Creationist Protest in Shrewsbury

We have a follow-up to what we wrote a couple of weeks ago — see Creationism in Shrewsbury, Darwin’s Birthplace. As you may recall, Shrewsbury was going to celebrate with a two-week Darwin Festival, and anti-Darwin campaigners were promising to take to the streets to protest.

As with our earlier post, today’s news comes from the fifth biggest-selling regional evening newspaper in Britain, the Shropshire Star of Ketley, in Shropshire. Their new headline is Anti Charles Darwin protesters descend on Shrewsbury, and they have a comments feature. Here are some excerpts from the news story, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

Shrewsbury’s most famous son is being celebrated in the town this week. But not everyone agrees with Charles Darwins’ theory of evolution. Creationists, Neil Horan and Linda Jones travelled to Shropshire on Saturday to protest against Darwin and evolution as ‘a sin against the bible’.

Gasp — a sin against the bible! Neil Horan, according to Wikipedia, is a defrocked Roman Catholic priest with an amazingly bizarre career. We can’t find any information on Linda Jones. The news story says:

They began their protest by the Quantum Leap statue alongside the River Severn before moving onto Bellstone and finishing up at Darwin’s statue outside the Library in Castle Gates. “We were able to hand out leaflets and talk to people,” Linda said.

Fair enough. The Salopians let them conduct their protest. Then the Shropshire Star tells us:

Dressed in a smock of green white and gold the former Roman Catholic priest, Mr Horan, said “Darwin was as ‘cracked’ as his image on the poster we are carrying. His views are a sin against the bible. The theory of evolution is totally potty and nonsensical.”

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! The news continues:

The protestors received quizzical looks as they made their way through a busy town centre, handing out leaflets. But few people stopped to engage in conversation with them. Police officers kept a view from the sidelines during the protest at the Quantum Leap statue.

Sounds peaceful enough, but the defrocked priest wasn’t happy. Let’s read on:

Mr Horan said: “It was very disappointing that the gates to the garden were locked and that we couldn’t get up to the statue itself.”

Oh how unfair! If only he could have reached Darwin’s statue. This is the last of the article:

The protestor [Horan] has been arrested several times for his actions at major events including the British Grand Prix, the Derby and the Olympic Games in Athens. He was removed from the priesthood in 2005.

Horan seems disappointed that he didn’t get arrested in Shrewsbury. Ah well, there’s always next year.

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7 responses to “Creationist Protest in Shrewsbury

  1. You really should have warned us about the video, from the link you provided, of Mr. Horan’s Irish jig dance.

    It’s the sort of thing that, once seen, can never be unseen…

  2. And BTW, if any readers here are planning their nuptials anytime soon, they should seriously consider the offer on Mr. Horan’s business card (as quoted on Wikipedia):

    “Neil Horan, the Britain’s Got Talent Irish Dancer. I perform at Weddings. My Mission in Life is to help prepare the world for the Second Coming.”

  3. What amazes me most is the prominent Wikipedia entry that idiot has got. Makes you almost jealous.

  4. The only thing potty and nonsensical is Neil Horan.

    This guy is annoying I hope one day he’ll be arrested for a long long time.

    Also these protests are ridiculous why do they even care?

    Don’t they have better things to due than get mad over Darwin and evolution?

  5. MEH! Who cares, the only people they will have any impact on are those already falling down the septic hole of ignorance!

  6. Theodore Lawry

    Do I understand correctly that the number of Darwin protesters who “descended” on Shrewsbury was two? And from Wikipedia, Neil Horan was that poisonous, self-important, little jerk who attacked the lead marathon runner at the 2004 Olympics and caused him to come in third! He’s no advertisement for either creationism or Christianity.

  7. “He’s no advertisement for either creationism or Christianity.”
    Given this quote from Wikipedia I fully support Naughty Neil (except when he pushes marathon runners of course):

    “Adolf Hitler was a good leader who was following the word of Christ”,
    Naugthy Neil saves us unbelievers lots and lots of work.