Ken Ham: No Intelligent Alien Civilizations

As you know, Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, is the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. But did you know that he’s also an expert on the existence of intelligent alien civilizations?

It’s true. He just posted this at Answers in Genesis (AIG), his creationist ministry: Study: We Probably Won’t Hear from Aliens (Because They’re Dead). Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

Scientists have been searching for signals and messages from intelligent extraterrestrial beings for many years now and so far have turned up nothing. In a recent study [We probably won’t hear from aliens. But by the time we do, they’ll be dead], scientists “updated” the Drake Equation, a mathematical equation that estimates the number of detectable civilizations throughout the Milky Way. They concluded that, if we do receive signals from an alien civilization, the aliens who sent it are probably already dead.

Ah yes, the Drake equation. The estimates it produces are always being updated due to the number of planetary systems now believed to exist, but it’s still unknown how common life — and intelligent life — actually is out there. Hambo says:

Are they dead, or is it simply that they never existed? Sort of reminds me of those people who talk about “missing links”: are the links missing because they haven’t found them, or did they never exist? Well, whether aliens or missing links, I don’t believe either has ever existed.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Hambo has written several times telling us that there aren’t any aliens out there. The last time we blogged about it was Ken Ham Says Aliens Are a False Religion. But we’ve never seen him — or any creationist — dismiss aliens and missing links at the same time. Hambo tells us:

The researchers reasoned that if a civilization lasted less than 100,000 years — the time they assume it takes light to cross the galaxy — the odds are almost nonexistent that we will receive that broadcast while the civilization still exists. Essentially, they think these signals would be “ghost signals” from a dead alien civilization.

Yes, if the aliens were at the opposite rim of the galaxy when the signal was sent, and if they all died out since then. Two big ifs. Hambo continues:

[T]he article on this new Drake Equation research ends with the news that one researcher “is now working on a paper about what it means that we’ve found [no signals] so far.”

But Hambo already knows. He announces:

What it means is that there aren’t any intelligent alien civilizations out there! And that’s exactly what we’d expect starting with God’s Word.

Why don’t those fools listen to Hambo? He explains:

The Bible tells us earth was formed to be inhabited, and it’s to earth that Jesus came to save us, not to another planet to save another race of beings. You see, Adam’s sin broke all of creation [scripture reference], so if there are other intelligent beings out there, they suffer the effects of Adam’s sin, but, because they aren’t descended from Adam, they can’t be saved. Jesus came to die for Adam’s race — not Klingons or Vulcans!

Yeah — phooey on Klingons and Vulcans! One more excerpt:

The belief in aliens (which really comes from an evolutionary worldview) is a huge theological problem. On top of that, all this searching for them is nothing but a waste of time and money, though discoveries about the universe along the way point to the glory of the Creator God if one just looks [scripture references]!

That’s all you need to know about aliens, dear reader.

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13 responses to “Ken Ham: No Intelligent Alien Civilizations

  1. Derek Freyberg

    But was he there?

  2. Yeah! We could have a fake ark building in every state if we just stopped wasting money on space research!

    Think of how many home school pseudo-science text books they could buy from Ken!

  3. We have gone through this argument before. Are the inhabitants of the New World or the Antipodes saved? They could not have received the Good News.

  4. BTW about missing link.
    The expression is nonscientific, belonging to the ancient concept of linear chain of being upward from the lowest merely material stuff through mankind and the next step of angels culminating in God.
    One might speak about astronomy by using concepts from astrology.

  5. Note the moral bankruptcy. If there *are* Klingons, they will be suffering as a punishment for sins committed on a different planet!

  6. Eddie Janssen

    @Tom S
    But from every species alive today there is an unbroken chain of ancestor species leading all the way back to the last universal common amncestor. In each of these chains though, there might be missing ancestors in the fossil record.

  7. Steven Thompson

    Paul Braterman, that’s one of the reasons that Ken Ham denies the possibility of Klingons. A righteous God would not punish Klingons for sins committed by Adam, a human (even though He has no particular problem with punishing crabs and kangaroos and corvids, not to mention billions of humans who did not, personally, eat the forbidden fruit, for Adam’s sins). But since Klingons would live in the same sin-cursed, fallen universe as we do if they did exist, a righteous (and omniscient, aware that the Fall would happen before He created the universe) God could not have created them.

    This argument is actually much older than one might think: it was originally raised in the fourth century against the possibility of inhabited continents on the far side of the (spherical — by the fourth century most educated Christians seem to have accepted this idea) Earth. Since humans could not reach those continents using Roman Imperial technology, and since they didn’t really have an idea of more sophisticated technology, they assumed that the people on such continents would have to represent a separate creation, not descendants of Adam, and hence would be in exactly the same position as hypothetical Klingons, and hence could not exist. Learning about the Bering Strait does not affect the argument as it applies to other solar systems.

  8. Dave Luckett

    Humans have been broadcasting EMS signals with meaningful content for over a hundred years now, but these signals will be lost in the general background at a couple of hundred light years at most. We are not, to my knowledge, sending tightly focused signals to any star, not even those detected to have rocky planets in the liquid water zone.

    At the present, then, a stellar civilization would not even know we are here, unless they are within a hundred light years at present or several hundred in a couple of centuries, and we would not know they were there unless we received their signals. Actual signals, that is, not random broadcast chatter. They’d have to be trying to make contact.

    But a couple of hundred light years is a drop in the galactic ocean. Any set of realistic values plugged into the Drake Equation gives a very poor chance that another civilization is that close.

    So I think Ham can rest easy for a while. We’re rather unlikely to find aliens. Downside: if they can find us, they’ll be well ahead. I hope they don’t want to serve man.

  9. ” I hope they don’t want to serve man.” I presume you mean “serve”, not in the sense that I try to serve truth, but in the sense that last night I served chicken.

  10. Holding The Line In Florida

    @Paul B I am sure that Dave L is referring to the classic Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man”. Good one indeed and if the aliens ever did get here I am sure they would look at us as the Bug did in Men in Black. “Barely evolved pond scum!”

  11. “To Serve Man” was originally a short story and has inspired many versions. See the Wikipedia article.

  12. Of course he would say that. It is because the universe is fine-tuned to support intelligent life, er … wait …