13 March: Creationism and Uranus

While we’re waiting for some news about The Controversy between evolution and creationism, we thought it would be good to remind you that today’s date, 13 March, is of immense importance to creationists. On this date, two profoundly important events occurred.

In 1781, the celestial orb which we tactfully refer to as the Seventh Planet, the one that dare not speak its name, was discovered by William Herschel.

That discovery has inspired several Curmudgeonly posts, for example: William Herschel, George III, and Uranus, and also Noah’s Ark Found! On Uranus!, and no one could forget Uranus Park Will Compete with Ark Encounter.

Not only that, but also on this the same date, in 1925, the Tennessee General Assembly approved a bill which became the Butler Act, prohibiting the teaching of the theory of evolution in state-funded schools. It was signed by the Governor a week later and resulted in the world-famous Scopes Trial.

Think about it, dear reader. Everyone knows that creationism and Uranus naturally go together, but what are the odds of two such amazingly important creationist events happening on the same date? Verily, the odds against it are astronomical! There is only one possible explanation — these things were coordinated by the intelligent designer — blessed be he! Our logic is undeniable.

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2 responses to “13 March: Creationism and Uranus

  1. One would expect that really hard-core creationists would deny the very existence of Uranus, since it isn’t mentioned in the Bible. But maybe it counts as one of the stars.

  2. There are things that aren’t mentioned in the Bible, yet YECs will gladly talk about them:
    The Grand Canyon
    Mount Ararat
    The literal Fall of Man