Hawking To Be Buried at Westminster Abbey

TThe creationists are already spreading crazy rumors about Stephen Hawking — for example, see this at the Shopes website: Did Stephen Hawking Become a Christian After a Blessing From Pope Francis? Their sub-title tells the story: “A disreputable Facebook page engages in a time-honored ritual — the phony deathbed conversion of a prominent unbeliever.”

With that kind of madness already out there, this at PhysOrg is certain drive the creationists over the edge of the flat Earth: Hawking’s remains to be buried at abbey near Newton, Darwin. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

Steven Hawking’s ashes will be buried near the graves of fellow British scientists Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin at Westminster Abbey, it was announced Tuesday. The remains of the legendary physicist and icon, who died last week, will be laid in the church during a thanksgiving service later this year, the abbey said.

Creationists already can’t stand the fact that Darwin is buried there. Their reactions should be spectacular! PhysOrg says:

His family earlier confirmed the funeral will take place on March 31 at Great St Mary’s church in Cambridge University, a short distance from Gonville and Caius College, where Hawking worked at unlocking the secrets of the universe for more than 52 years.

Skipping their recital of the well-known details of Hawking’s career, PhysOrg tells us:

Hawking was famously an atheist, something his children Lucy, Robert and Tim touched on, as they thanked people for their “wonderful tributes” and messages of condolence. “Our father lived and worked in Cambridge for over 50 years. He was an integral and highly recognisable part of the university and the city,” they said. “For this reason, we have decided to hold his funeral in the city that he loved so much and which loved him. Our father’s life and work meant many things to many people, both religious and non-religious. So, the service will be both inclusive and traditional, reflecting the breadth and diversity of his life.

Perfectly reasonable — unlike the creationists we’ll inevitably hear from. PhysOrg continues:

John Hall, the Dean of Westminster, said: “It is entirely fitting that the remains of Professor Stephen Hawking are to be buried in the abbey, near those of distinguished fellow scientists.” Newton was buried in the abbey in 1727 and Darwin alongside him in 1882. Other famous scientists are buried nearby, the most recent being atomic physicists Ernest Rutherford in 1937 and Joseph John Thomson in 1940. “We believe it to be vital that science and religion work together to seek to answer the great questions of the mystery of life and of the universe,” said Hall.

Obviously, people like Ken Ham have a few differences with the folks at Westminster Abbey. Here’s the end of the article:

Several kings and queens are buried in the abbey, along with eight British prime ministers. The last significant ashes to be buried at the abbey were those of the actor Laurence Olivier in 1989.

We await the inevitable creationist reactions.

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8 responses to “Hawking To Be Buried at Westminster Abbey

  1. Does such a claim do more for theism than against it? Do those who spread it care?

  2. Stephen Kennedy

    It will be interesting to see what Hambo has to say, certainly some thing ignorant and mean spirited.

  3. Is there ever a case when there is a rumor about a famous Invoker of God which turns out to have no basis?

  4. Michael Fugate

    “A disreputable Facebook page engages in a time-honored ritual — the phony deathbed conversion of a prominent unbeliever.”
    They really are desperate for confirmation aren’t they? What ever happened to faith? i guess it is not enough – or mountains would be moved….

  5. On one of the other blogs I follow, we had an informal raffle, predicting how soon after Hawking’s death, the inevitable false death-bed conversion fantasy would come out……

    The first website found with the fantasy even misspelt Prof. Hawking’s names!

  6. The whole truth

    Religion is the worst thing that has ever happened to this world.

  7. @Twt,
    I like the creases in the fake background of the first guy.

  8. Whole Truth,
    What really is disconcerting is…. the positive glee these fundies have….. yet, they have no clue whatsoever what happened to Stephen Hawking. I find it fascinating that they all make gross assumptions that are NOT based on Biblical passages to condemn him.

    Amazing how many of them seem to pretend, very conveniently, that Matthew 7:1-3 doesn’t exist in their mythology…the lines about not judging and not condemning……. In fact, they pretend the seventh chapter of the Gospel of Matthew was never written anywhere!!! Then, they wonder why others laugh and sneer at them….. hypocrites!!!!