Google Books upload of 28 pages here:

    Darwin is a racist and so is anyone who accepts evolution.

    This quote proves he is correct about evolution – assertion is everything.
    “Humans as sentience [sic] beings who can experience pleasure and pain, endure with a high-level of creativity could never have evolved from apes.”

  6. “The opinion that man evolved from molecules contradicts archeological evidence on the origin of the human race.”
    They had more scientifically challenging arguments when they criticised Darwin’s theory in the late19th century. I sometimes think that Ken Ham is right with his claim that we are “devolving” – that it’s going downhill with the human race. Let’s hope that it only affects a small minority.

  7. Oooooohhhh, MichaelF, your link contains a gem:

    “The claims made by Darwinian racists that justice only applies to the strong …..”
    Our dear SC is wrong. This guy is a maniac and his brain is a shack.

  8. In the press release it has a sample declaration form the book “The opinion that man evolved from molecules contradicts archeological evidence on the origin of the human race.” I’m wondering if the good doctor is perhaps announcing the release of his book from the Happy Memories Nursing Home ?

  9. Another gem from the book here. “Although the tiniest bacteria are incredibly small, weighing less than 10 or 12 grams”……oh dearie me. Back to 10th grade biology lab for the good doctor. I think he may have pulled an Encino Man, cooking, over a Bunsen burner, a formaldehyde pickled dissection frog and apparently, he ate several of them the first time he took this class. Just a guess.

  10. It’s nice, don’t you think, when the author of a vanity press book takes the time to thank the publishers for their encouragement, and acknowledges that, but for this, the book would never have been published. (page xvii)

  11. Michael Fugate

    The money he paid them had absolutely nothing to do with the book being published?

  12. Discover for yourself what problems – even problems in today’s society – can be traced back to the promotion of Darwin’s “theory.”
    Hmm, I thought that was always the theme of the dishonesty institute, et. al.

    It’s 152 pages long and only $14.00 in paperback. There are no customer reviews yet.
    Understandable, there are no customers yet.

  13. Dave Luckett

    In all fairness, Dorrance are straight-up about their business model, and it’s a perfectly legitimate operation. They design, layout, print, produce and deliver books for a fee, paid up-front. Nothing wrong with that.

    “Publishing” is a whole different business. Publishers, as opposed to vanity presses, pay authors for content, edit it, produce the book, distribute and publicise it, and sell it for a profit to the public, remitting a royalty to the author. Publishers take on the costs and risk on themselves.

    It gets a bit iffy when an operation that’s actually a vanity describes itself as a publisher, but that becomes a scam when it dissembles its actual operation. Scam publishers derive their income entirely from authors. Usually the deal is that the author buys, say, 100 to 500 copies of the book for “publicity”. These are unedited, printed as cheaply as possible with stock covers, priced at whatever the scammer reckons he can screw out of the mark – at least 100% profit – and will be the only copies produced. If the mark swallows that, the scammer will try to get more – fees for critical notices, for “Library of Congress registration”, for advertising, for anything the scammer can think of. This, of course, is money for nothing,

    Scammers tell authors that their book will be available in regular bookstores across the country. Sure it will. All the eager buyers have to do is to order it from the bookstore, with money down, and the bookstore will get it in. What could go wrong?

    Sure, it nets the scammer only a couple of thousand a sting, but it’s low-hanging fruit and better than working the pea-and-thimble game.

  14. This is a product of self publishing (ie vanity press) I happen to own:

    It’s a fine book; it was available in regular bookstores all over the world. Publishing houses refused to take it; as far as I know the author in the end made some profit. Nothing wrong here.
    Of course, this being an unregulated market, the Invisible Hand our dear SC worships so piously does not a very good job sorting out the scammers from the decent enterprises.

  15. I think the good doctor and Dr. Ben Carson must of spent some time together. Both were at Johns Hopkins at the same time. Some of the same wacky beliefs.