Hambo: An Important Lesson in Creationism

At first, this blog post by Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else — doesn’t seem all that remarkable. But wait until we contrast it with reality.

Hambo’s latest is titled “100-Million-Year-Old” Spider with Long Tail Discovered. Note the scare quotes around “100 Million-Year Old.” The spider was found in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

There seems to be no end to the variety of amazing creatures being discovered preserved in amber. …. And now researchers have found a beautifully preserved spider with a tail longer than its body.

Apparently the new species “looks just like a spider, with common body parts including fangs and four [pairs of] legs that are specifically used for walking.” The spider also had spinnerets so it could produce silk. But, unlike living spiders, this one had a “tail” that was longer than its body. Researchers believe this spider could have used this “tail” as an antenna for sensing its environment, as other extant creatures use such structures today.

Not very amusing yet, but be patient. Then he says:

This spider was assigned an age of 100 million years, yet, interestingly, one researcher thinks there’s a chance they may not be extinct since the rainforest biome in southeast Asia, where they would be found (based on where they found this amber), isn’t a very well-studied area and the spider is very small. So they have no problem believing the same basic spider could have survived a supposed 100 million years without evolving!

Gasp — 100 million years without evolving! Here’s his last paragraph about the spider:

Of course, this spider wasn’t preserved 100 million years ago. It was trapped in amber and then buried during the global Flood of Noah’s day about 4,350 years ago. So if it was discovered scuttling around the forest floor by researchers, it would not be very surprising.

Yes, of course — it was the Flood. Typical creationist stuff. But now we get to the part we find funnier than what Hambo wrote — it’s what he left out.

PhysOrg has an article on this spider: Remarkable spider with a tail found preserved in amber after 100 million years. Here’s what they tell us — some of which Hambo didn’t mention — with a bit of bold font added by us:

The new animal resembles a spider in having fangs, male pedipalps, four walking legs and silk-producing spinnerets at its rear. However, it also bears a long flagellum or tail. No living spider has a tail, although some relatives of spiders, the vinegaroons, do have an anal flagellum.


This exciting new find confirms a prediction made a few years ago by Selden [Paul Selden of the Paleontological Institute and Department of Geology at the University of Kansas] and colleagues when they described a similar tailed arachnid, which resembled a spider but lacked spinnerets. These animals, from the much older Devonian (about 380 million years ago) and Permian (about 290 million years ago) periods, formed the basis of a new arachnid order, the Uraraneida, which lies along the line to modern spiders.

Ah, the new find confirms a prediction. Somehow, Hambo didn’t bother to mention that. PhysOrg continues:

“The ones we recognized previously were different in that they had a tail but don’t have the spinnerets,” said Selden. “That’s why the new one is really interesting, apart from the fact that it’s much younger — it seems to be an intermediate form. In our analysis, it comes out sort of in between the older one that hadn’t developed the spinneret and modern spider that has lost the tail.”

That’s enough to make our point. The spider in amber is a predicted intermediate species, a link between something far older and modern spiders. It’s yet another bit of evidence that confirms the theory of evolution. But ol’ Hambo didn’t want to trouble his readers by telling them any of that. The poor empty-headed drooling dears are much happier being told that this is evidence of the Flood.

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12 responses to “Hambo: An Important Lesson in Creationism

  1. Michael Fugate

    Makes one wonder if a CT scan of neurons in Ham’s brain would look like furnishings in a house after a flood (given he has flood on the brain) completely rearranged from any functional order.

  2. Ken Ham’s idiotic has no end it will continue until he dies and is forgotten to just be replaced by another lunatic takes his place.

    Also him repeating the claims about the supposed flood and the world being not old is ridiculous.

    This link I have shows that the flood could not have happened but the other link shows our world is overwhelming old.



  3. “it’s what he left out”
    MNb’s First Law is confirmed once again – creationists are lying until proven otherwise.

    Rabbit wants to be helpful: “This link I have shows that the flood could not have happened.”
    Every regular here is familiar with the simple problem: where did all the water come from and where did it go? Your links are superfluous.

  4. I guess this is where the creationist asks his devastating gotcha question, “If this amber-preserved spider is an ancestor of modern spiders, why are there still spiders?”

    Or something like that. After all, it doesn’t have to make sense.

  5. Creationist: Where are all the transitional forms?
    Realist: Right here…
    Creationist: That’s not a transitional form!
    Realist: It has features more developed than in an earlier group, but less developed than in a later group.
    Creationist: Nope. It’s because the Flood. And God can do whatever He wants.
    Realist: It fits exactly between two other groups, showing perfect nesting among all three.
    Creationist: So, you admit that you had two groups before, and now you got three! Now you’ve got to find two transitionals! Checkmate, evilootionist!

    You cannot beat omphalos. Reason cannot work on the unreasonable.

  6. @mnbo
    The Fountains of the Deep is an explanation every creationist accepts and makes him/her immune to whatever scientific objection you throw at him/her.
    As long as you cannot show for 100% that The Fountains are impossible you will not make any impression on Hqam and his followers.

    Ask them why the 40 days of rain are mentioned at all in the Bible. Rain lowers the water level on earth, instead of raising it. If the Bible is God’s Word then God is fooling us here. That may hurt them more than all the scientific explanations against the Flood.

  7. Holding The Line In Florida

    @ Eddie Janssen There you go again, trying to use reason and reality with creationists. Just impossible. Who are you to question the ways and means of God? It just happened, so there! Prepare thyself for the lake of fire!!!

  8. Why would the flood make it more likely for an insect to be trapped in amber?

  9. Because anything is possible for the unlimited supernatural.
    You may point out that that is not an explanation, but an excuse.

  10. Scots wha hae!

    I am constantly amazed at the intellectual dishonesty of creationists, although sadly not surprised. Liars for Jesus indeed!

  11. The one thing that surprises me about creationists is their ignorance about their belief. For example, how little they know about the Bible.