Creationist with Military Weapons & Explosives

We learned about this thanks to a tip from our clandestine operative in Kentucky, code-named “Blue Grass.” The headline at the webiste of television station WFTS, the ABC affiliate in Tampa, Florida, is Military-grade explosives, AR-style rifles, tactical equipment found in Bartow man’s home. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

A Bartow man [Bartow is about 39 miles east of Tampa] has been arrested after deputies say that military-grade explosives, AR-style rifles and tactical equipment were found in his home. According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, on Tuesday, deputies responded to a call that informed them that a package labeled “C-4 explosive” was found in a home located on State Road 60 in Bartow.

Then it says:

The man who lives at the address, Joel Ryals, 41, was taken into custody in Newton County, Mississippi, where he was conducting a K-9 training for a local law enforcement agency. Deputies say that although Ryals has a law enforcement and military background, he does not have the required certifications to train law enforcement K9’s or a license to be in possession of military-grade explosives.

What does this have to do with creationism? Bear with us, all will be revealed. The TV station tells us:

PCSO [Polk County Sheriff’s Office] says that the following unauthorized military equipment was found inside Ryals’ home:

• A 1.25lb block of C-4 explosive
• A fully automatic rifle
• Several firearm silencers
[skipping several items]
• 14 Explosives including: Military Time Fuse, Military Ground Burst Simulator, Booby Trap flares, C-4, and a signal flare

That’s a lotta stuff! Who is this guy? The TV station’s story continues:

Joel Ryals has a checkered law enforcement past, however, there is absolutely no reason for him to have this equipment,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. “The military-grade explosives, materials to build bombs, and tactical equipment found in his possession are extremely dangerous. Although he posed no immediate threat to our community, he certainly could have used them for the wrong reasons.”

He has “a checkered law enforcement past”? Let’s read on:

Ryals has been a former law enforcement officer in Florida, Mississippi, and Kentucky, according to PCSO.

They list several other jobs he had, including:

Ryals served as a Public Safety Officer from June 2015 – January 2017 with the Creation Museum Public Safety Department in Petersburg, Kentucky.

Aha! There’s the smoking gun, so to speak. You probably know about the Statement of Faith that must be signed by all employees of Answers in Genesis (AIG) — the creationist ministry of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo). They recently affirmed that requirement — see Great News — Ol’ Hambo Is Hiring!

That’s all there is to the news story, but it could be just the tip of the iceberg. It certainly leaves us wondering what else might be going on in ol’ Hambo’s world.

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5 responses to “Creationist with Military Weapons & Explosives

  1. “however, there is absolutely no reason for him to have this equipment”
    Of course there is. Ryals has every reason to fear that one day some evilutionists will show up at his door, under leadership of our dear SC (who lives in the same state! and runs clandestine operatives!) and who no doubt will be armed up to their teeth.

  2. Our Meticulous Curmudgeon: “[Bartow is about 39 miles east of Tampa]”


    BTW, I wonder why C-4 is listed (at least) twice.

  3. Dang, did the foil an attempt to blow up the ark? :evil-grin:

  4. And what with the necessity of a well-regulated militia and Ryals’ right to keep and bear arms? No reason why this would be limited to a handgun or a rifle. Modern government requires nukes to be kept in check.

  5. Speaking of “Blue Grass”, does he/she have the latest 3 month ticket sales figures for Ark Encounter? I’ve been dying to see what they look like in the winter months.